Big Brother 2012 – Day 41 – Housemates set ‘Wild Wild West’ shopping task

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 41 – Housemates set ‘Wild Wild West’ shopping task

Recap of day 41 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Monday 16 July 2012.


The Big Brother house has been transformed into the Wild Wild West for this week’s shopping task. Housemates wake up to a new frontier! Big Brother asks the housemate who is ‘most at home where the buffalo roam’ to go to the diary room; Conor puts himself forward. The housemates walk into the living room to see the transformation; there are now hay bales for sofas! Becky shouts, ‘We’re hillbillies!’

Conor feels he is ‘most at home where the buffalo roam’, ‘I’m a cowboy!’ He is then told he’s the Sheriff of the house for the next two days and is kitted out in a Sheriff’s outfit. ‘Fandabbydozy!’ He is asked who he would like as a deputy, ‘I’ll pick Caroline just for the fun factor.’ Caroline joins him in the diary room, and also kitted out in uniform. They are the most powerful housemates in the land! They laugh.

Big Brother gathers the rest of the house on the hay bales in the living area. Conor and his deputy are broadcast on the screen to the rest of the house, and asked to divide their fellow housemates into three groups: The Good, The Bad and The Really Ugly housemates. They must base their decisions on personality only. Caroline says, ‘Can’t we just put the three musketeers together? They’ll be happy with that.’ The housemates watch from the living area.

Conor and Caroline decide…The Good housemates: Scott as he has a good heart, Sara as she’s moral and Luke S as he was a good sport in yesterday’s task. The Bad housemates: Adam as he is a bad man, Deana and Ashleigh as she has a bad mouth! Finally, the Really Ugly housemates: Lauren as she is moany at times, Luke A as he was an ugly warden and Becky, even though she is super duper funny, her farts are disgusting and ugly! These three teams will be competing against each other in the two day task.


In the living area some of the housemates are a little unhappy with the Sheriff and his deputy’s decisions. Caroline says, ‘Becs, I went ‘why don’t we just throw the three musketeers together?” Becky replies, ‘I know…’ Conor is shocked, ‘So you saw that?!’ Becky confirms, ‘Yes, I don’t know why you didn’t. I’m upset I’m with Lauren.’ Ashleigh complains about her group. ‘I’m stressed that I’m with Adam and Deana.’

In the garden, Deana tells Adam they put Ashleigh in their team on purpose as she doesn’t put much effort into tasks so they are now the weaker team. Adam asks, ‘I wonder if we were the three musketeers?’ Lauren nods, ‘Yes, 100%.’

Becky continues to moan about her team. ‘So annoyed, going to have the worst two days of my life! I feel sick.’ Caroline apologises and says it was hard.


The Bad housemates must stay locked together in shackles at all times except for when visiting the toilet, diary room and sleeping. The Sheriff and his deputy must monitor the chain gang and if they do a good job, the duo will be rewarded with a meal.

Becky and Scott are role playing in the bedroom. Becky acts, ‘Oh my god I’ve fancied you for sometime now! Oh god I’ve been blessed with an angel! Want a kiss cowboy?!’ She jumps on Scott. Ashleigh goes to the diary room. ‘I think I look quite hot!’

In the smoking area, Lauren is speaking about her dream which was about someone taking the p*ss out of Caroline. ‘It was so funny! Someone needs to do that to Caroline. If she tells me to do something I won’t do it. I’ll fail the whole task.’

Luke A adds, ‘I’m sick of being the nice guy.’ Deana says, ‘How do you think I feel? I have to ask Conor every time I go to the toilet?’ Deana suggests that Adam and Ashleigh should accompany her to the toilet so she doesn’t have to speak to Conor. Adam announces, ‘I don’t care!’ They laugh.


This week’s shopping task is made up of challenges; the first challenge today is Raw Hide. The Sheriff must pick three shooters, one from each team. Adam, Scott and Luke A are the chosen three. These shooters must then in turn pick three targets; Scott picks Becky, Adam chooses Luke S and Luke A goes for Ashleigh.

They have 10 seconds to land as many paintballs on their target’s large fake bums, then the Sheriff and his deputy must inspect the targets and decide who is most accurate. The targets are given their fake bums to wear and put in the stocks which are set-up in the garden! Sara laughs, ‘Ash’s bum is huge!’

First up is Scott, his target Becky screams hysterically! Ashleigh hears this and decides she doesn’t want to take part in the task. Everyone is impressed with Scott! Adam is up next; his target Luke S wiggles his bum which makes it difficult for Adam. ‘A**ehole for that!’ Ashleigh declines to do the task meaning Luke A must pick a replacement, he picks Lauren. From the stocks, Lauren shouts, ‘Go on Luke!’

It’s now up to the Sheriff and his deputy to decide which shooter had the best aim, however as Ashleigh declined to take part the bad housemates have been disqualified. She moans, ‘I was sh*tting myself Big Brother.’ Adam complains about his moving target Luke S, and how unfair it was. The Sherriff announces Scott the Good is the best shooter. All housemates cheer!


Conor tells Luke S that Ashleigh was gutted that he moved whilst her team mate Adam was shooting at his bum. Luke S isn’t too bothered about this.

The chain gang report to the diary room. Ashleigh says that she doesn’t mind too much being chained up with Deana and Adam. The male Bad team member says he is fortunate to be chained to two attractive females but they do moan. Adam comments on Luke S, ‘He is playing the game as he moved his target.’ Ashleigh replies, ‘I can’t really say a lot.’ Adam adds, ‘I’m not respecting that.’ Ashleigh concludes, ‘I don’t want to be in the argument between you two.’


For the next challenge in this week’s shopping task, the three teams will be going head to head in a hoedown dance off Big Brother style, accompanied by a live ukulele band and judged by Conor and Caroline.

The teams have 30 minutes to rehearse before they hit the dance floor and perform their routines. The groups head to separate rooms to rehearse. Lauren smiles, ‘This is awesome guys, I’m already really happy!’ Sheriff Conor looks on, ‘So funny after all this practising if it turns out to be absolutely sh*t!’

With the rehearsals over its time for a showdown; head to head in a barn dance. The Good housemates are up first. Luke S moans, ‘So embarrassing! We gotta go first!’ The housemates watch the performances. Scott thinks, ‘Deana’s team what a pile of sh*t!’ Luke S comments, ‘I was born not to dance.’ Adam states, ‘God bless Becky and Lauren, they were on top of each other! They had some good sh*t!’

With the performances over, the Sheriff and his deputy decide who the winning team is. They place the Good housemates in third place…Luke S looks disappointed. They crown the Ugly housemates the winners, who win 30 seconds of gold panning time. All applaud! Caroline admits, ‘They were great!’ Luke S smiles, ‘I did say well done.’


Conor goes to the diary room to talk about the day. ‘Becky at the start wasn’t enjoying it but they won the task and it was good to see them bond. Ashleigh and Adam have their differences, but good to see them bond. Once the task is over it will go back to square one.’

In the kitchen, the chain gang are going to wash up. Everyone is aware that Ashleigh hates doing the washing up, ‘No I can’t do that…I can’t do washing up!’ Deana replies, ‘We all have to do. I don’t mind doing it.’

Still in their shackles, The Bad housemates move away from the sink. Becky stands up and announces that she will do the washing up. ‘Deana, next time don’t put all your cereal in the sink!’ A bemused Deana replies, ‘I haven’t done that. I ate every last bit of it.’


Conor and Caroline are rewarded with a meat feast meal for all their hard work today. Conor tucks in, ‘So good!’ He is about to start talking about nominations; however Caroline says not to do so. The Sheriff says it was his fault why they didn’t win the task last week.

Deana is letting off steam in the diary room. ‘Trying to keep it contained, can’t cope with it anymore. Becky accuses me of throwing corn flakes down the sink; she’s trying to start an argument with me on purpose.’

In the kitchen, Ashleigh tells Luke S, ‘You don’t understand what kind of day I’ve had…physically and mentally draining. He (Adam) hates you! He said ‘I want to say so many things to your boyfriend!” Luke S replies, ‘I know he does. Shall I ask him tomorrow? Is that all he said though?’ She says yes.

Conor states, ‘You (Luke S) hate Adam, I hate Deana and you (Sara) hate Luke A.’ Sara replies, ‘I don’t hate him at all; I just think he’s moody.’ Luke S adds, ‘I hate him, he’s too quiet. I don’t trust him one bit. Never heard one opinion come out of his mouth.’


Caroline and Scott are talking in the bedroom. Caroline says, ‘Lauren fancies Adam. Conor can’t friend Sara as visually, they could fancy each other but their personalities are incompatible.’ Scott comments, ‘You think about stuff a lot more than me.’

Luke S is confiding in Conor. ‘That interview with that guy he was asking me about me and Ashleigh’s relationship and I said the bachelor thing would be fun…then I thought about it after. I’m now dead paranoid as I’ll look like a f**king w**ker. I couldn’t sleep last night.’ He confirms that he is worried about what the outside world, especially Ashleigh’s family and friends, think of him.

Luke S then talks about Lauren, ‘Two faced little f**king d**k!’


Some of the housemates are enjoying a song and dance in the living area!

Ashleigh and Caroline are whispering in the toilet. The Essex girl admits, ‘Deana is the most fakest person.’ Caroline adds, ‘I think spoon is so much worse.’ Ashleigh says, ‘I felt embarrassed for Deana.’


It’s bitching time in the house, Caroline quips, ‘I’d be so happy to leave on Friday, really horrible people. If I left on Friday I would be so happy to see the back of them.’ Becky adds, ‘They are so horrible to people, so fake.’

Luke S asks, ‘Id like to know how bitchy they are behind everyone’s back!’ ‘Explicitly!’ Caroline replies.

In the garden, Luke A asks Deana, ‘Do you get on with Luke S?’ She replies, ‘He keeps changing too much…he gives me dirty looks, past week he’s been OK with me, I can’t work him out.’ Lauren spots Caroline in the living area, ‘I’ve just watched Caroline impersonate me. I can’t stand that girl…I am going to start an argument with her. She grates on me’ Luke A continues, ‘What she (Becky) did to Deana was horrible.’ Deana tells Lauren that Becky tried to start an argument with her on purpose.


Ashleigh goes to the diary room to talk about Deana. ‘No words to describe! I don’t know how someone can be so quiet and elegant then be so cringe worthy and pathetic and all my life. I’ve never ever known someone to be so thick. Quiet then loud, I can’t explain. Unbelievable.’

In the garden, Deana is venting to Luke A, Adam and Lauren. ‘I’m feeling mad about something I want to talk about it! I’m getting wound up. Please listen.’ Adam laughs whilst Lauren comforts her. ‘Why would I put corn flakes down the sink?! I eat all my corn flakes!’ The beauty queen continues, ‘I’m not going to argue as I’m dignified. And now they are planning!’

Luke A replies, ‘I know they are.’ Lauren adds, ‘Nothing you can do about it, do you feel better now?’


Deana is in the bathroom.

Some of the housemates are doing impressions of each other in the bedroom. Caroline takes on Luke S, ‘Oh yeah I do have a good body, I’m really good looking, I’m really great, it’s definitely legitimate that they do want a calendar!’ They all laugh.

Lauren and Adam are talking in the smoking area. She tells him, ‘My mother always calls me stubborn and I hate that word.’ Adam mentions that she can be childish at times. She jokes, ‘Who is commenting on the age gap now?!’ He replies, ‘Me being infatuated and liking you would be stupid.’ The blonde asks, ‘Is this you trying to confess your love to me as it’s shit?!’ He confirms, ‘No ‘cos it ain’t love sweetheart!’ They laugh.

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