Big Brother 2012 – Day 25 – Lydia Louisa evicted, Luke A discusses gender reassignment

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 25 – Lydia Louisa evicted, Luke A discusses gender reassignment

Recap of day 25 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Saturday 30 June 2012.

It’s eviction day and either Deana or Lydia will become the fourth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

The pair’s relationship got off to rocky start, but a mutual distrust of Arron and conor held them together…just.

conor is a bit indifferent, commenting: ‘I love Fridays…as bad as it may seem, or even if I’ll be up, I’d still love Fridays.’

Rebecca and Deana are in the kitchen discussing eating habits and Deana asks Rebecca if she worries what people think about her weight.

Rebecca says firmly: ‘I don’t give a shit, it winds me up when people talk about it…you might die tomorrow and it’s better to die happy than going around dieting.’

Scott is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about tonight’s eviction.

Talking about if Deana were to go, he comments: ‘There wouldn’t be a vital presence missing.’

He thinks Lydia would be missed more and says: ‘We can have conversations and she gives advice, all that malarkey.’

In the garden, Rebecca is talking to Luke A about his gender reassignment.

Luke A says: ‘I haven’t had to change anything consciously (in the way he acts), when I was younger I tried to be girly, that was tough.’

He goes on to tell her how when you take testosterone the clitoris grows and that some people go onto have a prosthetic penis made.

Asked by Rebecca if he would have that procedure done, Luke A says: ‘A lot of guys don’t go through with it…it’s a big operation, but I want to do it…it’s quite expensive.’

Some of the housemates are chatting to Lydia about her famous fiancé.

Lydia tells them: ‘We’re like the same person, we finish each other’s sentences.’

Deana asks her why she didn’t tell people in house who her fiancé was.

Lydia tells her that doing so would lead to questions about his previous relationships.

She continues by saying that Andy, her fiancé, wanted to take a break from showbiz and he was happy for her to come go into the house.

Deana has doubts about this and recalls a previous conversation with Lydia, where Lydia had said that Andy had got annoyed that she was going into the house as he wasn’t.

Lydia doesn’t have any recollection of this, saying to Deana: ‘What are you talking about? Are you actually taking the piss?’

Out in the garden, Arron and Sara continue to talk about if either of them fancies the other.

Arron says to Ashleigh and Rebecca: ‘Sara knows that I think she’s good-looking but there’s a lot more to a person than looks.’

Sara tells Arron that she thinks he’s playing mind games all the time.

Feeling a bit under-pressure from the girls’ questioning, Rebecca cuts to the chase and asks Arron: ‘Would you like to bang her?’

Arron tells Rebecca that she’s read his mind.

Sara isn’t best pleased, saying to Arron: ‘Basically what you’ve said (to me) is ‘You’re good-looking’ and you want to bang me, which is disgusting.’

It’s all getting a bit stressful for Arron, who heads inside, leaving Sara with these parting words: ‘I’ll say to you what I said to my last girlfriend, I’m bad news and I’m not the type of guy you wanna go for, trust me.’

Arron lets off some steam in the kitchen: ‘I’m only friends with the girl, people are winding me up now, the joke’s gone way too f****** far…she’s a hot girl but there are a lot of things I don’t like about her.’

While most of housemates are relaxing, Adam is called to the Diary Room.

Big Brother tells him that the house is a mess and they have chosen him to whip the other housemates into shape and to get cleaning.

He will be the Drill Sergeant and the housemates his Cadets, and anyone who doesn’t respond to him with ‘Sir, yes Sir’ will face a punishment of 20 push ups.

The special assignment is complete and having been successful their reward will be a post-eviction party.

Deana is calming her nerves with a bit of table football with Arron, who tells her: ‘Don’t worry about tonight, go with the flow.’

Lydia is in garden with Adam and Luke A talking about Luke S: ‘He’s very clever and he’s playing a good game.’

Housemates are gearing up for the eviction. Lydia is evicted.

In the bedroom Deana and Scott are having a chat and Deana tells him that he needs to not always follow what other people do and have his own opinions and talk leads to them mentioning nominations, albeit perhaps unintentionally.

Housemates have been asked to gather on the sofas where they are told that at 10.10pm there was a breach of Big Brother rules when Deana and Scott were in the bedroom discussing nominations and a transcript of their conversation is read out to the group.

As a punishment, the table football which conor had purchased the previous day will be taken away and there will be no music played at the party.

Some of the housemates are annoyed but an unrepentant Scott shouts: ‘It’s only a table, get over it.’

Deana explains they’re not the only ones who have broken the rules.

In the kitchen, Sara says to Arron: ‘I think you just fancy me cos you’re in this house.’

Arron replies: ‘I think you’re an attractive girl, in or out of the house, it makes no difference.’

Arron later says: ‘There’ll be no sex, kissing or getting lovey dovey with Sara in the house.’

Scott is being flippant about the table football table being confiscated and tells Arron he doesn’t really care what he thinks.

Arron says to some of the others, in front of Scott: ‘He’s a really nasty bastard.’

Scott says firmly: ‘I’m not making any apologies for anyone, I had a conversation and didn’t think it would be taken in that way whatsoever.’

Ashleigh and Sara go for a chat at the smoking area. Sara bitches about Rebecca’s earlier comment about Arron only fancying her because she’s the best girl in the house. Shievonne joins them.

In the bedroom Shievonne is talking about how all the housemates are natural performers but she’s aware some of them are being two-faced and playing mind games: ‘People present themselves as one thing and they’re another.’

Rebecca thinks she’s directing the comments at her and feels a bit intimidated.

Shievonne leaves the room and Rebecca tells caroline how she’s feeling.

caroline says: ‘Luke A cannot stand Shievonne…I like her a lot but I’m very intimidated by her.’

Rebecca concludes: ‘I’m not having it anymore, I’m standing my ground.’

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