Big Brother 2012 – Day 18 – Benedict Evicted

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 18 – Benedict Evicted

Recap of day 18 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Saturday 23 June 2012.


It’s eviction day. Benedict or Lauren will be the third housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house.
In the kitchen, Caroline is apologising again to Rebecca about talking about her behind her back. Rebecca says, ‘I like you but that was nasty.’ Caroline continues to say she’s sorry. Rebecca confirms, ‘I know you’re sorry.’


Shievonne comes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. She admits that she feels awful. Shievonne continues to say, ‘I feel emotionally drained. There are some people I look at and think; what are you doing?’ She also says that Adam made her ‘look like a fool’.

In the living room, Benedict is in a playful mood and pretends to ‘play with himself’ under his duvet. Scott shouts, ‘Stop being like that! It’s freaking me out!’ He then goes to the bathroom to talk to Caroline. Scott says, ‘Benedict is fake.’ Caroline says she hopes that Lauren isn’t evicted and is pleased that she has made up with Rebecca. She adds, ‘I think the crowd will be shouting get Caroline out!’


Lauren is getting ready for eviction night.

As a result of Caroline talking about nominations, Big Brother switched off the hot water.

In the living room, Benedict is reflecting on life in the house with Deana. He says, ‘I’ve learnt that it doesn’t feel bad being a bit forward with some people.’ And continues to say, ‘My behaviour to everybody has been justified and respectful.’


Rebecca jokes that Luke S, Scott and Conor would go out with her. Adam explains what ‘to go Dutch’ means to Rebecca.

Big Brother announces to the house that Arron put talcum powder in the hairdryers to prank the house, and now the hairdryers have all been removed for the safety of the housemates. Lauren gets upset with Arron and he immediately apologies to her. Lauren starts to cry and is concerned about the look of her hair on eviction night. Arron tries to console her and continues to apologise, ‘Don’t get upset babes. I’m sorry.’


Arron comes to the diary room to make a mends and apologises. He asks if there is anything he can do or give up something to get at least one hairdryer back in the house so Lauren can do her hair.

Lauren is still upset, so Lydia and Deana offer to do her hair and make-up to make her look gorgeous.

Rebecca says that Lauren has had a s**t couple of days. Shievonne says to Adam that a few people would want to ‘s**t on him’. Adam reacts to Shievonne, ‘I think it’s only you and Lydia that want to really s**t on me.’ Shievonne says take a joke to Adam, and says to Lydia, ‘Adam thinks you and me are the only people in the house that want to s**t on him.’

Lydia asks to be left out and storms off to the bedroom, ‘What have I done to Adam?’

Shievonne and Adam continue to argue. Shievonne says, ‘Would I really want to s**t on you?’


Ashleigh, Conor and Arron are in the bedroom talking. Ashleigh says that she won’t be ‘doing anything in bed’ with Luke S.

In the garden, Adam and Shievonne are still arguing. Shievonne reacts, ‘Don’t patronise me. I don’t know who you are at this point. You go to each girl doing your flirty thing.’ She adds, ‘It’s a joke at my expense. I can joke 99% of the time but it can’t be 24/7.’ They agree to somewhat disagree but will work on it. They hug.

Adam asks Lydia to talk to him and she says, ‘Id rather not. Let’s just move on and be friends.’


Arron the prankster is having a one-to-one with Big Brother and is told that the house needs kindness and hairdryers. Big Brother sets him a secret mission to win new hairdryers. He must carry out three acts of kindness. The first being to give Caroline top tips on her appearance, the second one is to give Benedict a crash course on how to deal with eviction night and the third to give a housemate of his choice, a full body massage.

Arron leaves the diary room and starts his secret mission by suggesting to Caroline he would help with her appearance, she says, ‘This is random!’ He then speaks to Benedict and asks if he has his ‘game face on’. Finally he offers to give Lauren a massage in the bedroom which she accepts.

Later on, Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofa and reveals the details about Arron’s secret mission to win hairdryers for the house. Big Brother confirms that Arron did a ‘pretty rubbish job’ but is feeling kind and makes one hairdryer available. Also, the hot water is turned back on as Big Brother feels that housemates have learnt their lesson about not to talk about nominations.


Housemates are getting ready for eviction night. The girls help Lauren to get ready.

The housemates are called to the sofas for the result of this week’s public vote. Big Brother reminds housemates not to tamper with fixtures and fittings and if an evicted housemate attempts to do this, the whole house will then be punished. Adam shouts, ‘Gangster! I’m down with that!’

Brian Dowling reveals that Benedict is the third housemate to be evicted. He then leaves the house carrying a chair and apologies to Luke S about putting curry powder in his protein shake. Luke S is furious, ‘Shady b*****d!’ Caroline shouts, ‘I hate him!’


Luke A comes to Big Brother to talk. He says, ‘I thought Benedict was a nice guy. I am really going to miss him.’ The housemate becomes upset and continues, ‘I won’t be surprised in the slightest that I’m up next week as they will associate me with Benedict. I detest Luke S with a passion, he wants to be Big Brother and control the house.’

Lydia and Deana are in the bedroom discussing why the public were chanting their names. Deana says, ‘It’s horrible hearing that.’ Lydia replies, ‘It doesn’t bother me. It’s not real life.’


Ashleigh and Deana are talking in the kitchen. Deana opens up about the fact that she ‘gets so distant’ with people. Ashleigh consoles a crying Deana and says, ‘I love you, you’re great. F**k everyone.’


Lauren is giving Deana a pep talk in the bedroom. Lauren suggests to Deana, ‘If you’re finding it hard, speak to me. Be each others close friend.’ She adds, ‘Have confidence, you are special. You got to be clever.’


Most of the housemates are asleep. Adam is snoring loudly which makes Shievonne to throw a pillow at him and he wakes up. Luke S and Ashleigh start kissing in their bed which then causes both of them to laugh out loud. Ashleigh looks round to see if any of the housemates are looking at them.

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