Big Brother 2012 – Day 54 – Housemates set endurance task

Big Brother 2012 – Day 54 – Housemates set endurance task
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Recap of day 54 in the Big Brother house; highlights show Sunday 29 July 2012.


Last night, Caroline became the eighth housemate to be evicted from the Big brother house. In the bedroom, Sara asks Scott if he is alright, “It’s weird she’s not here,” he replies. Adam and Luke A are in the kitchen. Adam is packing away the numerous jars of Nutella that Caroline ordered from the shopping list and sarcastically remarks: “I’m so grateful I met Caroline.” The pair laugh and Adam queries whether they can return “some of this s**t” adding “It’s not like they’re gonna get eaten.” Scott has come to the diary room. He confesses that the house feel slightly different “without the yapping of Caroline in the background.” He mentions that he doesn’t want to be stuck with the bores in the house and singles out Luke S. “He’s a bore when he just sits with a blank, stern arrogant expression. When he does choose to speak it’s the most horrific thing I’ve ever heard.” Scott tells Big Brother about the “absolutely awkward” tension between the other housemates and Luke A and Adam and wants “nothing to do with it.” “Luke A is always nice to me. Adam will come over to me if I’m looking upset or on my own. They care,” he adds.


Luke A and Adam sleep, the rest of the housemates are in the garden. Deana, Sara, Ashleigh and Scott are discussing Britain’s economic future. Sara rants, “Britain is ruined because of the amount of debt” it has and Scott mentions that economies in Spain, Italy and Greece have also been ruined. “What I don’t like is when you see really young girls popping out kids and taking our money, my tax,” exclaims Ashleigh. Sara tells her housemates about a homeless man in her neighbourhood that she took pity on. She says that her and her mum got to know him and he claimed that he had no family and didn’t like to stay at the local hostel because, “they kept nicking his stuff.” Sara starts to cry while telling them of his plight and the housemates hug her. Deana tells them that people would appreciate Britain more if they had visited third world countries, “England should be proud,” she exclaims before adding: “God save the Queen.”


Ashleigh is talking about getting booed last night. Conor says that he was “surprised” to get a few cheers. “Well done you,” Ashleigh tells him. Luke S says that he got a few boos but nothing major. “I think I got the biggest boos last night,” Ashleigh claims “Saved four times, f**k the lot of them in here,” Conor proudly says of himself. “I think they booed me because of you,” Ashleigh tells Luke S and he asks her why that would be the case. “I don’t know,” she grins.

In the diary room, Big Brother is talking to Adam about today’s task. All nine housemates will be asked to stand on a box containing a prize for as long as possible. One housemate will win a prize. This will be the housemate who manages to stand on their prize for the longest time. Adam must choose which prize is allocated to each housemate. Amongst the list of prizes he assigns the mountain bike to Deana “She’s always worrying about her figure,” A toilet brush for Ashleigh: “Cos she’s really obsessed with me and my s***t being on the bottom of the toilet.” He chooses the 1k prize for himself then swaps it for the 50” LED TV with Becky.


Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the sofa to announce today’s task. Housemates are unaware that Adam has already allocated their prizes. Luke S reads the task instructions to his fellow housemates. Housemates have 10 minutes to prepare for the ultimate test of endurance. “I’m gonna be so bad at this,” says Sara. “I’m terrible at standing,” worries Scott. “Lets see if all the time standing as a chef pays off,” comments Luke A and Luke S tells home of the housemates that he should be okay, “I’ve done 15hr shifts behind a bar,” he adds and Deana claims that “a man will win,” the task. Housemates speculate that the task could last the entire night.

Housemates enter the garden and stand on their boxes. “I can’t wait for you guys to rise to the occasion,” quips Adam as Ashleigh remarks: “Bring it on beyatchs.” As the task begins housemate speculate that Big Brother will add temptation to the task. Luke S says they might announce that a 3-Course meal has been delivered to the hatch. “If there’s cigarettes, I’m gone,” Adam tells them.


Housemates have been standing on their boxes for 1hour and 34 minutes. Sara moans about not having a Sunday dinner and Adam tells her that he has “a great recipe for Nutella and gravy,” and housemates groan. Ashleigh tells them that they can’t stand for long without having food and begins to moan about the task. “It’s our choice that we’re standing on here,” Luke S admonishes adding: “You can step off anytime you wants to.” Ashleigh takes offence mumbles for him to “f**k off!” and claims that he is telling her to give up. “Everyone can back me up,” Luke S tells her and housemate sing over them to diffuse their tiff. Becky feels confident in her “legs of steel,” before wobbling backwards and off her box. Housemates cheer as Becky claps her own failure. Big Brother instructs Becky to open her box and she reveals the 1k cash prize. “They’ve only given me the best prize cos they knew I wouldn’t win,” she grins. Conor makes a guess at what some of the other housemates are standing on: “Sara you’ve got a mountain bike, Deana you’ve got a spa day for two.” Sara jumps off her box; she then reveals then confirms Conor’s prediction while he smiles knowingly.


In today’s endurance task Scott lasted 2hrs and 41 minutes; Ashleigh lasted 3 hrs and 21 minutes. Inside, the losing housemates are discussing the remaining competitors. Scott chants, “Deana beat Ashleigh,” but Ashleigh claims that Deana will give up in 10 minutes: “It’s just because I was there,” she adds. Becky adds: “Have you seen Conor with Adam, they’re best mates.” “People do unnatural things in this house,” Scott retorts.

In the garden, Adam tells Conor that he has “worked hard.” “I’ve been saved four times so obviously my game plan is working.” “I didn’t say game plan, I’ve said you’ve worked hard,” Adam retorts. “In other words our game plan is working good,” smiles Conor. Adam tries to explain what he means and tells him “most of your friends have left us here, in s**t,” but Conor agrees that he has also been left with the fall out. Conor says that he was unaware of Caroline’s plans but did find it funny, “The same way you found putting curry powder in the protein powder was funny,” he quips. Adam says that although he did find that situation funny, “It was f**ked up.” The remaining housemates look on. “It was a ballsy move and she done it, I’m disgusted at what happened,” Conor adds. Adam tells him that this is the first time he had admitted this fact, “You’re disgusted at the actions of your friend.” Conor reveals that he did tell Caroline how he felt. Adam says that by still being friends with Caroline it also makes him guilty or not caring “what anybody else thinks.” Conor disputes this and uses the example of Scott also being guilty as he was also friends with Caroline. He claims that Scott takes life “too seriously” hence his anger at Caroline’s actions. “We’re in a f**king TV studio, on a TV show and it’s a f**king chance of a lifetime and I do not give a f**k about what happens in this show.” “That means you do not care, compassion, care, if I hurt somebody’s feelings, or step on somebody’s toes, somebody gets rid of all the food and nobody else can eat, you don’t care about them?” Adam opines. Conor looks indifferent as Adam ends: “If that’s how you feel, then there’s a lot of growing, there’s a lot of choices that you’ve really gotta f**king make in your life.” “That’s for you but this is me,” shrugs Conor.


Sara, Scott and Becky are talking about last night’s eviction. “His face dropped last night,” Sara says while talking about Luke S. Caroline said to him ‘how have you got a boo,’ are you joking?” quips Scott. Becky tells them that Luke S mentioned getting “light boos” and Scott tells them that his claim is “ridiculous.” The conversation turns to Conor and Becky mentions that Conor said he didn’t receive boos from the crowd, “He said, I must be doing something right,” “He’s deluded,” Scott retorts.

In the garden, Adam, Conor, Deana, Luke S and Luke A have been standing on their boxes for the last four and a half hours. Ashleigh is talking to Big Brother. “I’m trying to understand why the public would boo me,” she starts. She says that she knows it is just a crowd of people, “But I’m trying to think about my actions whilst I’ve been in this house.” She confides that she has learnt that her words can be “quite brutal” adding: “Sometimes I think that I am quite a horrible person.” In the living room Scott has realised that Ashleigh has been in the diary room for a long while, “she must have a lot on her mind,” he adds. Ashleigh has started to cry. “I must have done something so bad to get those boos, it’s unbelievable,” she worries. She wonders how she can still be in the house but getting boos “Why am I still here?” She tells Big Brother that she must seem like “a horrible piece of s**t” to the outside world.


In the garden the remaining competitors still have their eyes on the prizes. Conor says that there is nothing on the board of prizes that is worth standing for 12 hours. “If Deana steps off and it wasn’t a TV, we’d be wondering who’s gonna step off next,” poses Luke S. Conor says he would step down just to see if he had the TV. “Just step off now,” Luke S suggests and the competitors laugh. Conor springs off the box. “Deana’s gonna rub this in your face that she stood on a box longer than you,” Adam remarks as Deana beams while punching the air in victory. Big brother instructs Conor to open the box; he reveals the spa break for two. “Kaylee I’m sorry,” he grins and tells housemates that he doesn’t care about the prize as Adam says it would be a nice gift for Conor and his girlfriend. “I can give her a f**king massage when I get home, I am not bothered at all.” He tells his housemates that nothing was worth “looking like a d**k for 12 hours,” and returns to the house. “That was a good prize to lose though,” exclaims Becky. Adam tells the remaining competitors that he is looking forward to seeing what prize Deana has when she “drops off.” Deana is not amused but Luke A notes: “She’s got just as good a chance as any of us,” and Deana thanks him. Adam smirks and tells them that he doesn’t want to be “sexist” so won’t elaborate. “I’m doing it for the women,” exclaims Deana. “And I can’t wait till you let them down,” Adam deadpans.

In the kitchen, Conor and Becky are feeling peckish. “It would be such a good idea to give us a Chinese,” pleads Becky to the storeroom door and tells Conor that she is craving McDonalds. Conor laughs and Becky says that she would normally have a take away on a Saturday night. She pretends to be on the phone. “Hiya Mandy, it’s Becky, yeah, can I order sweet and sour chicken Cantonese style with no vegetables, salt and pepper chicken wings, egg friend rice, chips, prawn crackers, seaweed, duck with pancakes, oh yeah, that’s just about it. 25 mins? Ok then Mandy, see you then.” She puts down her pretend phone and tells Conor “Mine will be 25 minutes, you’re not having f**k all of mine,” as Conor is in fits of laughter.


25 minutes later. Big Brother announces that the store room is open for housemates to collect a Chinese takeaway and alcohol. Becky and Conor are still in the kitchen and scream as they rush to the store room. Ashleigh and Conor then run outside and tell the remaining competitors about the takeaway and alcohol. As housemates prepare to share out the food Scott says that they should save some for the competing housemates but some of them disagree. In the garden Luke S is doubtful, “Have they really got Chinese, cos we’ve not actually seen it?” In the kitchen Sara adds: “I wouldn’t care if there was 10 grand out there, I’d get off and eat this.” In the garden Deana says that Conor would have come outside to eat if there had been food. In the kitchen Conor announces: “I’m gonna go outside and eat this.” In the garden Conor claims that housemates did not want save any food for the competitors and claims that he told them to. “Oh my God I’m getting tempted” Deana warns. Luke S says that even if they stay on the boxes for a longer period “There will be no food to suppress our hunger.”


Adam, Deana, Luke S and Luke A have now been standing on boxes for 6 hours and 45 minutes. Deana says she will stay until 2am. “If you think and know that Luke A will stay on longer than you, why are you staying till two?” questions Luke S. “Good question,” Adam agrees. Luke A tells them that he has ulterior motives for remaining on the box and isn’t just out to win a prize.

Scott and Sara are chatting. Sara tells him that she genuinely likes the remaining housemates. “I’d be happy if you won,” she tells him and he says the same. He says that as he has never been up for eviction “I have no idea what the public thinks of me.” Sara tells him that this irrelevant as they have “got this far.” Adam, Deana, Luke S and Luke A are still stood on their boxes. Big Brother plays music into the house and the housemates all dance Deana dances on her box and wavers about getting off. “S**ty song anyway,” moans Luke A adding: “Rock music will get me off.” “Oh f**k it, you can listen to music any day in your life when you get out but when can you stand on a box, this is a once in a time thing!” rambles Deana.


Ashleigh is shaving Becky’s legs. Adam, Deana, Luke S and Luke A have been standing on their boxes for 8hrs and 5 minutes. Deana attempts to sing opera. Ashleigh overhears her and comments to herself “Deana, you are not gonna get signed by Simon Cowell for your opera voice.” Scott has come into the diary room. He blames his failure in the task on his “fragile back,” and says that it would be fine for “horse and wild mustangs” to stand for long periods, even while asleep due to the threat of predators. “We are the predators, we don’t need to stand around and sleep, we get to lie around like lions, they’re standing around like a herd of prey, like wildebeest,” he rants. Scott continues and tells Big Brother that wildebeest are the “lower items,” adding: “We are the top drawer as predators, humans.” In the garden Deana likens Luke S to a robot and he asks her why. “You win everything and tidy everything properly,” she starts then adopts a robotic voice adding: “This should be like that and I should win the task.” Deana smiles and tells the remaining competitors “I think Big Brother has put a robot in the house this year to see if we can work it out.” Adam laughs while asking: “Did you just call Luke S a robot?” Luke S is not amused. “Exterminate, errr, exterminate errr,” Deana giggles. “Deana you’re cracking up,” Luke A claims.


2hrs and 13 minutes later; Adam, Deana, Luke A and Luke S are still standing on boxes. Luke S is laughing and begins to weigh up the situation: “I’ll eat Chinese till half three, go to bed, get woken up at half nine. Adam tells housemates that he normally only has six hours sleep so isn’t too bothered about going to bed. Earlier in the diary room Becky revealed that she has never met anyone as “focused” as Luke A. “If it was a toilet brush and a coffee machine left he’d still be trying his hardest to win.” Conor had claimed that the two Lukes would be the last men standing. He claims that Luke A is doing it for pride “Who gets pride for standing on a box for so many hours, what a d**k!”

Luke S jumps off his box. He points at Luke A and tells him: “I respect the fact that you’re just gonna stand there forever, he really wants the TV and she doesn’t want to be next and I’m just hungry.” “Robot exterminated,” jokes Deana as Luke S reveals the coffee machine prize. A short while later, Luke A prepares to give up and tells Deana and Adam, “He’s gonna be so pissed off when I walk through the doors next.” He jumps off and Luke S comes out and asks what happened. “He just fell,” lies Adam and Luke A reveals the weekend break. Deana announces “I could have gone on longer but I’m choosing not too,” before climbing down from her box. “S**t” she exclaims as she finds her gym membership in the box. Big Brother announces that Adam has won the 50” TV. “It paid off in the end and I’m excited about it, does it come with Freeview.”
Adam re-enters the house and chats to the other task survivors. Luke S looks suspicious and questions that it’s funny that Adam wanted the TV and that’s what he got.

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