Big Brother 2012 – Day 6 – Nominations, Becky passes task and proud Sara cries over the monarchy

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 6 – Nominations, Becky passes task and proud Sara cries over the monarchy

Recap of day 6 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Monday 11 June 2012.

Last night, Lauren and Sara fell out following an argument about sausages. In the garden Lauren confides in Luke A and says that the argument has caused a “rift.” Luke A says that they were looking for a fight and picked on her, “Cos you’re the nicest.” Lauren is touched and they hug. Shievonne is in the diary room discussing last night’s upset. “Can I just say, I don’t ever want to hear the word sausage again,” she adds. Over breakfast Sara confides in Chris who adds: “I thought being Scottish you’d have more of a temper on you, but you didn’t.” He claims that Lauren is trying to be nice to avoid nomination. In the garden, Lauren tells Luke A that she “hates it” when she doesn’t get on with people, “I just want people to like me,” she adds.

Becky has been on a secret mission since entering the house on Friday night. She tells Big Brother: “I hate this mission, it’s such a nightmare, it’s so two-faced!” Becky admits that she has put all her eggs in one basket by targeting Deana in the hope that she’ll pick her as her favourite housemate. She confesses to BB, “I’m going to tell Deana she’s my favourite.”

Luke S is giving Lauren a shoulder massage. Deana and Lydia are talking to Becky about nominations and tells her that they are allowed to discuss them. The girls talk about Luke S and Conor who they realise have made a plan to “stick together” on their nominations. Deana is annoyed and tells Lydia that she wants to confront the boys, “Secrets don’t last,” Lydia warns.

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Deana lies on the bed while Becky sits stroking her face and telling her a bedtime story. Arron is in the diary room talking to Big Brother. He mentions that “some of the lads” have been talking about nominations and working out a plan of action. “I’m not down with that,” he admits and says that he will go with his “gut feeling” on the day.

Adam has come to the diary room. He also has nominations on his mind and says that the housemates have been “walking on eggshells.” Adam says that some of the housemates have formed cliques “to sway” nominations. He adds “I wanna have my own opinions on nominations. If they haven’t done wrong in my eyes, then there’s no need to nominate them,” he adds. All of the housemates are in the dining area. Adam exits the diary room, thanks the boys for preparing lunch and then announces to his fellow housemates that they are all permitted to discuss nominations. Chris stands at the sidelines looking confused.

Deana is leading Becky in an exercise routine in the garden; they are jogging on the spot. “Oh Deana, you’ve ‘ad me,” giggles Becky looking tired. Lydia and Lauren are confiding in each other about nominations in the bedroom. “I’m scared their all gonna gang up and nominate me,” Lauren confesses. She tells Lydia that she is definitely going to vote for Sara.

The housemates have been gathered on the sofas. Big Brother announces that Becky has been on a secret mission to become a ‘favourite housemate.” In turn, each housemate must write the name of their favourite housemate on the board provided. One by one they each reveal their favourite housemate. Becky looks upset as the tension grows. Lastly, Deana stands and reveals that she has chosen Becky as her favourite housemate but she also looks upset. Some of the housemates congratulate Becky for passing her mission which has gained her immunity from nominations.
Becky is tearful as the housemates congratulate her on passing the task. They reassure her by saying that they know she is genuine. “I’m the one who has been tricked, I feel silly,” announces Deana before heading into the garden. Shievonne follows her and tells Deana that that her friendship with Becky was real, “She had a task, I’m sorry you think that,” she adds. Becky comes into the garden and hugs Deana who still looks upset.

Becky and Deana each visit the diary room separately to discuss events. “I was an easy target, I haven’t got a friend in the house,” moans Deana. Becky says: “Deana was really upset, livid!” but insists that she really is her friend. Deana tells Big Brother that she will put Becky up for nomination. She says: “She thought I was weakest one and that she could manipulate me. Becky admits “Its evil, what I’ve done, but I’ve done it, I’ve conquered the world!” “I just wanna go home,” Deana ends, while Becky beams: “I like it so far in Big Brother, its funny, drama!”

Arron and Scott are in the bedroom getting metro-sexual. Scott announces that he would like a “man bag” to carry his “deodorant and eau de toilette,” in. Arron tells him that he carries his man-bag everywhere. Some of the housemates are in the garden. Ashleigh tells Adam that she wants to go to Miami Beach . “That’s nowhere near me,” he replies and Ashleigh says she will come to California and “pretend to be American.” She adopts an America accent and Adam is impressed.

Becky, Arron and Scott are in the bedroom talking about Arron’s modeling career. Arron leaves the room and Scott tells Becky jokes: “You’ve pulled!” to Scott. “I love him,” Scott confesses and he and Becky wonder if Arron could be bisexual. Scott jokes that Arron loves him too “in a fantasy world,” then starts to do some press ups.

Deana is moaning to some of the housemates in the hot tub about feeling silly after Becky’s mission. Scott, Arron and Adam question Becky about her secret mission and wonder why Deana got so upset. “Why would Deana cry,” Scott says adding: “That’s just attention seeking.” Deana joins them in the bedroom and Becky tells her that she wants them to be like they were before. Becky tells her that she doesn’t want Deana and Lydia to “bitch” about the situation any longer. “I thought that you thought I was the weak one, I thought you had a game plan” Deana tells her. Becky assures her that wasn’t the case.

Some of the housemates are in the kitchen. Becky and Sara are quietly discussing nominations. They hide under a blanket and Becky whispers that she might nominate Lauren. Lydia notices them then angrily slams down her cutlery and storms out of the kitchen. She enters the bedroom and tells housemates how “rude” she though Becky and Sara were. “I felt uncomfortable and paranoid,” she adds. Becky enters the bedroom and asks if the blanket belongs to Lydia hence her bad mood. Lydia tells her that she thought Becky and Sara were rude. Becky confesses that she has heard Lydia and Deana talking about her behind her back but hasn’t said anything. Lydia feigns innocence but Deana comes clean and tells Lydia that she had already discussed the situation with Becky and things are out in the open. Lydia insists that that she listens to people bitching but would never join in.

In the diary room, Deana tells Big Brother that she is not feeling happy and is being “over paranoid.” She says that she was wondering if it would be “better to leave,” the Big Brother house. In the bedroom Sara is talking about a subject close to her heart, the Queen. She tells her fellow housemates how “proud” she is that at aged 86, “she’s still working,” and becomes emotional. She launches into a tipsy version of the national anthem. Scott and Caroline join in. Arron and Luke A swap looks of confusion.

Ashleigh, Adam and Luke S are in the bedroom. Luke S is lying down while Ashleigh tweaks his nipples. “Are you getting aroused,” she giggles adding: I would have done if someone done that to me. Lauren and Sara are having a heart-to-heart in the garden after having not spoken all day. They agree that they have clashed but will now start afresh.

Lydia is in the diary room unloading to Big Brother. She says that she has been “fed to the wolves” and has only ever tried to help people. “I keep getting dragged into other people’s problems,” she adds and accuses housemates of “trying to bring me into their silly games.” Lydia mentions tomorrow’s nominations and thinks that people may think that Conor has the edge over her. “I know what I hope tomorrow brings, me not being up for nomination,” she ends.

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