Big Brother 2012 – Day 16 – Lydia Louisa’s birthday; receives phone call from partner Andy Scott-Lee

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 16 – Lydia Louisa’s birthday; receives phone call from partner Andy Scott-Lee

Recap of day 16 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Thursday 21 June 2012.


Housemates have been taking part in this week’s shopping task for the last 24 hours. Benedict, Luke A and Lydia are scientists performing experiments on the remaining housemates, their lab rats.

To win a luxury shopping budget, the scientists must correctly predict the outcome of the majority of their experiments. Yesterday, they correctly predicted 5 out of the 6 experiments. Now the scientists are considering their role in the task.

Lydia says to her fellow scientists, ‘I really want to win because we said we’re the most intelligent. I really want to, like, live-up to the expectations.’

Benedict adds, ‘These guys are just having to be themselves.’

Lydia ends with, ‘Big Brother has been clever…they’ve used us.’


Today’s first experiment is an impossible maze which is laid out in the garden. The scientists have chosen lab rats Rebecca and Caroline to make their way to the cheese in the impossible maze. They must predict who will remain longer.

Caroline was played positive, subliminal messages through the night to see if she would attempt the maze longer than Rebecca.

Rebecca goes first. From the lab Benedict shouts, ‘Give up!’

The lab rats look on from the house. Rebecca gives up after 23:20 minutes.

The scientists must decide whether Caroline will attempt the maze for longer than Rebecca. They say yes.

From inside the maze Caroline says, ‘I have no logic or common sense. Chris could have done better.’

She gave up after 15:32 minutes. This meant the scientists were incorrect.


The scientists are talking to Big Brother about their latest experiment. They said it didn’t go very well, not what they expected.

Luke A comments, ‘Was it the right messages you were playing to her last night?’

Benedict adds, ‘As I predicted, 20 years of being treated like a spoilt brat and just takes the easy option. Unfortunately one night hasn’t made any difference to life.’

Lydia is disappointed in the people who took part, ‘They are not thinking about the shopping basket. They are not team players.’

In the living room some of the housemates are discussing the experiments. Conor explains, ‘I have a strong feeling that we have failed. We haven’t got a clue what we’re doing.’

Benedict replies, ‘Well you get told what you’re doing. It seems people want to eat chick peas and lentils in this house as you get told what to do but don’t do it. Some people in this house deserve a simple shopping budget; they don’t even deserve that to be honest with you.’ He continues, ‘We are not the enemies, we are on your side and want you to pass the task. I’m not here from Friday so why should I give a sh**? Just do what we’re telling you to do and everything will be fine.’


Lab rat Caroline is in the kitchen talking to some fellow lab rats. She has decided who she wants to be evicted. Looking at Benedict, she says, ‘I really want him to go on Friday.’

Ashleigh adds, ‘Every person she’s (Caroline) wanted to go, has gone.’ Caroline replies, ‘No, not at all. I’m worried he’ll stay with us. Imagine coping with that?’

In the living room, its scientist Lydia’s birthday tonight and she’s wondering if there will be any special guests tonight. ‘I reckon someone’s coming…maybe even like Flawless. Wouldn’t that be great if my mates come and did a dance performance?’

Shievonne replies, ‘They (BB) should just tap into your resource.’

Lydia continues, ‘I swear to god it might be Andrew Stone!’

Luke s adds, ‘If f***ing Andrew Stone walks in this house, I’ll tell him what an absolute p***k he is.’

Lydia says to Shievonne, ‘They (BB) better lock us up in the bedroom and set-up a PA system in here.’

Conor says, ‘I think if you speak too much you’re gonna be gutted and have a s**t day. Don’t expect nothing.’

Lydia replies, ‘You gotta think…if I know these people and tell them they’ll maybe do it for free.’

Benedict asks, ‘Do you know Sisqo?’

Lydia answers, ‘No. Flawless, I know them.’

Benedict says, ‘Do they like you that much?’

Lydia replies, ‘Yes.’ A bewildered looking Benedict ends with, ‘OK.’


In the bedroom, Caroline and Deana are talking to Lydia about Rebecca. Caroline says, ‘She’s irritating the s**t out of me. She destructs my self esteem.’ She goes onto add, ‘When we’re sitting, she’ll sit on top of me and it offends me how close she can get. I’m 300% nominating her.’

Lydia gives her view about Rebecca, ‘Her habits are quite annoying. She’s worried about being up.’

Caroline then leaves the bedroom for the garden.

Deana says to Lydia, ‘She’s clever Caroline is because she’s saying on one hand that Rebecca is b**ching about everyone.’

Lydia adds, ‘But I’m not going to let her think she’s putting people in our minds to vote so we don’t nominate her and turn our attention away from her…but we’re going to nominate her anyway.’


The scientists are called into the diary room by Big Brother for their next experiment. The aim is to assess the intelligence of the three lab rats.

Benedict shouts, ‘Yay!’

Lydia says, ‘Can we go for Adam, Arron and Lauren?’

Big Brother explains that the scientists will conduct an intelligence test on these 3 lab rats. To help their motivation they will administer an increasingly severe electric shock for every wrong answer they give. The shocks will range from 100 to 1000 volts and have the potential to be extremely painful.

What the scientists don’t know is that the lab rats won’t actually receive any shocks. To pass the task, the lab rats must convince the scientists that they are being electrocuted, and the scientists must stop the task before they reach the highest electric shock setting of 1000 volts.

Lydia has no problem electrocuting Lauren, Arron and Adam; Luke A says he’s happy to shock Arron.
The rats give incorrect answers to 7 questions, resulting in increasing levels of shocks. Arron, Lauren and Adam convincingly pretend to be shocked. At one point Lydia says, ‘This is uncomfortable to watch.’

The scientists then decide to end the experiment at 800 volts meaning that the lab rats successfully convinced the scientists that they were being shocked and results in them passing the test.

Benedict finishes by saying, ‘I couldn’t even inflict that on Caroline. We’d come across as sadists.’

Big Brother then calls the scientists into the dairy room to reveal that the lab rats weren’t actually being shocked. They were pleased they passed the test and relieved that they hadn’t administered shocks.


The result of the shopping task is revealed. Big Brother confirms that the housemates have passed the task. Everyone cheers!


The food in the house that was confiscated from the housemates for the duration of the task is now returned. Some of the housemates, led by Luke s, unpack the food in the kitchen.

Luke A and Lauren are in the garden talking about Luke s and how he controls situations in the house. Luke A says, ‘I’m going to let him get on with it.’

Lauren adds, ‘Lydia and Deana have tried to convince me that Rebecca is s**t stirring.’

Luke A comments on how he thought Lauren was a ‘trooper’ in the experiment and concludes with, ‘Luke s thinks he’s the boss man. Whatever.’


Housemates are in the bedroom getting ready to celebrate Lydia’s birthday. Lydia is wondering if there is going to be a party.

Big Brother then calls the housemates to the sofa where they are told there will be some big news. Big Brother tells the housemates that they are no longer permitted to discuss nominations with each other. Predications, guessing, discussions about nominations are not allowed and there will be severe repercussions if housemates are caught doing any of this. Housemates have been warned. There is no mention of Lydia’s birthday which results in Lydia saying, ‘What a s**t birthday, I’m going to bed.’

Benedict goes to the diary room to talk about his frustrations surrounding Big Brother’s new rule about not allowing the housemates to discuss nominations.


Shievonne and Deana are talking about the ban on nomination in the toilet. Shievonne explains, ‘I don’t think anyone should talk about it in the first place. I think subconsciously, alliances are going to happen.’


Lydia is called into the diary room. She shouts out, ‘I’m not interested!’ Deana forces Lydia to get up, change into a dress and go into the diary room.

In the diary room Big Brother gives Lydia the chance to win a very special present.

Lydia is called to the diary room where she finds a birthday cake from Big Brother. She is played ‘Happy Birthday’ to mark her special occasion. In order to win a present, Lydia must successfully present a speech about her past birthday experience to her fellow housemates.

She says, ‘I’ll just think I’m Benedict and ramble.’

While Lydia is listening to the music, Big Brother has given the rest of the Housemates masks with Lydia’s face on. On returning from the diary room she is greeted by her fellow housemates with some of her favourite food and drink – pizzas and bottled fruit juice.

Lydia gives her speech to on looking housemates. ‘When I was four I had a party. All my friends were there and we had lots of chips and burgers. Hamburgular and Ronald McDonald were there too. Then I had other parties that were more memorable. When I was 21 I had a birthday cake delivered on the set of Mama Mia the movie by Pierce Brosnan and he gave me a kiss. So now I’m looking back, what I have achieved, and the people that I have met. I’d like to tell you some of the things I’ve done. I have worked with people like Robbie Williams, Kayne West and Kylie. People like Arlene Phillips and Denise Van Outen. All the people that have been influential in my career. People who have given me the confidence to be here with you.’

Housemates cheer.

Lydia’s fiancé’s song ‘Take It Easy’ is played into the house and she becomes tearful. ‘Oh my God!’ she says excitedly, ‘Is he here?’

Arron hugs an overwhelmed Lydia and says, ‘Come on enjoy yourself darling.’


Big Brother was impressed with Lydia’s birthday speech and has called her to the diary room where they tell her she will get a reward…a phone call with her fiancé.

Lydia starts to cry.

She tells Andy, ‘I miss you so much, being in here I’ve realised I want a family with you…I can’t wait to get out and start that.’

Lydia then asks Andy, ‘We’re gonna get married this year, yeah?’

Andy replies, ‘Let’s do it.’


Most of the housemates are in the house having a good time at the party.

Out in the pool, Luke A is talking to Benedict about Luke s.

Luke A asks Benedict, ‘Do I need to chill? Maybe subconsciously I’m jealous of his physique, jealous of him being able to dominate the house.’


Caroline is in the diary room and tells Big Brother how much she’s enjoyed the party, ‘Loved it, best night ever.’

When asked how she’ll find not being able to discuss nominations, Caroline says, ‘I don’t think I’ll have anything to talk about.’

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