Big Brother 2012 – Day 39 – Shievonne Robinson Evicted!

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 39 – Shievonne Robinson Evicted!

Recap of day 39 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Saturday 14 July 2012.


Housemates are waking up on the morning of sixth eviction. Tonight either Shievonne or Conor will leave the house forever. Ashleigh tells Shievonne: “You’re strong, you can do this, you’ll be in the final.” Caroline is in the bathroom talking to Luke A. “I hope Conor’s safe,” then adds: “But Shievonne really is the funniest person ever.” Luke A agrees.

In the diary room, Conor tells Big Brother that he is excited about tonight. Shievonne has also visits the diary room and tells Big Brother that she will probably be “stressed out,” by 8’o’clock. “It’s whose Y-Fronts and whose nipple clamps, you just don’t know,” she added. Big Brother asks her how if feels to be up against one of her “best friends” in the house. “Literally the worse case scenario.” Conor says that Shievonne should stay, “But on the other hand I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, I’ve bitched about people but who hasn’t.”


The housemates compile their weekly shopping list, only this time, because they failed this week’s shopping task, they have to make do with an economy shopping budget of £250.


Conor and Luke S are working out. Lauren has cigarettes on her mind. Luke A joins her and she tells him that they have no paper to roll the tobacco. Shievonne has a secret stash of Rizlas. In the bedroom, she tells Sara that she doesn’t have any spares but is saving one for Ashleigh. Shievonne says they can share the one that she is about to smoke. They head towards the garden and Shievonne mentions that the “leeches” will be out asking for tobacco. “Between you Ashleigh and me I’m cool, but the others; I’m just like, the cheek of it!”

Rebecca and Shievonne are at the smoking area laughing at a small cigarette Rebecca has rolled with discarded paper. “Shall we ask Lauren if she’d like to smoke this?” Rebecca laughs. Shievonne is amused and swiftly calls Lauren over. Lauren declines and Shievonne says that she doesn’t want people to think she has a stash of Rizlas. Conor asks the price of a packet of cigarettes. When he is told that they are £7 he informs the group: “If I’m here next week, I’m getting seven pounds worth of chocolate.” Luke S agrees. Shievonne says that she is “sick if talking about tobacco,”


It’s Friday 13th and Big Brother has a frightening task in store. Scott is called to the diary room. Big Brother explains that all he has to do is scream louder than his fellow housemates. “I don’t scream ever,” he announces. A bandaged leg appears from behind the chair and Scott screams, loudly. “Ok, I screamed, that was quite funny,” he laughs. Big Brother scares the rest of the housemates as they come to the diary room in turn.


Rebecca, Sara, Shievonne and Deana are at the kitchen table. Rebecca holds up an empty kitchen towel tube and tells them: “This is how big Adam said his penis is; the girth as well.” “What I saw wasn’t as wide as that,” Shievonne quips and shows them the width using her fingers. The oven timer beeps and they rush over to collect the desserts that Luke S has made. Caroline doesn’t want hers and says they should offer it to Lauren. Rebecca leans into the bedroom asks Lauren if she wants it. Lauren refuses adding: “I’m fine.” Rebecca glares at her then asks: “Why are you being all moody?” Rebecca returns to the kitchen and shouts: “Some people are being moody.” Caroline, Lauren, Sara and Scott are in the bedroom but have heard Rebecca and are shocked by her behaviour. In the kitchen, Rebecca continues to moan about Lauren adding: “She can’t even look me in the eye.”

Lauren is fuming from her run-in with Shievonne and treatment from Rebecca. “I don’t wanna be here,” she gripes. “F**king hell Lauren will you change the record,” Luke A scolds while resting on his bed. Shievonne is in the kitchen talking about Lauren. Lauren is talking to herself in the bathroom. “They’ve made my time in here hell, what have I done?” she asks. In the kitchen Shievonne tells housemates that Lauren acts the way she does, “Cos no-one ever confronts her.” “There’s always a problem,” Scott adds. Lauren is crying in the bathroom toilet. Luke A comes to check on her and tells her that he is sorry for his comment. Lauren says that Shievonne is the reason she is crying. “She’s in the kitchen, bitching about me, they’re all bitching about me!” she moans. Luke A tells her not to be so “sensitive,” about it. “They’re k***heads, they’re scared of her, they’re p****ies, f**k them, f***k them, f***k them!” he starts. Then continues: “They’re all w**kers, cowards egotistical arrogant, inconsiderate, a***holes!”


Sara and Deana are in the smoking area, talking about Lauren. They both agree they like her, and she’s done nothing to hurt either of them, but suggest she must have been two faced to others.

Housemates are gathered at the sofas for the reveal of the screaming task winner. Lauren wins and goes to the diary room where she enjoys her prize of an ice cream. It cheers her up from her earlier saddened mood.


Luke A is alone in the living area. Big Brother announces that the shopping has been delivered. Luke A rushes to the store room, grabs the cigarettes and tobacco and hands it to Adam who has just arrived. Adam lays them on the kitchen counter as more housemates enter the kitchen. Conor is in the bathroom shaving the hair off his chest. Shievonne is also getting ready in the bathroom. Conor has come to the diary room. “Everything’s fine, the whole thing is a piece of p**s,” he smiles. Shievonne also visits the diary room and confesses: “I wanna stay cos I’ve got friends in here. If I stay, I’ll be shocked beyond words,” she admits. Conor says that Big Brother has been a “phenomenal experience” while Shievonne beams: “It’s been the best and worst of times, the whole experience has been awesome!”

Housemates have been gathered on the sofa for the result of this week’s eviction. House Brian announces that Shievonne is to be the sixth person evicted from the Big Brother house. Some of the housemate give her a hug her before she makes her exit. Throughout the evening, housemates had come in turn to the diary room to give their thoughts about the latest evictee. “I’ll miss her 100 percent,” Conor muses while Ashleigh tells Big Brother that she will miss “everything” about Shievonne. “It’s definitely the biggest loss so far,” Caroline muses. “At the end, she really did hate me,” Adam exclaims.


Adam is in the bedroom claiming the recently vacated double bed. “Double bed butt nakedness (sic)!” he exclaims as Luke A also moves beds. Conor is at the dining room table making peace with Scott and Rebecca. “If I’ve done anything to f**k you off, tell me,” he urges. He tells Scott: “I like you, and I like Rebecca.” Rebecca mentions Conor’s actions in the diary room with Arron towards her and Deana. “I was disgusting and angry and I regret what I said,” admits Conor. Rebecca accepts his apologies and they share a hug.


Deana is in the bedroom feeling paranoid. She tells Luke A that she is worried about Conor’s attitude towards her. “He’s gonna be f**king after me now,” she frets and Luke A tells her not to worry. They mention Shievonne’s eviction and Luke A suspects that she must have been “really hated.” Luke S, Ashleigh, Caroline and Rebecca are in the kitchen. Luke S is preparing a meal and discovers a supply of alcohol in the store cupboard. The other housemates rush in and Rebecca and Ashleigh sneakily help themselves while whispering and giggling. Conor joins them and necks from the bottle of wine. Big Brother announces to that alcohol has been delivered to the store room. The sneaky housemates swiftly change tack; they grab the drinks and act as if they have just arrived. They cheer as they hand out the drinks to their fellow housemates.


Adam and Deana are in the garden. He mentions that he is excited about the week ahead then they both growl at each other. “We have to be tigers in this jungle,” Adam tells her and Deana replies: “I’m a lioness, they will never defeat us,” and smirks. Luke S and Conor are in the living area reflecting on tonight’s eviction. “Two thirds of the house has gone,” muses Luke S “If it goes how I think, I could make out the last five.” He tells Conor that he can’t say who those people are: “It would influence who to get rid of,” he claims. The both agree that they would like to be in the final and Luke S smiles then muses: “333,33.33.” “That would be amazing,” beams Conor.


Lauren and Luke A are in the garden practising their martial arts moves in the garden.

Scott is in the diary room. He tells Big Brother that it’s hard for housemates to relax with the limited supply of alcohol including “one pitiful bottle of wine.” Big Brother informs Scott that two bottles of wine were supplied with the lagers. Scott disputes this then gives a knowing look and asks: “Two bottles of wine?” then leaves the diary room. Most of the housemates are in bed. Scott searches the kitchen then goes into the bedroom.

Scott holds an inquisition in the bedroom, confronting Deana, Rebecca and Ashleigh if they know what happened to the other wine bottle; they deny seeing it. Scott leaves the bedroom with Caroline. She says she knows it wasn’t her, Sara, or any of the boys.

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