Big Brother 2012 – Day 22 – Luke S, Ashleigh discuss relationship, Housemates set ‘100’ shopping task

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 22 – Luke S, Ashleigh discuss relationship, Housemates set ‘100’ shopping task

Housemates set ‘100’ shopping task, Luke S, Ashleigh discuss their relationship..

Recap of day 22 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Wednesday 27 June 2012.

Housemates are enjoying a lie in.
It’s shopping task day in the Big Brother house. Big Brother has arranged a giant set of tubes in the living area. Housemates emerge from the bedroom, gather round the scales and attempt to guess what is happening. Luke S shouts, ‘Oh wow! It’s a game.’

To pass all housemates have to do is score 100 points. Over the next two days they will face a number of challenges where they can earn, but also lose points towards their total points.

Big Brother asks Lydia to read the instructions to the house, about the first 100 challenge that requires housemates to sacrifice their belongings. The more belongings housemates are willing to sacrifice, the more points they will win.

Housemates must decide between them which of the weights by the giant scales, they would like to attempt to balance with their belongings. Most of the housemates shout five. Arron says, ‘I can probably give away 5 points worth of stuff.’

They then all run into the bedroom to collect their personal belongings. The housemates decide to pick the 10 points weight, and then start to load their belongings onto the scales, with Arron sacrificing the most.

They place the weight onto the giant scales and the arrow points to pass. Everyone cheers! They actually sacrificed well over their 10kg allocation and win 10 points.

With 10 points already in the bag, Big Brother is about to give housemates the opportunity to earn some more points. Big Brother calls all the housemates to the sofas and asks the smokers in the house to bring all their smoking paraphernalia. Some of the smokers shout no!

All housemates must remain completely silent. Non-smoker Arron is asked to stand up and decide whether or not to sacrifice all the cigarettes in the house. If he destroys them, he will win 20 points for the group. If he chooses not to do so, they will win nothing.

After a little time Arron decides he will cut all the cigarettes in half. As he’s cutting he says to the group, ‘I do apologise. I’m a non-smoker and I’m sorry about doing this.’

Everyone looks on in shock. They win 20 points. Some of the housemates clap. Lauren is clearly the most upset and states, ‘It’s a sad sad time.’ She storms off. The housemates then leave the sofa.

In the garden, Deana says to Arron, ‘I think that was the right decision. It’s only for a few days. I would have done the same thing.’ Arron replies, ‘Cheers Deana, I appreciate that.’

Lauren continues to storm round the house.

Lydia says to Adam, ‘I’m like in shock. I never thought he would do that.’

It’s been 24 minutes since Arron cut up the housemate’s cigarettes. Arron and Adam are talking in the bathroom. Adam says, ‘I can’t realistically be p***ed off with you for doing the task and complying with it. But it definitely wasn’t worth 20 points though; we have 2 days…you know what I’m saying?’

Some of the housemates are still in shock. Lydia and Lauren still can’t believe Arron did what he did. Scott adds, ‘He’s a ruthless person.’ Lydia agrees. Lauren is on the rampage and let’s off steam by jumping on Arron’s bed. She shouts, ‘I just want to rip his photos up!’

Lauren continues to take her frustration out on Arron’s bed and admits, ‘I should have stopped him!’ Luke A asks her, ‘Is that sexual tension?’ Lydia replies, ‘No it’s not.’ Lauren feels better.

Caroline is telling some of the housemates on the sofa, tales from her gap year in Thailand. She says, ‘I had the capacity to irritate 30 people to the point where they wanted to kill me.’ She adds that she called a woman a sweet potato.

Adam reacts, ‘Have you always been mean to people? Caroline replies, ‘I’m not a bully at all.’ Ashleigh sticks up for her and says she’s funny.

Lauren is called to the diary room. As part of today’s task Big Brother has created the room of temptation where housemate’s willpower will be tested to limit. Lauren is unaware that in the next room her sister Danielle is waiting. She is told that she may access the room of temptation, and inside the door there’s a small area outlined by red tape which she must not step outside of. Lauren must also remain completely silent. If she breaks these rules, points will be deducted.

Lauren enters the room and starts to cry when she sees her sister. She is given the choice to sit down and speak to her sister for 5 minutes whilst enjoying being pampered in the beauty salon room of temptation. If she decides to do so this will cost the group 5 points. Lauren remains strong and silent, not moving from the taped area.

After a while, Big Brother asks Lauren to indicate her decision. Lauren leaves the room and returns to the diary room. She cries, ‘She (sister) was right there, I could have touched her. All I kept thinking was that they cut my cigarettes; why shouldn’t I do it? But they would all turn on me if I did it.

Housemates are on the sofa discussing famous people. Ashleigh admits she doesn’t have a clue who Charlie Chaplin is. Conor asks her if she knows who Hitler is. Ashleigh replies, ‘Oh yeah. All I know he was a German.’ Rebecca also admits she doesn’t know who Hitler is. Adam says, ‘Are you guys being serious right now?’ Rebecca confirms, ‘I’m not interested in any history. 100% serious.’

Lauren returns to the house in tears, blubbering that they had her sister in there. Lydia is the first to comfort her. Lauren says, ‘I wasn’t allowed to talk to her. She just sat there and her eyes welled up.’ Some of the housemates gather round her to offer support, Caroline gets upset.

For the next part of the shopping task, nominated housemates Deana and Lydia are given the opportunity to get their own back on those who nominated them. They have to select three housemates, who they think nominated them, to be sprayed with foul fish guts. Big Brother will reveal after each spray whether the selections were correct or not. Each correct choice will win the group 10 points, however each incorrect choice will lose them 10 points.

Deana is up first and selects Arron, Conor and Luke S. Big Brother reveals all her choices were correct and she wins 30 points for the group.

Next is Lydia’s go. She selects Scott, Rebecca and finally Sara. On choosing Sara she says, ‘I’m just going to do this one as I wasn’t sure if she was telling the truth. If she didn’t, then she was telling the truth.’ Big Brother reveals that two of Lydia’s choices were correct winning 20 points for the group. However, Sara did not nominate Lydia and therefore 10 points are deducted.

Lydia adds, ‘People now know you are truthful. I apologise, people now know you tell the truth. The information is invaluable.’ Sara replies, ‘I don’t care what people think.’

Lydia and Deana clearly enjoyed the task.

It’s been five minutes since housemates completed the task. In the bedroom, Lydia admits, ‘I know who the other person was who nominated me, but I wanted to use this as an opportunity to see if she (Sara) was telling the truth.’

Caroline says she is grateful that they genuinely trusted her.

Deana says, ‘I thought me and Scott were friends…’ Lydia thought the same.

In the bathroom, Rebecca says she feels such a d**k. About Lydia she says, ‘She thinks we’re all sheep.’ Conor shouts, ‘It’s a f**king game show! I had my reasons for picking them.’

Lydia is clearing the air with Sara. Sara reacts, ‘I’m not bothered. You don’t have to apologise to me.’

Lydia continues, ‘I hope you understand why I did that…you are a truthful person. On the outside I will be 100% championing you.’

Sara replies, ‘You don’t have to apologise. Nominations were hard for me this week.’

Lydia and Deana come to talk to Big Brother and shout out that they love Big Brother! Lydia beams, ‘We have gone from being two miserable little girls, to very happy smiley girls because we have given the whole house a very interesting insight into what’s actually happening in here.’

Deana adds, ‘What we said is the three boys will stick together.’ Lydia concludes, ‘I thought I’d go for the more alternative approach to see who the sheep in here are and we’ve weeded them out!’ The girls high five each other.

Luke A is called to the diary room. It’s his turn to tackle the room of temptation which is decorated with photos of him and is wife. He has to decide whether or not to pick up the phone for a chance to speak to his wife. If he does pick up the receiver he will lose five points from the team’s total. Luke A is played an answer phone message from his wife however resists from picking up the phone and leaves the room.

Afterwards, he tells to Big Brother, ‘It was really hard but nice to hear her voice and see her pictures.’

He is asked why he chose not to.

The chef replies, ‘As Lauren has been really upset about not speaking to her sister, I didn’t want to let the group down, the bar has been set. I couldn’t drop the ball for the team. Rebecca (wife) will understand, I didn’t want to let them down and have points taken away from the group.’

Some of the housemates are helping Scott out with a new hairdo. Conor is shaving his hair. Housemates look on in amusement.

Conor has shaved all sides of Scott’s hair. Scott blurts that he’s going to cry.

Adam and Lydia are talking tactics in the kitchen. Adam says Lydia must get Sara onside. Lydia announces, ‘If I stay I will do everything in my power not to be up and make them think ‘how has she been saved twice?”

Housemates are continuing to give Scott’s hair an extreme makeover.

Ashleigh shouts, ‘You’ve got a retro haircut!’

Scott can’t bear to look in the mirror. When he does, the housemates laugh. Scott cries, ‘I don’t want to look like I’m from Camden. I like Kensington!’

Some the housemates say it’s so cool, however Scott hides his head in a towel then goes to shower. ‘Oh my god! This is not happening to me!’

Caroline is talking to Adam on the sofas about his inside-out t-shirt. Sarcastically she tells him, ‘You are the most conformist person ever.’

Adam reacts, ‘I can’t wait so I conform in your team, conforming to be where you are.’

The blonde replies, ‘Yes, you love conforming.’

Arron pipes up, ‘I’m uncomfortable.’

Getting up from the sofa Adam says, ‘Pretty soon I get to be talking like Caroline. Can’t wait Caroline.’

Caroline concludes, ‘He’s really looking forward to it!’

Luke A, Lydia and Adam are in the garden talking about Caroline. Adam says, ‘I don’t what to be engaged in the confrontational bulls**t with her.’

Lydia asks, ‘Do you want me to talk to her and nip it in the bud?’ Adam says he does.

Adam is in the diary room discussing the events of the day. ‘My day has been interesting. Then we were hoping things would change a little and everybody open up but it hasn’t done so yet.’ He continues, ‘Deana and Lydia are a little bit freaked out, people are apologising. It’s really interesting to watch.’

In the kitchen, Ashleigh and Luke S are discussing their relationship. Ashleigh opens up, ‘I just think you are going to find you a person with more common sense. He replies, ‘You have absolutely nothing to worry about.’ She smiles, ‘It’s just me, I’m an insecure b**ch.’

Luke S says, ‘I wouldn’t be with you if I didn’t like you. I promise.’ She continues, ‘I don’t want you to think I’m like a handle, like cooking and stuff.’ He asks, ‘What is a handle?’ Ashleigh admits, ‘I don’t know how to cook.’ He puts her at ease, ‘I don’t mind, I can cook.’ The newly brunette confirms to him, ‘You’re the best.’

Arron and Sara are getting to know each other. She admits, ‘I really like you now!’ Arron continues, ‘My first impression of you was a little bit cringe. I think I said something like ‘your eyes are incredible.” They laugh.

Lydia goes to speak to Big Brother and confirms her day has been one of the most eventful. ‘It’s crazy!

The dancer ends on, ‘If I stay on Friday, which I hope, I would like to see the groups re-group and become a team again and supportive. My next thing is to break the two groups and have more fun. I won’t go down without a fight!’

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