Big Brother 2012 – Day 35 – Conor McIntyre & Shievonne Robinson Nominated!

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 35 – Conor McIntyre & Shievonne Robinson Nominated!

Recap of day 35 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Tuesday 10 July 2012.


Housemates have been battling for territory in a turf war for seven days. Yesterday the Green team won control of the diary room and today only they will have the power to nominate. Becky comments, ‘There’s only five of us to nom…It’s going to be a world war!’ Adam repeats, ‘A world war!’
Luke S comments, ‘There could potentially be five people up.’ Becky agrees.

Turf Wars has left Shievonne dejected. She goes to speak to Big Brother. ‘The lack of food is awful. Emotionally, I’m at level zero. I can’t force myself to eat spam.’ The Londoner continues, ‘I’m glad we lost, I don’t care, I’ve given up. It’s like living in hell but its cold and Satan’s not here.’ The weary housemate goes onto to say that she hasn’t washed for two days and they are living like tramps.


Luke A and Lauren are rolling cigarettes in the garden. Luke A comments, ‘You got to be careful with everybody in here…you and Adam are the only people I trust.’ Lauren agrees 100%. He continues, ‘‘Oh Luke A you’re a nice guy’ They just want to stab you in the back. Why say I’m nice if they don’t think I’m nice? Losers.’ Lauren adds, ‘Losers.’ Luke A switches his comments to Luke S, ‘I barely have the motivation to laugh at his sh**ty jokes, I just want to go up to him and say pr**k!’ Lauren laughs and dares him to do it.

It’s nominations time! Luke S is first up and heads to the diary room. He picks Deana as his first choice as he doesn’t trust her, then Adam as he thinks he’s playing the biggest game. ‘With only five people nominating, whoever is up it’s going to be a little easier for them to suss out who will be nominating them which may cause some friction.’

Adam is up next and chooses Caroline and gives the reasons that she is vindictive and mean. His next choice is Shievonne as she lies and intimidates people.

Deana then nominates Conor as he’s aggressive and Shievonne as she thinks she’s being weird with her.


Ashleigh is worried about her best friends in the house. ‘I feel sorry for Conor and Shievonne, bless them, they want to go, had enough. Miserable.’

Becky replies, ‘It’s this task.’ Ashleigh agrees, and vacates the bedroom with Luke S.

Deana asks Becky, ‘Why are they upset? We are the ones that are being targeted! What the hell?!’ Becky agrees.

Scott is up next to nominate. His first choice is Conor and explains it is because he is rude and angry. His second nomination is Luke S as he likes to label him and trumpet over him with his voice. Scott goes onto say that it is annoying and is unsure how much Luke S truly cares for Ashleigh.


Scott has been nominating Luke S for the past six minutes. ‘He said ‘I’ve not seen one scrap of neatness in the time I’ve been here’ actually you don’t know what I’m like; I’m actually a neat person really.’

Conor has chosen his Big Brother winner already. He confides in Caroline, ‘Do you know who I want to win? You.’ A shocked Caroline replies, ‘Shut up that’s ridiculous, don’t make me cry. That’s the nicest thing you have said.’ She carries on, ‘I think Scott has a very good chance of winning.’ Ashleigh agrees.

It’s back to Scott in the diary room who is still giving reasons for nominating Luke S. ‘He really doesn’t have a sense of humour at all!’


With only Becky still to nominate, paranoia is rife throughout the house. Ashleigh thinks, ‘It would be funny if one of the Green team were up.’ Conor replies, ‘Oh my god!’ Shievonne adds, ‘I told Big Brother I hope I’m up. We’re gonna know who nominated.’ Conor adds, ‘I can’t wait’

Deana is talking to Sara in the garden. ‘I’ve been up for nomination every week and no one has ever come up to my face and told me what the problem is.’ Sara nods. The Beauty queen continues, ‘Not one person has said they have a problem with me. I feel stronger now I’ve been saved. I just need a hug from a genuine person.’

Conor and Shievonne have two nominations each and are certain to face the public vote. Becky is the last person to nominate. Her first choice is for Conor as she believes that he is being nasty to her and Deana. Her second choice is Shievonne. ‘Even though she’s a lovely person she can really snap and make her feel really uncomfortable.’

With three votes each, Conor and Shievonne will face the public vote this week.


Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the sofa and announces that this week’s task is over. All housemates are now free to enter the bedroom. The group cheer and rush to the bedroom! Lauren hopes that she will never see her task trousers again. Shievonne says, ‘Even when we get out I don’t want to see camouflage or a blue hoody again!’

Ashleigh tells Scott, ‘You look stunning, so fit, please shave it all off? You will look like a Calvin Klein model.’ A nervous Scott agrees to Ashleigh shaving off his red hair.

Ashleigh runs out to ask Adam and Conor if she can borrow one of their shavers to use on Scott in the bedroom. Luke S and Conor both shout, ‘Don’t do it in the bedroom!’ Ashleigh says it will be fine and heads back to the bedroom. Luke S isn’t happy that the haircut will take place in the bedroom and heads to convince Ashleigh to use the bathroom. Adam shouts, ‘Go put your foot down Lucas! Put it down!’

In the bedroom Luke S tells Ashleigh to shave Scott’s hair in the bathroom as hair will get everywhere in the bedroom. She sticks to her guns and starts the haircut in the bedroom.

Luke A tells Adam, ‘When Luke S speaks, I try and shut myself off, he just grates me. I would not touch Ashleigh with my funky private parts for any kind of money.’ Adam asks, ‘A billion pounds? Luke A replies, ‘No, I know she’s been with him.’

Back in the bedroom Scott exclaims, ‘It’s like shearing a sheep.’ Ashleigh remarks, ‘He’s going to look really cute.’ Sara adds, ‘You’ve got a nice face for it.’ Becky concludes, ‘You’re going to be so fast in the pool!’ They laugh.


Luke A is in the smoking area with Adam when Sara walks over to him and quizzes if he has Ashleigh’s tobacco. He replies no. Sara questions him again, ‘Have you not?’ He replies, ‘No I’ve not.’ Sara adds, ‘I’m just asking.’ Luke A replies, ‘I’m just telling you.’ Sara comes back over to the smoking area looking for the tobacco. Luke A sets her straight and says he is not lying. The model replies. ‘It’s fine. I don’t appreciate being snapped at.’ Luke A grins.

Sara heads back to the bedroom, straight to Caroline to tell her, ‘Oh my god…Caroline you are correct, he is an a**ehole.’ Caroline replies, ‘Oh I know. He’s not nice.’

Big Brother announces to the house that the kitchen and living area are now open. Housemates fling open the cupboards and fridge to see them filled and stacked with food. They are over the moon! Luke S beams, ‘Just open the cupboards and find food!’ The house is happy.


Big Brother calls Lauren and Scott to the diary room for a secret task to lift the mood up in the house. They must use one at least one of the uplifting and inspirational proverbs that they are provided, on each individual in the house. At the end they must get everyone into a big group hug, and if successful, they will be rewarded with a curry meal. Scott rejoices, ‘I shall go fourth and multiply!’ The pair gets to work and spread the love!

In the kitchen Caroline whispers to Ashleigh, ‘Luke A is very passively aggressive, I don’t think he likes you.’ Ashleigh thinks he’s nice. Caroline adds, ‘He hates everyone.’

Lauren and Scott successfully organise the housemates into a group hug, with Conor and Caroline looking uncomfortable. Ashleigh yells, ‘Do we feel better? Yeah Yeah!’


Big Brother gathers the housemates for the results of this week’s nominations. Conor’s name is called, he shouts, ‘Yes!’ Shievonne is then called, she reacts, ‘Oh wow, I knew it! It was obvious what the votes were as it’s just two.’

The two leave the sofas; Luke S comforts them in the bedroom. Scott and Lauren then go over to console Shievonne.

Conor is venting, ‘I’m not bothered at all. It’s hilarious. The worst thing about it is that complete weirdoes are staying in.’

Caroline whispers, ‘Sorry but what the f**k…Luke A is left. How is this physically possible?’ Ashleigh doesn’t understand.

Luke S adds, ‘Why did you guys ever have that conversation? ‘Cos it would have been a totally different story.’ Conor agrees and adds, ‘I know who it was.’ Caroline says don’t discuss it.

In the bathroom, Adam, Luke A and Lauren are over the moon with the nominations results. Adam smiles, ‘Wow, wow!’ They laugh.

Shievonne tries to talk about nominations to Scott. He tells her we can’t talk about it and doesn’t want to talk about it.

In the bedroom, Caroline talks to Deana. ‘I’m so happy you’re not up.’

Deana replies, ‘Conor has been horrible to me. He’s treated me like s**t, and Shievonne’s been in a mood with me and I don’t know why.’

Caroline defends the Irish man, ‘In all honesty when Conor has said something about you I have said no, no, Deana is great. Conor does have his opinions.’ She continues, ‘I can’t stand another minute with Luke A, he is not sweet and innocent.’

Back in the bathroom, Luke A tells Adam that he thinks next week is his time. ‘Just think if Conor and them hadn’t had that conversation this wouldn’t have happened.’


Caroline tells Scott that she really wants a cigarette. ‘Sara smoked all of mine it drove me mad, I didn’t say anything at the time.’

Luke A and Sara are talking through their earlier disagreement about tobacco. Luke A says, ‘If I had a problem with you I would come over and say I had a problem with you, I don’t have a problem with you.’ The model replies, ‘Sometimes I feel you’re like not snappy, but cold.’

He says, ‘I didn’t lie or snap at you.’ Sara adds, ‘I just feel like sometimes you get angry and frustrated for no reason.’

Luke A remarks, ‘It’s ridiculous, over something so small. I have no problem with you, I didn’t snap at you. That’s the end of it.’

They agree that if they have anymore problems with each other, they will talk to each other. The two housemates hug.


Big Brother announces to the group that some of the housemates have been talking about nominations again. Conor, Luke S, Ashleigh and Caroline have breached the rules and as result the hot water will be switched off until further notice.

Lauren moans, ‘It keeps happening.’ Deana tells Lauren, ‘He keeps saying my name; I don’t know what his problem is.’

Shievonne pipes up, ‘But its true, so what difference does it make?’

Deana replies, ‘Shievonne, you haven’t spoken to me and not told me to my face.’ She replies, ‘When you get out you will see what I’ve said about you.’

The pair starts to argue.

The Beauty queen asks, ‘I thought we were friends?’ Shievonne snaps, ‘When Arron was evicted you walked over to me and said don’t be silly.’

Deana points out that she was trying to be caring; Shievonne believes that the point of the matter is that real friends know when to offer support.

Deana states, ‘I thought you were siding with Conor, I didn’t know what the problem was as you haven’t told me.’ Shievonne replies, ‘You shouldn’t base the problem on a person’s friend. I came to my own conclusion.’

The argument heats up as Conor butts in, ‘All people can see the way you are f**king going on. It’s not just me…I personally don’t like you ‘cos I can’t trust you and you’re two faced and too sneaky.’ Deana tells him that he’s never spoken to her.

He shouts, ‘Because I can see what you’re doing! F**k me!’

Deana argues back, ‘When haven’t I’ve gone then? From day one he’s been trying to get me out.’

Shievonne adds that she’s black and white when she likes someone. ‘If I like someone I like them. You need to check yourself and wreck yourself.’

Deana defends herself, ‘I’m not a mind reader. You needed to tell me.’

Shievonne concludes, ‘Fine, fine. At this point I’ve heard too much, my mind is going to explode.’ She walks away.


In the living area, Adam can’t quite believe his luck when Lauren accepts his offer of a neck massage. She asks, ‘Is this going to hurt?’ He replies, ‘A little bit.’ She tells him, ‘Don’t be a pussy about it!’ He smirks.

Shievonne and Deana are trying to resolve their differences in the bedroom. Shievonne tells Deana, ‘You are clearly a flip flopper and flips friendship. Stop looking for this emotional comfort from people.’

Deana replies, ‘I’m not, I just wanted to know what the problem is.’

Shievonne offers some advice, ‘You are paranoid. People are praying on your paranoia, making you think things. It’s not me. The people who you think are friends are stabbing.’ Deana realises that.

The nominated housemate continues, ‘They haven’t got your back. I think you’ve confided in people and they’ve added in their stories and have left you to drown.’

Deana is left to think about their conversation.


Shievonne goes to speak to Big Brother. ‘My evening has been awful; it’s gone from bad to worse. Me and Conor knew we would be up and Conor is my best friend in here, apart from Ashleigh, so I couldn’t be up against a better opponent. But, yes that was shocking news. I will be crying on Friday!’ She continues, ‘I feel like it’s my time to come out. This evening has been eventful to say the least ‘cos it all kicked off.’

Back in the bedroom, a guilty Lauren speaks to Deana. ‘Darling, you did yourself proud.’ Deana adds, ‘You all walked out.’

Lauren apologies. ‘I feel awful. They came back in as it was kicking off.’

Deana adds, ‘I don’t expect anyone to stick up for me.’

Lauren continues, ‘If my name had been brought in I would have said something. I sat there next to you and was giving daggers.’

Deana asks, ‘Do you think I’m in the wrong?’ Lauren puts her at ease, ‘Not at all. Don’t you let her see you upset. We are your biggest friends out there.’

Shievonne is still talking to Big Brother. ‘I have more or less figured out who nominated me. Deana is one of them, she looked like ooh s**t. The thing is with Deana is that she’s very sensitive. They think she’s the weakest link in here, I don’t think she is but I generally think she’s very lost and attaches herself to whatever group feels like entices her. Big Brother, they don’t want to be her friend, they possess her mind to do s**t.’

The Londoner concludes, ‘She put on the waterworks. Long and short of it, it’s all done now, all good in the hood.’


Some of the housemates are having fun in the bedroom. Shievonne is riding on Sara’s back, ‘That was so fun!’

In the garden, Lauren can’t believe she can fully move her neck after Adam’s massage. ‘I have these magic hands!’

Lauren asks, ‘What are your thoughts on today?’ Adam says he was really surprised, and Luke A adds, ‘I was pleasantly surprised. It is their fault they are up.’ He concludes, ‘Friendship means more than teams.’

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