Big Brother 2012 – Day 53 – Caroline Wharram Evicted!

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 53 – Caroline Wharram Evicted!

Recap of day 53 in the Big Brother house; highlights show Saturday 28 July 2012.


It’s the morning of the eviction which sees eight housemates facing the public vote. Luke S tells Conor, ‘It will be interesting to see what happens tonight!’ He replies, ‘I don’t care if I go…we’ve reached the stage that as a housemate we will always be remembered.’

Sara admits to Rebecca. ‘I’m actually really nervous.’

Adam and Luke A are in the smoking area still fuming about Caroline’s shopping sabotage. Luke A asks Adam, ‘Has anyone tried speaking to you today?’ He replies, ‘No. It’s in their best interests if I go today.’ The chef replies, ‘You won’t be.’

Adam continues, ‘At times it’s much easier to care about another human being than myself. Especially my friends.’ Luke A adds, ‘My mum always says to me, ‘smile and the world will smile with you’ but it doesn’t really apply in here!’ The pair laugh.

Caroline comes to diary room and reveals, ‘I’m really happy about the shopping, so excited to eat chocolate! I can’t see the negatives. People are really over sensitive and should appreciate.’ The blonde continues, ‘Luke A and Adam really detest me. Its just one of those things! I’m convinced I’m leaving and I really don’t mind.’


Sara is painting her nails in the bathroom.

In the diary room, Adam is still reeling over Caroline’s shopping sabotage. ‘Once again another selfish, inconsiderate thing to do. Just robbed me of living in this house, so really upset about that, and then the people that supported her doing it all just about blamed it on Caroline and didn’t step up and say they knew about it.’

In the living area, some of the housemates are discussing Luke A and Adam. Rebecca says, ‘I don’t know why they are being so rude to me…’

Caroline adds, ‘They haven’t said anything to me. They know I will just laugh!’

Scott adds, ‘It doesn’t matter Becs, let them be like that.’ Luke S pipes up, ‘It’s because they are angry at you for something else and this is just an excuse.’ Caroline continues, ‘I’m sorry for causing drama. I think they know that I’m going.’

Rebecca replies, ‘I’m sorry if you go out before them, I’ll be livid and so upset.’ The blonde concludes, ‘Imagine the look on their faces when I get called?!’


Ashleigh is getting ready for the eviction early.

Adam, Luke A and Scott are talking about tonight’s eviction. Luke A admits, ‘It’s going to be really awkward sitting around everybody together.’ Scott agrees, ‘Yes, I’m just going to go into a corner and zone out.’

Luke A wonders about the shopping sabotage, ‘I just don’t understand who was in on it?’ Scott replies, ‘They wouldn’t tell me. I wouldn’t find it funny that’s why they didn’t tell me.’

Adam adds, ‘I don’t think any decent human being would find it funny!’ Scott concludes, ‘It reveals characteristics of someone that you think you know. It shows selfishness and immaturity.’


Big Brother calls birthday boy Conor to the diary room. He is asked if he would like to win himself a birthday party, ‘Love it!’ Big Brother sets him a secret task that he will have to use his gift of the gab, ‘Easy peasy!’ For the next hour the Irish man must tell at least one lie to every housemate. He accepts the task.

Conor gets to work with his lies and housemates are getting sucked in! A bemused Deana tells Sara, ‘He never ever talks to me!’ The birthday boy fibs to a gullible Ashleigh and Scott that he was once a male escort. She asks, ‘What you sold yourself?! That’s amazing!’ Scott quips, ‘I would be a gay escort.’

Some of the housemates think Conor is acting very strange…

His final two targets are Adam and Luke A; he tells Big Brother that he doesn’t want to have a conversation with them as they haven’t wished him Happy Birthday. He tells the pair a lie that Big Brother has asked him to tell the snoozing duo to wake up or the whole house will get punished. They both believe him, and Adam wishes him Happy Birthday!

Conor asks Adam, ‘You think I knew something about the shopping task?’

He replies, ‘She’s your friend, so…either way supporting her with the ideas.’

The Irish man replies, ‘I find it funny, didn’t think she had the balls to do it!’ Adam concludes, ‘I think it’s a lack of human consideration, not balls.’ He walks away and Conor chuckles to himself.

Big Brother tells Conor they are impressed with his lying abilities, and he wins himself a birthday party. ‘Over the moon, thank you very much!’


Ashleigh has a question for Luke S and Conor. ‘Am I naturally good looking?’ They both say yes. Conor continues, ‘You don’t need loads of make up. Shievonne was naturally good looking…Deana is disgusting…Rebecca has a nice face.’ They all agree.

Caroline is putting together her look for the evening. Sara asks, ‘You’re not leaving your hair like that are you?’ She replies, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing with it yet Sara.’

Deana tells the blonde, ‘You are amazing to watch you know, you will be remembered!’ She replies, ‘Why cos’ I invite rude comments?! ‘You’re not leaving you’re hair like that are you?!” Caroline tells Sara she is so tactless.

Sara reacts, ‘We are all trying to help you.’

Deana adds, ‘You are considering in going out in the same dress as you came in? No one has done that before! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you as I’ve never met anyone like you before.’ The blonde remarks, ‘That’s really odd, I thought I was quite a normal person?!’


In the living area, Sara asks Deana, ‘Did you mean what you said to Caroline about that you were really happy to meet her?’

The beauty queen replies, ‘Yeah, I’ve never met anyone like her in my life! She’s sarcastic 24/7.’

A bemused Adam asks, ‘So you’re thankful for meeting her?’

She replies, ‘Yeah. I’m not condoning her behaviour. She’s just amazing; some of the things she’s doing are just unbelievable.’

Sara snaps, ‘I’m just shocked as yesterday you said she’s a f**king d*ckhead.’

Deana defends herself, ‘She is but you’re misinterpreting what I said.’

The two females start to bicker. Sara says, ‘I’m not bothered about this conversation.’ Deana quips, ‘You’re not listening to my answer, you’ve just asked me a question!’

In the bedroom, housemates pick up on the argument and try to listen in through the wall. Rebecca says, ‘Deana and Sara, they are not true friends!’ Caroline asks, ‘Why are they arguing about me, I’m not even there?!’

Back in the living area Sara finishes the argument, ‘Don’t even speak to me.’ The two sit in silence. Adam chuckles, ‘Oh my goodness, what the f**k just happened there?!’


Big Brother gathers housemates to reveal Conor’s secret lying task. Ashleigh shouts, ‘I thought that!’ On learning that the birthday boy passed and that a football party has been set up in the garden, housemates cheer and congratulate him!

Caroline asks Deana why she and Sara were arguing over her. Deana replies, ‘It’s because I said I was glad to meet you.’ The blonde smiles, ‘That’s so nice of you.’

The housemates tuck into the party food and don the football kit; let the match begin!

Deana and Sara apologise to each other whilst in the smoking area. Sara smiles, ‘Its fine, I started it!’ Deana laughs, ‘We’ll have loads more arguments!


The countdown to the eviction has begun. Luke A asks Deana who she thinks will leave, ‘I always think myself…and Caroline.’ Adam doesn’t know what to expect and would be gutted to go. Luke A thinks if he stayed it would be an amazing feeling of acceptance.
Conor is feeling fine but nervous for his friends. Ashleigh is excited, ‘Emotions are running wild, bring it on!’
Luke S is feeling nervous as he hasn’t yet faced the public vote, Caroline would like to continue leaving in the house and Sara tells Big Brother that it’s quite scary!

Brian Dowling’s voice comes into the house and he announces the four safe housemates. Caroline hears the chants from outside and starts chanting, ‘Get Caroline out!’ Ashleigh also hears chants to get her out, ‘I don’t give flying f**ks for them people outside!’

Brian then reveals the next two housemates that are safe from eviction; leaving Luke S and Caroline. Luke S tells Ashleigh, ‘It’s not a nice feeling.’

The Big Brother then announces that Caroline is the eighth housemate to be evicted. She cheers and seems happy. All housemates hug and say goodbye to her, except for Luke A and Adam.

Luke A tells Big Brother he will miss being able to nominate Caroline! Conor admits he will miss his good friend, whereas Adam will not miss her.


It’s been six minutes since Caroline was evicted. Adam, Deana and Luke A are beaming on the sofas. Adam smiles, ‘You guys are here! You guys are here!’ The beauty queen rejoices, ‘Say amen, we know the truth!’

He replies, ‘Who cares, you guys are here!’

She adds, ‘Things like this just prove it’s not paranoia. We gotta stick together and keep each other strong.’ The trio grin and agree. Adam concludes, ‘I’m still stuck with no cigarettes and f**king chocolate!’

Ashleigh is in the diary room, ‘I think its amazing people have picked up the phones and saved me, thank you very much, it means a lot!’

Luke S, Conor and Rebecca are talking. She quips, ‘If Conor goes I would be fuming…still can’t believe that Caroline’s gone…it’s going to be the most boring house. Oh my god.’

Luke S adds, ‘Deana and Sara I can live with, the harmless people…I can’t live with smug people (he looks over at Luke A and Adam).’ Conor adds, ‘Two d*cks yeah.’

In the smoking area, Luke A tells his friend Adam, ‘I’m happy Ashleigh got booed, I really hate the couple.’ Adam says about Rebecca, ‘So funny how she just sits there, Conor slated her so much.’ The pair’s conversation is then interrupted by a flying moth and they burst out laughing!


Ashleigh, Conor, Rebecca and Luke S are at dining table. Conor says, ‘I don’t want to leave next week.’ Rebecca thinks if she were to go, ‘I really couldn’t give two sh*ts!’ Ashleigh smiles, ‘Nominations will be fun!’ The group admit that they have already decided who they will be nominating.

Luke A goes to speak to Big Brother. ‘I’m over the moon to be saved! I felt the same when Adam, Deana and Sara’s name were called. I thought I was going…the house thought or they were hoping one of us would go.’ The chef smiles.

Scott isn’t enjoying the divide in the house. He confides in Deana, ‘I just want to have fun, not hear bickering.’ She agrees, ‘But we’re in the Big Brother house.’ He continues, ‘I’ve never been a group person, I’m independent. I don’t dislike anyone in this house, though certain things annoy me. If I ever have a problem I would just say it.’ Deana reassures him, ‘That’s good.’


Scott seeks refuge from the divided house in the bathroom.
Sara, Deana, Adam and Luke A are in the smoking area. Sara reveals that she trusts Adam and knows the three of them are not bitchy. ‘I speak about everything; it’s hard for me when people don’t want to speak about things as I want to speak.’

The other housemates look on from the dining table. Luke S remarks, ‘Luke has a wife and he ogles over women all the time! Sara has fallen into their trap…what is she doing! She’s been manipulated into their little posse.’ They agree. He continues, ‘The house has been divided in half, Scott is just roaming but I like him a lot but he daren’t say a bad word.’ Rebecca quips, ‘If there are live noms this week I will be so happy!’

Back in the smoking area, Sara reveals to Luke A, ‘You’re attractive! I really do think that!’ Luke A blushes and the group laugh!

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