Big Brother 2012 – Day 46 – Lauren Carre evicted!

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 46 – Lauren Carre evicted!

Recap of day 46 in the Big Brother house; highlights show Saturday 21 July 2012.


It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house and it could be Luke A or Lauren’s last day. In the bedroom, Becky greets Luke A, ‘Morning evictee!’ A rather miffed Luke A replies, ‘Morning Becky…’ Lauren has slept through the Big Brother alarm.

In the garden, Scott and Caroline are spooked by a huge moth. The blonde shouts, ‘That looks like a great beast!’

Luke A goes to talk to Big Brother about his time in the house. ‘I feel like I have accepted it either way, but still nervous. I learn something new about myself everyday.’ He continues, ‘It’s so nice to be accepted in this house, even though if they don’t like me, it’s an amazing feeling.’ The chef concludes, ‘I’m learning so much stuff, I don’t want it to end. I’m going to be forthcoming about how I feel and what I do. I’ll also do less in the kitchen!’


Becky is making brunch.

Scott and Caroline are bitching about Becky. Caroline says, ‘She’s changed a lot.’ Scott agrees and explains, ‘I’m used to it now, I know what she’s like. I take her with a pinch of salt.’

Lauren, Luke A and Adam are in the smoking area. Luke A tells, ‘Becky came up to me this morning and said good morning evictee! Like she was rubbing it in.’ Lauren quips, ‘What?! Some people in this place are horrible.’

Luke A continues, ‘The first thing she said when she came here was come on you b*stards! I should have known then what she was like. In my mind I was like good morning bitch face!’ Lauren comments, ‘You should have said it! You know it won’t be so bad to get out of here.’


Luke A is in the bedroom looking at a picture of his wife. ‘Becky Becky Becky, I’m coming home to you!’


Lauren and Adam are in the kitchen.

In the living area, Ashleigh reveals that she thinks she would make a great sex therapist. ‘How amazing would that be?!’ Conor comments, ‘No you wouldn’t.’ The Essex girl continues, ‘Like Mrs Focker! I’ve got the vibe; I would be perfect for it.’ Scott eggs her on.

A bewildered Luke S gives her a scenario to work on. Ashleigh tries to come up with a solution but he disagrees with her advice. ‘Your cheque’s in the post love!’


For today’s task – A Bit of a Mouthful – Big Brother calls each housemate to the diary room for a sweet treat!

In the diary room, the housemates are given a jar of marshmallows. They are asked a series of quick fire questions while shoving as many marshmallows into their mouths as possible. The housemate that manages to answer the most number of questions, with the most amount of marshmallows in their mouth, will win a sweet treat.

Scott is up first. Conor thinks it will be ‘easy peasy’ and Luke S reckons he has a big enough mouth to win. The housemates get to work with the task.

Following completion, Big Brother reveals that in third place is Sara with 21 marshmallows, in second place is Conor with 22 marshmallows and ‘big mouth’ Luke S is crowned winner who successfully crammed all 24 marshmallows into his mouth! He laughs when he is told he won 24 marshmallows. ‘You b*stards!’

5.01 pm

Becky is talking to her own reflection. ‘Fat fat girl, yeah! Really really large!’

Adam gives Luke A a comforting hug in the kitchen.

Lauren is in the diary room talking about her time in the house. ‘I’m feeling a bit nervous; scared I’m going to get booed but ready to see my family and friends. It’s awful to be up against one of my friends.’ She is asked what she brings to the house, ‘I bring fun and energy, a bit of competiveness and always there to listen to people. I’m quite honest but not sure if honesty gets you very far in this show!’

The blonde reveals that her housemates probably would rather Luke A would stay and that she doesn’t want either of them to leave.


Adam is giving Luke A some words of wisdom. ‘Be strong, confident. Love the ones you cherish and be kind to the ones you don’t! Kill them with kindness.’ Luke A agrees. Adam adds, ‘You are a good guy! He replies, ‘I hope so. See what happens tonight, I just want to be myself.’

The housemates gather on the sofa and Brian Dowling reveals that Lauren is the seventh housemate to be evicted. She congratulates Luke A. ‘Make us proud yeah! I’m scared!’ The rest of the housemates hear the outside crowd chant ‘get Caroline out!’

In the smoking area, Lauren tells Adam, ‘It’s going to be so weird not seeing you guys. You better win this, I mean it!’ He gushes, ‘Thank you for being here.’ She smiles, ‘Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done without you.’

The housemates say their goodbyes to Lauren, and all cheer as she leaves. Adam shouts, ‘Be great!’

Deana admits that she is gutted and upset to see her friend leave. Caroline reveals that she didn’t deserve to leave, and Conor believes that all the housemates will miss her. Some of the housemates console Adam. He tells Luke A, ‘I’m so glad you’re here.’ They hug.


Luke A, Adam and Deana are at the smoking area. Deana says, ‘That was the best reception yet!’ Luke A adds, ‘It was just get Caroline and Conor out! Do you think they will change how they will be behave?’

Deana thinks ‘I think he has changed, he’s pretending to like Becky.’

Caroline comes to speak to Big Brother about the crowd chants. ‘I knew I would be hated. Various housemates thrived from the cheer. They were chanting get Caroline out! I don’t think I’m that horrible. I’m love or hate.’ She adds, ‘Luke A will never like me. I find it difficult to control what I say. I’ve tried really hard to be better.’


Some of the housemates are chatting in the living area. Caroline announces that if Conor had gone last week it would have been so unjust.

Ashleigh and Luke A are talking about Caroline in the smoking area. He reveals, ‘I don’t like her, she doesn’t like me it’s a clash. There’s a nasty side to her, she was whispering about my friends.’ The chef adds, ‘I’m really upset with Becky. At first we got on then something weird changed. I’ve never done anything horrible to her. You know she’s fake?’

Ashleigh replies no. Luke A quips, ‘She hated Conor!’ She adds, ‘She’s so actressy, I love Becs.’ The Essex girl advises him to talk to Becky and concludes, ‘Love you loads! Such a great guy!’ They hug and she leaves.

In the bedroom, Caroline tells Conor, ‘I hope we go into the final.’ He says he wants to prove people wrong in here. She adds, ‘I think you will win it!’ He quips, ‘What?!’ Ashleigh joins them in the bedroom and tells them both about the conversation she just had with Luke A. ‘I think I was quite a bitch…he doesn’t like you (Caroline) and thinks Becky is fake.’


Ashleigh calls Becky over to the dining table to tell her about the conversation with Luke A. ‘He’s disappointed in you…he said ‘she’s a professional actress’ and thinks you’re fake.’ A stunned Becky replies, ‘I’m not, I’m an amateur.’ She starts to get angry, ‘But why?! I’m fuming. He’s been horrible to me, how dare he! I’m going to talk to him.’

Becky storms out to the smoking area and confronts Luke A. ‘Why do you think I’m fake? Don’t you dare!’ He snaps, ‘I will dare. It’s my opinion.’

The pair starts to bicker. He explains how she started being weird with her. ‘I initially got on with you, but you were whispering in the toilets and I think you are fake.’ She denies being fake and he sticks to his guns, ‘You hated Conor and now you are best buddies!’

Becky argues, ‘I’ve sat down with Conor and we’ve overcome things. I’m genuinely really upset; I said you were a nice person.’ Luke A laughs, ‘Well obviously you are wrong as I think you are fake!’

She then storms off. Luke A asks Adam, ‘Have you got the awkward balloon? I’ll take it!’ He adds, ‘Hey ho…put me up next week I don’t give a f**k.’


It’s been nine minutes since Luke A told Becky why he doesn’t like her.

Becky is letting off steam to Conor and Ashleigh. The Essex girl confirms that she does like Luke A. Becky fumes, ‘I could have burst out crying in front of him, so p*ssed off!’

Adam tells Luke A that he shouldn’t have confided in Ashleigh. ‘I honestly didn’t think she would have gone straight back to her tonight, I’m probably naïve that way…I don’t think that deeply into it.’ Adam explains, ‘It’s a game show, these are not very nice human beings!’

In the living area, Becky tells Conor that there’s not one bone in her body that doesn’t like him.

In the smoking area, Scott tells Luke A that he didn’t do anything wrong. ‘I would have done exactly the same thing. You were up front.’ He reveals that Becky also annoys him. The guys advise him to leave an angry Becky alone tonight. Luke A says, ‘But I don’t want to see her upset.’


Luke A, Adam and Deana are talking about the argument. The beauty queen says, ‘It will blow over by next week.’ Luke A asks, ‘By Monday?!’ They laugh.

She adds, ‘We don’t want to lose another soldier!’

Becky is in the diary room talking about Luke A. ‘For him to feel I’m fake…I felt so belittled and embarrassed! I wanted the ground to swallow me up.’

She sobs, ‘I don’t want to resolve it ‘cos he doesn’t know me. I’m not fake. It’s the worse thing ever.’

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