Big Brother 2012 – Day 61 – Luke Scrase discusses the £50,000 he could have won

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Big Brother 2012 – Day 61 – Luke Scrase discusses the £50,000 he could have won

Recap of day 61 in the Big Brother house; highlights show Sunday 5 August 2012.


Last night Rebecca was the ninth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother housemates. However, in a shock twist Big Brother had a surprise in store. Conor and Luke S were given the opportunity to walk away from the house with half of the prize money. Conor was quick off the mark and therefore left the house with £50,000 leaving Luke S disappointed, but with a free pass to the final.

Luke S walks through the living area. “He’s gonna need some serious counselling,” Deana whispers and Adam smiles in agreement. Luke S has come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. “Conor obviously had his reasons,” he starts, then mentions how strange it is as Conor had previously said he would “sit in the electric chair” to get to the final. Luke S reveals that he had once urged Conor to take the money “to pay for a wedding for you and Kaylee,” but Conor always insisted that he just wanted to get to the final. “I’m sure he’s given his reasons, I’m sure he’ll be very happy with it. There’s a massive part of me that’s devastated, obviously, but there’s a massive part that’s excited, because I’m in the final.”

Last night’s result has left Deana in a happy mood. She is circling the living area with her arms outstretched like an aeroplane. “Yes soldiers, we’re the only people in the house,” she beams. “Money can’t by this,” she quips while a bemused Luke A adds: “And you’re not wearing a bra!”


Luke S is in the bathroom washing his face and singing Feeling Good. In the living area Deana tells her housemates that the next few days will be good. “I don’t know Deana, tomorrow is gonna be hard so people might create issues,” Luke A warns her. He tells her that the show hasn’t been about “winning” for him. “I’d rather have the acceptance than the money, hand on heart,” Luke A admits. Deana asks him what acceptance means to him adding: “I don’t think you should be judged on what you’ve done or been through, people are judging you on what you’ve done in this house and you’re personality.” Luke A reveals: “For someone who has hated themselves for 30 odd years, any booing will be taken personally.”


Luke S is still thinking about the £50,000 he could have won. “I feel good morally,” he tells Sara. He says that if he was going to press the button, “I would have pressed it sooner.” “If you’d have pressed it I would have thought, what a f**king d**k, I’m glad that you didn’t,” Sara rants. Ashleigh comes into the living area and starts to shave Luke S’ armpits as he lies on the sofa, in mid-conversations. Sara continues: “Conor did the right thing, his girlfriend is outside, I think he’ll spend it wisely.” Deana quips: “You did hit the button, you were just too slow!” “That feels weird,” comments Luke A as Ashleigh finished shaving his armpits. Sara is surprised as she had not realised what Ashleigh was doing. Deana is not amused.


Luke S tells Scott that he was once approached by “a man at the bar.” He says that when the man’s colleague was out of earshot he asked: “Do you wanna go in the toilet, just me and you? I said, you’re f**king married!” Luke S exclaims as housemates laugh. “You didn’t tell him you don’t swing that way, you just went, ‘you’re married,’” Adam remarks deadpan. Deana has come to the diary room and tells Big Brother how she feels about the recent departures. “I don’t feel constantly judged or criticised,” she reveals and mentions that Rebecca would make a “sarcastic comment” whenever Deana spoke. She says that it felt like it was her Adam and Luke A against the rest of the house, “But now, the people I didn’t get along with are in the minority.” “Maybe the prayers worked in the end,” Deana muses.


Scott and Sara are in the garden, enjoying the new smaller group of housemates. Scott mentions that a bigger group “suppresses people’s personalities” and Sara agrees. Sara says that she tended not to talk if people weren’t listening to her and Scott says that he is particularly glad “that all these group things are gone.” Luke S is contemplating how big the house feels. “It’s weird with only seven people in the house; the space becomes so much bigger,” he muses.


In the living area, Sara says that she wondered why people let views bother them. Deana tells her that sometimes Sara’s passion for things can be confusing. “I genuinely can’t help it,” admits Sara. “If someone doesn’t know you they would think maybe you’re getting angry or just shouting,” Deana tells her and Sara says that people have “been telling me that for years.” “It could get you into trouble,” warns Deana adding that Sara may speak in an argumentative tone “to the wrong person.”


Luke A has come to the diary room to take part in a Magic Potions task. Housemates must guess what type of potion they have drunk, by seeing the effects of the potion by their fellow housemates’ reactions when they return to the house. Big Brother has already revealed the potions’ power to the housemate. After 30 minutes, Big Brother will call the housemate back to the diary room and ask him to try and identify what type of potion he drank.

Luke S, Ashleigh, Deana and Sara all drank one of Big Brother’s magic potions.


Luke S and Ashleigh are in the bath talking about Adam. Luke S tells her that Adam is “scared” of the fact that he and Ashleigh are in a relationship in the lead up to the final. Ashleigh says that Adam would have loved to be in a relationship with Lauren, thinking that it would have help to get him to the final. “It’s about likable characters,” Luke S claims. Deana and Luke A are still analysing last night’s events. Luke A comments on Luke S: “He’s acting cocky now that he has a free pass to the final” and Deana says that Luke S was “trying to make out like he wasn’t gonna press (the button).” “I’d have had more respect for him if he came out and said ‘I wanted the money but I was too late,’” adds Deana. Luke A bemoans that when he is in a room and Luke S enters “I feel like its freezing over.” “Everything that goes up must come down, he get slapped with reality very soon,” Deana smirks.


For winning the Magic Potion task Big Brother has laid on a party with cocktails later this evening. Housemates are getting ready in the bedroom as dance music plays into the house. They all begin to dance and sing along to Don’t Call Me Baby. Luke S and Luke A head into the living area and find that the cocktails have been laid out.


Some of the housemates are in the garden. Ashleigh is reapplying Scott’s make up in the bedroom. “Scott, you look more beautiful,” Luke S remarks then comments on Ashleigh’s shoes. “Those wedges are more of a kitten heel,” he complains and tells Ashleigh they the shoes don’t suit her outfit. “Haven’t you got any patent peep toes, high heels?” ask Luke S as Scott remarks: “You know more about shoes that me.” Luke S tells them that it’s good to know about “lady things,” before advising them on the correct way to clean make up brushes. “Scott, if you saw Luke in a gay bar would you fancy him?” questions Ashleigh. Scott doesn’t give a straight answer as Luke S mentions an experience he had in a gay bar. “Gay bar?” repeats Scott with a smirk.


Luke A, Adam and Ashleigh are talking about the missing housemates. “I never thought that picture would be red,” Luke A muses referring to Conor’s housemate portrait. Ashleigh tells them that Conor “won for money, not for the experience,” and Luke A agrees. With the party over Deana is in the kitchen giving Luke S some advice. She giggles while telling him: “You should have pushed the button quicker,” as Luke S sits in silence as Deana laughs loudly and throws her head back. “I’m not laughing at the button, I’m not nasty, I’m not, sorry, sorry,” she rambles. After a short pause Deana adds: “But if your reflex was a little bit faster, you’re usually very good,” she giggles. Sara is sitting with Deana but she and Luke S remain silent. “I’m sorry, it’s just banter, banter!” mocks Deana and Luke S says that he knows adding: “I just don’t need to be reminded.”


Luke S is not in the party mood and sits alone in the kitchen. All of the other housemates are in the garden. Deana is feeling reflective. “We’ve all had tremendous courage to come in the house, we have triumphed!” she booms. “Whoever goes, I’ll say you’ve done well,” Ashleigh tells them and the housemates agree. “To actually get in the house must mean you’re a bit weird,” spouts Deana but housemates look confused. Deana tells them that she is sorry if that comment “offended” anyone and tells them that she means they are all “individuals.” She adds meekly: “I think I’ve upset Luke S” and tells them about her earlier comments about the button. “He’s over it,” Ashleigh tells her as Deana repeats that she was “only joking” when she made her earlier comments to Luke S. “I didn’t mean to upset him, I was only stating the obvious,” she grins.

Adam has come into the kitchen to check on Luke S. “She p***ed you off?” he asks as Luke S sits at the breakfast bar looking pensive. Luke S tells him that he didn’t like being reminded and Adam counsels: “It’s a reality, no one can help you, you just don’t need people bringing it up all the time.” In the garden, Deana tells housemates that she has “upset” her fellow housemates so should go to bed. Luke A and the other housemates remind her that she has had too much to drink and should just “chill.”


Luke S and Ashleigh are talking about Deana’s earlier drunken outburst. Luke S tells Ashleigh that he is aware of what happened on Friday, “I don’t need to be reminded.” Why are you listening to her, she’s got the biggest game plan in here,” rants Ashleigh.

Adam, Luke A and Deana are in the garden. “At the end of the day, I’m just saying, if he pushed the button earlier,” Deana adds sarcastically. Luke A chastises her and tells her not to keep reminding Luke S adding: “Show some compassion, and not when you’re p**sed,” he grins. Adam reiterates adding: “Think about compassion for Luke S.”

In the living area Ashleigh remarks: “Deana is so f**king patronising!” Scott tries to reassure her and claims that Deana was joking earlier. “She’s sarcastic, she was being an a***hole!” Scott agrees on the sarcasm front and jokes, “It’s Ashleigh verses Deana.”


Scott and Deana are talking about Luke S. Deana tells him that Luke S was only upset about her earlier comments: “It’s just the fact that I said it.” She continues: “He’s pretending to be hurt so that the public will feel sorry for him, I’m a game plan exposer (sic),” she exclaims. Luke S is in the dairy room talking to Big Brother about Deana. “I’m very sensitive at the moment, I just don’t want to be reminded, I don’t appreciate her jokes about last night at all.” He is worried that money may be “the be all and end all” and tells Big Brother “She would have pressed it.”

In the living area Deana makes more jibes as Luke S’ expenses. “Oh boo hoo hoo, Deana said I should have pressed the button quicker,” she giggles. She adopts a robot voice adding: “I-must-show-tears-now-to-show-emotion-to-win-the-show!

In the dairy room, Luke S is sat with his head in his hands and begins to cry.

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