Big Brother 2012 – Day 50 – Housemates set ‘Party’ shopping task

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 50 – Housemates set ‘Party’ shopping task

Recap of day 50 in the Big Brother house; highlights show Wednesday 25 July 2012.


Housemates awake to a surprise, unaware that their home for past few weeks has been transformed into a party themed house. The housemates speculate as to why Big Ben is in their living room and are gathered on the sofas as Becky opens up the giant invitation that has Big Brother has left for them in the living area. “You are cordially invited to Big Brothers party,” she reads and reveals that Party Animals is this week’s shopping task. “Best task ever!” Caroline exclaims.

At each party housemates will play a party game which they can either pass or fail. If housemates incur 3 or more fails they will fail the task and receive an economy shopping budget.


The housemate’s first theme is a children’s party. Big Brother has deemed Ashleigh, Becky, Caroline, Conor and Scott as the five most childish housemates and chooses them to participate in a child friendly assault course. They successfully complete the task in twelve minutes and thirty-five seconds, and have therefore passed the game. Luke A enjoys a ride on the tricycle: “This is amazing” he yells. Conor is more focused on what his fellow housemates have collected in their party bags and examines the ball pond for any luminous balls that were neglected; “ We got them all!” he tells Luke S excitedly.


For the next part of the task, the girls have all been invited to Big Brother’s slumber party. Luke S and Adam are sharing grooming tips out in the garden, the girls screech in excitement on entering the task room which has been transformed into a pink girly bedroom.

The girly chat begins and Becky asks Ashleigh: “Do you think you and Luke S will have babies?” Ashleigh smiles, “When we first came in here I didn’t like Luke S, I liked Conor. I thought he was really really fit,” but says they are now more like brother sister. The girls are unaware that Conor and Luke S are eavesdropping at the door. Meanwhile in the task bedroom, the girls speculate who Luke S fancied when they first entered the house. “I think he liked Lauren,” Caroline states and the girls agree.

Caroline asks Ashleigh how long she thinks her relationship with Luke S will last outside the house. “Sometimes I can’t even stand his voice!” Ashleigh yelps. Still outside the task room door Luke S whispers to Conor; “I can count the number of compliments she has given me on one finger!” and they laugh. Ashleigh continues to talk about Luke S and tells the girls; “Sometimes in bed he smells like onions.” Caroline adds, “One time he smelt like curry.” Ashleigh backtracks adding: “It’s only because his armpit hair is too long.”

Outside, Luke S tells Conor; “She can move f****** beds if I smell. I do not smell. I’m going to sleep in a different bed tonight!” Back in the living area Luke S tells Adam, Luke A and Scott that he has overheard Ashleigh talking about him; “She’s dug herself a massive hole.” The boys are shocked and Adam laughs.


Luke S is still reeling from the conversation he overheard. He tells the boys: “She named six or seven things that she doesn’t like about me,” as the boys laugh.

Big Brother announces that a series of pillow fights are about to take place in the girls’ slumber party. The girls must attempt to knock one another off the bed. Meanwhile, the boys will watch the pillow fight from the TV in the living area and must accurately guess which girl will be the last one standing. “Beck’s won’t be stable on that small thing,” Luke A remarks as the boys opt for Sara as the overall winner. After various bouts, Becky is the overall winner, “The big girl always comes up trumps,” she yells.


Luke S and the boys are still waiting patiently for the girls. Big Brother announces that a prize has been placed in the store room for the pillow fight champion. Luke S goes to collect it; it’s a teddy bear and someone suggests he throw it at Ashleigh. They girls exit their room and watch the boys from the decking but mention that the boys seem quiet. “Do you think they heard?” asks Ashleigh.

As the girls walk into the house Ashleigh continues: “You don’t know nothing, did you watch us?” The boys explain that they watched the task and Luke S tells Ashleigh: “You were s**t, you just walked off!” “Then all the things that Ashleigh said were weird,” Adam quips. Ashleigh asks what he means and Luke S tells her, “I heard all your complaints; you know what I’m talking about.”

Ashleigh mentions that the girls spoke about a lot of things during their task. “We loved the part when you called him onion boy,” laughs Conor as the boys burst into laughter. Ashleigh explains that she has already told Luke S adding: “Don’t try and make out I’m a f**king a**ehole, I’ve said it to your face, I don’t care one bit,” she rants.


Following her comments about her boyfriend, Ashleigh is still trying to defend herself. Adam and Conor are talking about her comments at the living area. “My girlfriend would never say stuff about me on TV!” Conor chides and Adam agrees.

Luke S has come to the diary room. He tells Big Brother that he only heard “one complement in 10 insults,” and says that Ashleigh has insulted him in front of the nation. “I still like her though but she puzzles me, she doesn’t even fancy me, she fancies Conor!” he exclaims. “I’m s**t at relationships, that’s why I don’t have ‘em,” he confesses. “This is only my second relationship, I try too much, to me it’s important that she’s aways happy,” he confides.


In the living area, Deana tells Luke A that Luke S’ outburst will make viewers “feel sorry for him.” Scott is in the garden. He also has Ashleigh and Luke S on his mind. “They’re trying to force it to last, if this was in the real world in would be over in a day or two, they have nothing in common,” he quips.

Luke S has come into the garden to talk to Ashleigh. She tells him: “I don’t know ‘why you’d wanna speak to me,” she mutters. Luke S confesses that he is scared to commit to relationships and asks her if he is being too sensitive. “The way you said it was brutal,” he explains. “I say one thing and you get too sensitive, it’s just little things, like the way you sit,” she grumbles.


Housemates are seated at the dinner table enjoying the next part of their task. During their lavish dinner the housemates musts take it in turns to choose conversation starters from the hat provided and initiate intellectual discussions. Ashleigh mentions that she has had dinner at a pitch black restaurant. “Blind people’s vision comes alive in the dark,” she announces as housemate dispute her claim. Luke A tells housemates that his biggest regret was waiting until 28 to have his transition. “I feel like I’ve wasted part of my life,” he adds.

Housemates continue to ask him questions about his life changing decision as Caroline giggles. Deana says that her biggest regret is not being able to speak fluent Punjabi. She tells housemates that her great, great, great grandfather recently passed away and she wishes she had been able to speak to him. Housemates are amazed at how old he was. “Let’s toast the happy couple, onions!” Caroline retorts. “I thought I was a b***h but Catherine (Caroline) is the biggest b***h ever,” bites Ashleigh.


Sara is being supportive in the garden with Luke A. “It must have been hard, anyone in your position would wish they had done it sooner,” she sympathises. Ashleigh is being the opposite of supportive in the living area. Luke S asks her what she finds so funny and Ashleigh mentions that he adopted a different voice during the dinner task. Luke S tells her that it is “important to make complements,” during a special dinner party but Ashleigh continues to giggle as he explains that he was in character.

Caroline and Deana are also at the table. Luke S pretends to drain a glass of wine then adds: “That’s f**king great!” in a mock cockney accent. Caroline giggles as Ashleigh continues to tease Luke S. He then explains the difference between drinking red wine and white wine. During dinner Ashleigh had licked her finger after rubbing her plate and Luke S says it was rude. “Would you do that in a restaurant,” he asks and Ashleigh says that she would.

Deana comes into the garden and fumes about Caroline: “Considering she’s had the best education and she’s well off, she’s rude, she has no manners, it’s unbelievable!” Luke A and Adam are sifting for cigarette butts. “We’re suited and booted looking for dog ends,” jokes Luke A.

In the living area Ashleigh hugs Luke S and asks him if he is “pissed off” with her. “I’d be embarrassed if you licked your plate in a restaurant,” he reminds her. They begin to kiss and Caroline watches while sneering.


Luke S is asleep in the garden. The next party is in full swing in the small task room; Deana, Conor and Ashleigh are enjoying an all night rave. Dance anthem I wanna See You Sweat is playing into the room on repeat.

Becky is in the diary room and tells Big Brother that today has been “mint.” She mentions the slumber party adding: “Everything that is offensive was said about Luke S.” “Then they’re snogging, they’re polar opposites, out the outside that wouldn’t happen,” she grins. In the task room, the dance anthem is being played again.


The rave is still going and the dance track has been played 73 times. The rave has been going for 2 hours and 40 minutes. The dance track has been played 73 times. Adam and Luke A are in the garden and mention that the ravers have been a long time. Big Brother announces the end of the rave and Deana, Conor and Ashleigh exit the room and into the diary room. “I could go on all night but to a different song,” beams Ashleigh and Deana agrees. “I’m f**ked!” pants Conor. “My tits have got blisters on them,” Ashleigh complains as Conor scolds: “I don’t wanna know this stuff!”


Almost all of the non-raving housemates have gone to bed. Ashleigh sits on her bed with Luke S while eating a bowl of chicken noodles. “You smell like onions, is that s**t in a bowl?” he mutters and sleepily turns away from her. Adam, Deana and Luke A are in the living room. She asks how the “soldiers” have faired today. “We lost the battle of the pillow fight but the war continues,” Adam smiles. Deana says that the day has been “quite successful.” “Yet again, we haven’t done anything,” laughs Luke A.

In the bedroom Ashleigh kisses Luke S goodnight. “You smell like that chicken s**t you’ve just eaten,” he mumbles while half asleep.

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