Big Brother 2012 – Day 12 – The dance off, housemates discuss nominations

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 12 – The dance off, housemates discuss nominations

Recap of day 12 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Sunday 17 June 2012.


Day 12 in the Big Brother house and Luke A is treating the housemates to a breakfast of pancakes and Benedict is in the garden checking out his reflection.

Benedict goes to the Diary Room. Scott is on the sofa and grimaces as Benedict walks past.

Benedict recalls what he said to Scott the previous night: ‘If this is the way you behave when you drink I suggest you have a serious think about how much you drink, or something along those lines, and then he stormed off. I tried to be calm in my comments but I think I needed to be stern because he wasn’t in a state where he was being particularly cohesive…it was to let him know that he had crossed a line.’

Deana says to Scott: ‘He (Benedict) preaches too much.’

Scott responds: ‘He makes me nervous, I don’t know what he’s all about, there’s something wrong there.’

Deana continues: ‘You can’t have an opinion, he’s like ‘it’s wrong, it’s wrong’.’

Scott: ‘He’s so opinionated, how can anyone be that serious all the time. I don’t know what’s wrong with him…he doesn’t seem real, it’s so fake.

Back in the Diary Room…

Benedict continues: ‘A few of us have expressed concern about the regularity of deliveries of alcohol in this house, and I might be in the kitchen and walk towards the store cupboard and out the bedroom you hear the ‘Wwaahhh’, the screaming of the highest pitch, and three girls I think, mainly, who come rushing across the kitchen as if they’ve never drunk alcohol in their lives…it is so immature and it’s indicative of a whole generation and their relationship with this drug, this legalised drug, called alcohol and the way they see it as…they’re so dependent on it, the be all and end all of having a fun night.’


Rebecca is in the bedroom with some of the housemates and has a question about how many people it takes to constitute a gang bang.

Caroline recalls: ‘I was watching Friends with my dad, and I said, ‘Daddy, what’s an orgy?’…it was quite awkward. I think he said a ‘special cuddle’…just mortifying.’

Scott is in the Diary Room talking about Benedict.

He says: ‘I remember being in the hot tub with Lydia and Benedict, and then, oh my god, he’s let his anger come out, ‘Is it because you’ve had a drink?’ Just so condescending…it’s a bit uncomfortable when he’s there, I just know he’s going to say something, stop annoying me…he’s got such strong opinions which he has anger about…the way he goes on about stuff, it’s like he knows everything. I just don’t want to talk to him, it’s going to get me annoyed.’

In the living area, Lydia and Arron are talking about nominations.

Lydia tells Arron: ‘I don’t think you’ll be up again… I think people are giving you a chance.


Conor is putting Caroline through her paces with exercises in the garden and shouts at her: ‘Go, go, go…’

Caroline has had enough: ‘I don’t like it any more

Luke A is in the Diary Room talking about groups forming in the house.

He tells Big Brother: ‘I don’t like it when they all get in groups, it’s like little animals hunting in packs or something…you’ve got the girls, Sara, she’s like the leader of the Pink Ladies (in Grease), it’s her, and Caroline, and I think Rebecca’s in there…I feel really sorry for Lauren because they don’t seem to accept her in that group. I can sort of understand how she must feel because I used to be in that situation…I mean she’s openly admitted she’s a bit of a tomboy and that’s what I used to be like…it’s almost like they can sense her weakness, that she doesn’t fit in, and they humour her but don’t fully involve her…now she’s come to terms with that I think she’ll just be herself,’

Ashleigh and Sara are in the garden talking about Lauren.

Sara asks: ‘What’s up with Lauren?’

Ashleigh answers: ‘I don’t know, why?’

Sara: ‘She’s quiet…I feel horrible because I don’t want anyone to feel left out, if that was me in that situation and I felt left out, I’d be really upset.’

Ashleigh says: ‘But she ain’t helping herself.’

Sara: ‘That’s what I mean but I don’t want her to be upset, I’ve told her if she’s upset then come and speak.’

Ashleigh then asks: ‘Have you got any idea who you’re going to nominate next week?’

Sara: ‘Lauren.’

Ashleigh; ‘I think mine’s going to be the same.’

Sara: ‘Sometimes I genuinely do like her, sometimes when she’s nice I like her but then other times I just don’t know.’


Housemates are gathered together for today’s task, which is a dance-off.

For the task, two housemates will be randomly selected to compete against each other.

As a professional dancer, Lydia will act as judge and critique each performance and picking the winner in each pair.

The prize for the task winners, and Lydia, is a hip-hop party tonight.

On being the judge, Lydia assures the housemates: ‘I will 100% do it fairly.’

The housemates head off to prepare and Arron comments: ‘This is going to be fun.’

The time has come for Lydia to select the names of the first two contenders, which is Deana versus Conor.

After their energetic performance, Lydia gives her comments.

To Conor, she says: ‘We all love a bit of Conor’s worm…not like that.’

Lydia says to Deana: ‘I felt you kept your attitude going from the beginning to the end even when Conor was getting in your face you did not break that attitude.’

Deana is declared the winner.

Next up is Arron and Sara.

Judge Lydia says to Arron: ‘That was definitely a very energetic performance.’

To Sara, Lydia critiques: ‘You definitely left you inhibitions at the bedroom door…a brilliant performance.’

Sara is declared the winner

Next it’s time for Rebecca and Caroline to throw their best moves.

After watching their performance, Lydia says to Rebecca: ‘I think I speak on behalf of everyone here, that was absolutely amazing.’

To Caroline, Lydia says: ‘Caroline, 10 points for enthusiasm.’

Rebecca is declared the winner.

Next up is Shievonne and Lauren.

Lydia tells Shievonne: ‘I really like how you broke it down.’

To Lauren: ‘A bit more Britney Spears as opposed to Lil’ Kim.’

Shievonne is declared the winner.

Now it’s Benedict and Luke A’s turn.

After their efforts, Lydia says to Benedict: ‘Well done Benedict.’

And to Luke A: ‘I felt in the middle you kind of gave up a little bit and let Benedict take over.’

Benedict is declared the winner.

Ashleigh and Luke S give it their best.

Lydia comments on their performance: ‘You are a match made in heaven, as bad as each other.’

Ashleigh is declared the winner.

With just one place at tonight’s party left, it’s Adam versus Scott.

Lydia says to Adam: ‘You’re definitely hip-hop, I enjoyed it a lot.’

To Scott, Lydia says: ‘Scott, thanks for just letting go, really nice to watch.’

Lydia concludes: ‘I have to be fair and give it to Scott.

Scott is declared the winner.


Shievonne is in the Diary Room talking about the dance-off.

She says: ‘I’m not one to call names but the cringiest was Ashleigh and Luke, at one point I didn’t know what I was actually looking at.’

Meanwhile, Luke A and Lauren in the garden talking about Scott and Benedict.

Lauren says to Luke: ‘Scott and Benedict fell out…Scott was drunk and drinking in this place is no good, everyone gets well too emotional. I can’t think of a night where there hasn’t been a ruckus.’

Lauren moves on to taking about Lydia: ‘As much as I love Lydia she really puts people down.’

Luke A asks who she’s putting down.

Lauren replies: ‘Loads of people, like Rebecca, and the girls, and Arron.’

Luke A offers: ‘I think she’s the kind of person who would say it to their face.’


Rebecca and Scott are in the bathroom talking about people being false.

Scott says to Rebecca: ‘We can see through these people but other people just can’t…and I can also see through Benedict, if there’s a bit of anger in someone I can see straight to it…I’m so glad I’m not an angry person. If you try and hide it, it’s unnerving.’

Conor is in the Diary Room talking about who he gets on with.

He says: ‘I’m really close to Arron, Ashleigh’s like a sister, definitely Caroline as well, she’s got that wit about her…I’m not really interested in people who are not being themselves…Deana’s the main one in here, the main fake person, she’s always trying to put on an act.’


Caroline and Conor are talking in the garden about Deana.

Caroline says: ‘She’s literally on her own planet.’

Conor adds: ‘She’s so boring it’s unbelievable

Later, Caroline, Ashleigh, Scott and Conor are outside discussing nominations.

Ashleigh thinks that Benedict and Deana will be up for eviction.

Scott and Conor think it may be Rebecca.

Ashleigh throws another name into the mix: ‘Luke A, even though he’s done nothing wrong.’

Conor adds: ‘The people I’m voting for are people I don’t want to live with…Deana, she’s putting on a complete act.’

Scott jokes: ‘I don’t mind Benedict when he doesn’t speak.’


While Benedict is having some alone time in the bath, Luke S in the Diary Room.

Luke S says: ‘Obviously we all know I should have won my heat, however, I’ll let Ashleigh go to the party…I might take advantage and have an early night.’

Big Brother asks Luke S if he’ll miss Ashleigh while she’s at the party.

He answers: ‘A little bit maybe’

Arron, Deana and Scott are in the kitchen.

Deana asks Arron: ‘So Arron, are you nominating me on Monday?’

Arron asks why she’s wondering that.

Deana tells him: ‘Cos you don’t like me, I get a feeling that you don’t.’

Arron replies: ‘I don’t dislike you, we just have different opinions…I always refer to you as a princess, good and bad.’


It’s party time for the seven winners and Lydia

As they look on at the shenanigans, Arron says he’s nominating Deana.

Conor says he is too.


The housemates not at the party are out in the garden as the fun continues inside.

Caroline says she feels just like she did in year eight when she wasn’t invited to the New Year party.


In the smoking area Shievonne says the thinks the other guys aren’t happy at not being at the party.

A miserable Caroline is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that she hates not being at the party: ‘This is torture, they’re all there having the best time of their life and I’m in the bedroom just bummed out.’


The party has come to end and Rebecca is in the Diary Room: ‘It’s been a brilliant party, I couldn’t think of anything better than splitting up the house to have a party.’

In the bedroom Lauren asks Luke S if he would have sex with Ashleigh in the house.

His answer is no.

Out in the garden, Scott and Ashleigh are chatting about Lauren.

Scott says: ‘I can’t connect very well, I can’t speak to her for some reason.’

Ashleigh replies that she feels: ‘Totally the same.’

Scott offers that he thinks Lauren is: ‘Very insecure…and making moves on Arron.’

In the bedroom Arron and Lauren are play fighting.


Scott is talking to Caroline and says: ‘I don’t know what’s going on in Benedict’s head.’

Caroline says: ‘He’s extremely complex’

Some of the housemates are trying to sleep, but Conor and Arron have other ideas.

They dress up in some of the party clothes and go into the bedroom and annoy Ashleigh.

She isn’t happy: ‘F*** off, I’m tired.’

Outside, Lauren asks Benedict if he and Scott have sorted out their differences.

Benedict says: ‘He hasn’t really spoken to me today, he hasn’t come to apologise, I didn’t expect him to, to be honest…it’s like he’s created this persona, he’s trying too hard to be this character.’

Benedict concludes: ‘He’s an adult, he’s made his choices.’

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