Big Brother 2012 – Day 40 – Luke Scrase setup in fake agent meeting

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 40 – Luke Scrase setup in fake agent meeting

Recap of day 40 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Sunday 15 July 2012.


It’s the morning after eviction and a new day in the Big Brother house. Scott tells Caroline, ‘I’m glad I’m friends with Conor again.’ She nods.

Lauren, Luke A and Adam are discussing new house dynamics. Lauren announces, ‘Isn’t it nice having our side of the room!’ Luke A adds, ‘I feel safe.’ Lauren is really happy.

Adam adds, ‘We should have the time of our lives right now, don’t worry about too much now.’ They agree.

Lauren explains, ‘I feel a lot more at ease…except for when Caroline starts whispering.’ Luke A replies, ‘I don’t care anymore.’ The blonde concludes, ‘Life is good.’

A relieved Conor goes to the diary room. ‘I’m feeling good, saved by the public feels good!’ He mentions he’s been chatting to Scott and Becky which feels nice.

‘I’m hoping I have a good following. For me personally seeing Deana’s face when I was saved was priceless, I’ll be a happy man if she goes before me.’


Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas to announce that some housemates are still discussing nominations with each other. Big Brother reveals that last night Conor had a conversation with Becky, Ashleigh and Scott about how he didn’t think both of them had nominated him.

Big Brother adds that Deana also had a conversation about Conor with Luke A and Adam, about how she thinks that he will make sure that everyone will nominate her. These are a clear breach of the rules and as a result Deana and Conor will receive a joint punishment. The two housemates must work as a team by washing all the dirty laundry in the house. Housemates laugh!

Conor is annoyed, and he and Deana start to bicker as Conor denies saying that he didn’t tell anyone to nominate her. ‘You heard wrong.’

Deana gets to work in the garden whilst Conor talks to Becky about Deana in the bathroom. ‘This proves how sneaky she is.’ Becky agrees. Becky continues, ‘I can’t trust Lauren.’ Conor is adamant, ‘Deana is the worst of them all!’ Becky warns him, ‘Watch what you say to Lauren.’


Conor and Deana are serving their punishment in silence doing the house laundry in the garden.

Caroline is talking about Adam to Luke S, Becky and Ashleigh, ‘Adam is so calculating. Talk about game playing.’ They agree. ‘He is thinking so consciously about what he’s doing.’

In the garden, Deana asks to explain to Conor about why she thinks he is telling housemates to nominate her. Conor refuses to listen or talk to her.

She says, ‘I haven’t done anything to you to make you say you hate me. You are just a nasty man that’s what you are.’ Conor agrees, ‘Yes 100%.’

They carry on with the washing in silence; Adam demonstrates to Deana how to use the washing board.

Conor leaves that garden. Lauren advises Deana not to talk about nominations. Luke A adds, ‘Don’t speculate.’

Back in the bedroom, Conor is talking to Sara about Deana, ‘I don’t trust her, she’s talking s**t about me. If I say something around her I don’t know where it’s going to go.’ Sara agrees and they hug.


Conor and Deana’s punishment continues in silence.

Becky has something important to tell some housemates. ‘Do you know why the D&B comment was read out last week? It’s because wooden spoon (Lauren) went to the diary room about what was said and told Big Brother that they need to pick up on it…She told me.’

An amazed Caroline says she should tell Conor.

Becky says she can’t. ‘I wouldn’t care if she wasn’t nice to his face, but she hugs him.’ Caroline concludes, ‘She is like a wooden spoon with two heads, two faced.’

Lauren, Luke A and Adam are having a snooze.

Some of the housemates are on the sofas; Caroline thinks it’s time to tell Conor that it was Lauren who grassed him up to Big Brother. Becky reveals, ‘Don’t say anything, the wooden spoon went and told Big Brother that you had said D&B. She grassed you up.’

A bemused Conor asks, ‘How?’ Becky confirms, ‘She heard you.’ He exclaims, ‘No way!’ Becky adds, ‘She told me, Scott and Deana.’

Conor shakes his head, ‘Seriously?!’ Becky says ‘100%.’


Big Brother calls Luke S to the diary room. He is told that a representative from an external company has requested a meeting with him for future opportunities. He asks, ‘It’s not a wind up?’ Big Brother asks if he wishes to except the meeting. Luke S confirms he wants to go ahead and is told to enter a separate room off the diary room for his meeting.

Whilst Luke S is in the diary room, the housemates are gathered on the sofas and let in on the fact that the agent is not real and the meeting is in fact, a task.

In the separate room, Luke S meets with the agent from the media company. The agent explains, ‘Big, big things are calendars, we would like to talk to you about the possibility…they make big money.’ Luke S is intrigued. ‘We want to make you a star!’ He accepts and jumps straight into a photo shoot kitted out with props including a rose for a Valentines shot and a tennis racquet for an action shot!

The housemates are told that Big Brother will ask Luke S to prank housemates with the help of Conor, and show his passionate side with Ashleigh, and that they should play along. If he does all what is asked of him, they will all be rewarded!

Luke S continues with his photo shoot. The agent tells him that top channel executives will be watching him for the next hour. He asks Luke S to add some drama to his relationship with Ashleigh, put some of the girls through a fitness routine as fitness DVDs sell and make some mischief with Conor. The agent adds, ‘This could be global!’ Luke S accepts and re-joins the group. The group act oblivious.


It’s time for Luke S to showcase his many talents for the task. First up he must demonstrate his fun side with pranks. He successfully gets Lauren with a bowl of cold water in the shower. She yelps, ‘You cheeky bas***d!’ Next, he and Conor get to work covering the toilet with cling film. Caroline is the housemate to discover this and screams!

Luke S goes onto flaunting his impressive physique with a work out in the garden. He puts some of the housemates through a fitness routine. Lauren shouts, ‘He looks like Action Man!’ He replies, ‘Action Man has nothing on me!’ Scott says, ‘This is relieving the tension!’ Lauren tells Scott, ‘You’re going to walk out of this house with a body like Luke’s!’

Finally, it’s Luke S’ chance to add some drama into his relationship with Ashleigh. He asks, ‘If we ever got a place would you be this messy?’ She replies, ‘No I would respect it.’ Conor asks Luke S if he would live with her, he answers, ‘Not if she were messy.’

Luke S continues to attempt to add drama into his relationship. In the bathroom he tells Ashleigh, ‘I like you pale and brunette.’ She’s shocked, ‘Are you joking me? That’s like everything I’m against!’

In the garden Luke S describes Ashleigh as aesthetically beautiful and charistically beautiful. Adam smiles, ‘Those are big words!’

He replies, ‘I know, dunno where I pulled them out from!’ He then successfully attempts to do press ups whilst Ashleigh lays on his back.


Caroline, Scott and Becky are in the bedroom discussing Luke S and his secret task. Caroline says, ‘He hasn’t got a clue! He generally thinks this is legitimate and they would want him for stand up comedy!’

Becky jokes, ‘I wish he had to come and say to me that he’s in love with me! It’s too cringey for me to watch. It’s worse than watching porn with me grandma!’ They laugh.

Luke S returns to the see the fake agent. The agent tells him, ‘We were impressed! Ticked a lot of boxes. Brilliant!’ Luke S seems chuffed.

The agent asks him to think about the status of his relationship with Ashleigh. Luke S reveals, ‘I came in here, I was like I’ll just get with a bird.’ Luke S declares he doesn’t think it will last outside of the house, suggesting a Bachelor type television show would be “more fun” than a planned “Katie and Peter” wedding for him and Ashleigh.

The fake agent then asks him to sign a permission form granting him permission to talk about the housemate regarding any opportunities. He signs the form. The agent says, ‘We’re going global!’ Luke S grins, ‘Cheers boss!’


In the kitchen Luke A and Ashleigh are talking about the task. She says, ‘On a normal day he would be more sexual…he’s definitely passed on pranks and fitness but he needs to pass on me.’ Luke A gives her some tips and she goes to find him.

Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas. They pretend to wonder what is happening. Big Brother reveals that today Luke S had a meeting with a representative about his own sexy calendar and TV show. They laugh! Big Brother goes onto to reveal that they all knew that it wasn’t a real meeting. Luke S laughs but looks mortified. Big Brother tells him it was a task which the housemates were all in on. ‘I thought it was a secret task at the beginning! I got sold.’

Big Brother announces he passed the task and that everyone will be rewarded with his photos, sushi and champagne! Luke S adds, ‘So embarrassing when you see the pictures…’ He goes onto explain to his fellow housemates about the opportunities and his photo shoot.

Deana says, ‘It’s a bit cruel, I would be upset.’


Becky and Sara are talking about Luke S and Ashleigh’s relationship in the bathroom. Becky thinks, ‘I think it will fizzle out after the show…they have completely different lives.’ Sara says, ‘I think Ashleigh really, really likes him.’ They agree.

Luke S and Ashleigh are sitting in silence in the garden. She asks, ‘You alright?’ He sighs, ‘I feel embarrassed as everyone will be watching it and laughing at me. I should have just gone with my gut and thought it was a joke. Everyone will be laughing at me.’ She tries to comfort him, ‘You know they are talking about our relationship outside…I can’t wait to see your photos!’

He replies, ‘I can wait…what if I look fat in it? If I look in good shape then I’ll be happy.’ The brunette quips, ‘What are you talking about? Talking s**t! Don’t worry I’ll protect you.’

He adds that it’s going to be so cringey.


In the garden, Lauren tells Luke A, ‘Caroline has been winding me up all week…I know it sounds ridiculous but the influence she has on people in this house is ridiculous. If I knew her in the outside world things would be a lot different.’

Luke A remarks, ‘People on the outside will see what Caroline is like but Becky though, not a nice person. She feels like she can be more bitchy since Shievonne has gone.’

Lauren continues, ‘I don’t know who I can say I dislike more, Caroline is on top then I don’t know between Becky and Ashleigh. I don’t like how they are like little girls.’

He adds, ‘Ashleigh is the one who has been more persistently rude.’ The blonde thinks ‘Caroline gets on my tits so bad, who does she think she is?’


Housemates are called into the living room to receive sushi and champagne courtesy of Luke S. Caroline laughs, ‘Luke S is dying in a hole right now!’ Photos form Luke S’ shoot are broadcast on the screen. Adam yells, ‘Oh my god!’ The housemates scream with laughter! Conor adds, ‘That tennis one was disgusting!’ Luke S can’t look and covers his eyes with his hands, ‘Turn it off! I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.’

Conor says, ‘I wouldn’t have done that!’ Lauren jokes, ‘Give us another pose!’ Luke S says no chance. Ashleigh tells him that she thought he looked great.


Conor and Ashleigh are in the garden. She says, ‘I think he’s (Luke S) upset…’ Connor laughs, ‘The tennis was the worst!’ Ashleigh grins, ‘I nearly spat my sushi out! Bless him.’

In the diary room Luke S is worried about today’s task. ‘The end conversation may have been taken out of context. I’m thinking of Ashleigh…’

He goes onto say, ‘The task was funny but could jeopardise me and Ashleigh. The foundation of our relationship has been built on personalities. I hope people do see I’m not a kn*b and that I do like her. As long as I’m happy with her I guess…people can think what they want to think.’

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