Big Brother 2012 – Day 38 – Housemates fail ‘Rules are for Fools’ shopping task

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 38 – Housemates fail ‘Rules are for Fools’ shopping task

Recap of day 38 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Friday 13 July 2012.


For this week’s shopping task Big Brother has introduced a whole new set of rules to the house. Yesterday Adam, Luke A and Luke S were chosen by their fellow housemates to become wardens, tasked with issuing tickets for rule breaks. Rules they enforce include that housemates must roly-poly to and from the diary room; smokers must only smoke while jumping on a trampoline dressed as a cigarette, then decontaminate after lighting up; litter pickers must be used when eating. The wardens will incur fails if they do not spot rule breaks. Housemates will win a luxury shopping budget if wardens incur less fails than the number locked inside a glass case. Housemates will win an economy shopping budget if wardens incur more fails than the number locked inside a glass case.

As part of the task, housemates must rush to the safety zone before the alarm bell ends. Housemates wake up to the sound of the alarm and head to the safety zone. Ashleigh, Luke S, Caroline and Deana fail to reach the zone in the allotted time. Adam and Sara are called to the diary room and Sara has trouble with her roly-poly. In the diary room Big Brother asks her if she has noticed the Do Not Cry signs on her way in. “Does it sound like a rule you’ll have troubling following?” asks Big Brother. Sara says no and Big Brother informs her that a short sound test on the diary room speaker is to follow. The next voice Sara hears is her mother’s and she grips Adam’s arm as he smiles at her. Her mum warns her not to cry before adding: “We’re so proud of you, keep strong, the support for you is incredible, remember we’re right behind you.” At the end of the message Sara has remained dry eyed and smile as Adam gushes: “Amazing accent!”


Ashleigh is decontaminating in the garden after her cigarette. Housemates must wear seat belts while sitting on the sofas. Rebecca and Scott are buckled up while role playing on the sofas. While in character Rebecca tells a story about being mugged. Scott sympathises adding: “Isn’t London a scary place, that’s why you should always travel by taxi my dear.” Warden Adam is in the garden keeping an eye on things. Lauren joins him and he tells her that she looks “cute” today. Shievonne and Sara are in the bedroom. Shievonne is talking about Warden Adam and tells Sara that she doesn’t want to be in the house with people that make her unhappy. “I’m afraid to cry anymore, he’s clearly gone round to people and said that I’m acting up,” she bemoans. Shievonne begins to cry and Sara cuddles her. “I’m nervous about tomorrow and I can’t show my emotions in case he says ‘she’s f**king playing up,’” Shievonne continues. She tells Sara that she is “stressed” about the impending eviction adding: “I can’t help it if I’m a crier, I cry over everything.” Sara consoles her and says that what Adam said “came out the wrong way.”


Shievonne is in the garden. Caroline, Rebecca and Ashleigh are looking forward to the eviction. Ashleigh mentions that Shievonne is “stressed” and Caroline quips: “She’s biting heads off.” Rebecca says that she is keeping out of Shievonne’s way. Warden Adam and Conor are talking about Friday’s eviction. “I get more excited than worried,” Conor beams. Adam says that the situation in the house “fluctuates” when people go: “Something for the better, sometimes for the worse, tomorrow will be either way,” he muses. Warden Luke A and Deana are looking forward to tomorrow’s eviction. “One of them has amended their ways, slightly,” he tells her adding: “They’re not influenced by certain people that may not be here anymore.” “But they still tried to do what they wanted when they read out the thing,” Deana explains and asks if they are talking about Conor. “Maybe,” smiles warden Luke A. Deana continues and mentions that Shievonne often snaps at her adding: “How much are you supposed to take.” “She thinks she’s never wrong,” Luke A quips and Deana reveals that Shievonne never apologises in her “normal life.”


The rules state that housemates can only swim if they are wearing safely equipment. Deana is in the pool. Shievonne have found a warden’s megaphone and Conor makes it produce a high-pitch sounds. “It’s like The Clangers,” he laughs. Warden Luke S has been asked to escort Ashleigh to the diary room. He points to a sign that reads Remain Silent. As objects rain down on them, Ashleigh fails to keep quiet and Luke S repeatedly issue her with tickets for her rule break.


Housemates have been gathered on the sofas for the result of this week’s shopping task. Big Brother announces passing the task was the warden’s responsibility and announces that the warden’s incurred a total of 3 fails. All of the housemates cheer while the wardens look slightly worried. Big Brother informs housemates that the number of fails that were permitted to incur are contained within the safety box. Luke S smashes the box and retrieves the envelope. Housemates speculate how many fails they are allowed: “I bet it’s none!” shouts Rebecca, while Shievonne guesses ten. Luke S opens the envelope and reveals a zero as housemates look bemused. “They just didn’t want us to have it,” Scott quips. Housemates have therefore failed the task and will receive and economy shopping budget. “So we’ve have no f**king fags for a week!” moans Lauren. “No cigs no nothing,” Rebecca adds while Luke S sighs: “that’s absolutely ridonkulous!”


Conor has come to the diary room. Big Brother asks him if he is disappointed not to have received a luxury shopping budget. “No cos I may not be here so I don’t actually give a s**t to be honest,” he grins. He says the smokers are will miss it because they will have less cigarettes and also Caroline who will be missing her “chocolate hit.”

Caroline and Rebecca are in the bedroom, being loud. Some of their fellow housemates are also in the bedroom including Luke A who tells them to keep the noise down: “People are trying to sleep, I don’t know if you’ve noticed,” he exclaims. Rebecca looks stunned and leaves the bedroom as Caroline stands in silence. Luke A gets up and goes into the living area. Caroline starts to giggle while Deana smirks from her bed.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom working out under Luke S’ instruction. Rebecca is watching from her bed and begins to laugh at Deana adding: “Oh my God, Miss India just farted!” Deana laughs along with the rest of her housemates. Ashleigh is in the diary room, she has the eviction on her mind. “They’re two of my best mates,” she begins and compares the feeling to “Luke A having Adam and Lauren up.” She tells Big Brother that Conor and Shievonne are both winners to her, “I thought they’d be in the final, 100 percent,” she admits.


Luke S is grooming Ashleigh on the sofa and she winces as he accidentally pulls out some of her hair. Adam, Luke A and Lauren are discussing the impending eviction. “If Shiv goes, it’s a good thing right?” asks Luke A. Adam and Lauren agree that it will be. Adam claims that the house will be more fun if Shievonne leave on Friday and explains how arguments have affected the house. He tells them that although housemates have had their differences they always managed to get past them. “She’s the only one that holds on, then blanks you and makes you feel alienated by other people,” he exclaims. Lauren says that she is starting to like Conor “more and more” adding: “I don’t agree with some of the things he says but the same goes for you guys.”

In the bathroom, Caroline tells Shievonne that she doesn’t want her to go. Shievonne reassures her and says that if that is the outcome Conor will still be in the house. “You’ll still have laughs in here, you’ll still have fun, time will fly,” she adds and tells them she will be “ecstatic,” if she leaves. “It’s going to get harder in here, I don’t know if I’d cope, it will be a blessing in disguise,”” Shievonne muses.


Sara and Deana are lying on the bed talking about the house. Deana comments: “It’s not as bad as I thought,” but Sara tells her, “It’s so bitchy,” and likens it being in school. Deana says that it could be because so of the housemates are young. Sara tells her that she would prefer it if people approached her to say they have a problem with her rather than going behind her back. Conor and Shievonne have been called to the diary room. He tells Big Brother that the experience had been a “roller coaster ride.” “If one of us goes, the house will be completely s**t,” he spits. They both claim to be the one who will leave; Conor is excited to see his girlfriend while Shievonne jokes: “Mum, put the kettle on!”

Lauren walks toward Adam in the kitchen but stops and says “Watch this.” She stands against the wall, bends forward and raises one leg behind her in line with the wall. She moves into a handstand then giggles as she walks into the kitchen to make pancakes. Adam joins Luke A at the sofas but Lauren asks for help. Adam says that he is unable to assist and Luke A asks why. “I’m almost erect,” Adam sighs before whispering to himself, “Relax, relax, relax.” Luke A looks confused and Adam explains what Lauren did. Adam tells him: “You will know one day,” but Luke A says that he already does. “You don’t, cos yours can never realistically be visible,” “Yeah it can,” Luke A retorts. “Well not realistically just from sitting here like this,” stresses Adam and Luke A submits. “But one day you will,” Adam smiles as Luke A adds: “Yeah but even then I’ll have to pump it up manually, though my balls, with a Reebok pump.” They both laugh and Adam mentions the pump reference and Luke A grumbles, “Well that’s what it’s like.”

They are still laughing as Lauren joins them. She tells them that she has gone off the pancake idea and has a tummy ache. “It’s hard being me,” she grumbles. “Yeah, but it’s hard being Adam too,” quips Luke A and burst into laughter.

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