Big Brother 2012 Housemate: Victoria Eisermann

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Big Brother 2012 Housemate: Victoria Eisermann

Victoria Eisermann

Age 41

Star Sign Capricorn

Home Town Reading

Interesting Fact
Victoria is a budding DJ and self-confessed cougar. She’s is currently single. Could her six dogs be scaring guys away?

The 41-year-old Plus Size Model and animal rights campaigner is a former glamour model, who has appeared in countless publications and over 10 TV commercials.

Dogs are her pride and joy, “I’ve got six dogs, I’m the crazy dog lady” and recently set up a dog rescue charity. Since December they have homed 100 dogs, “I want to go worldwide with this. There is nothing more satisfying for your soul than saving a life”.

Eight years ago she became vegan and says, “It’s massive thing in my life, it defines me, and my values, I am secretly trying to turn everyone vegetarian.”

Her biggest challenge in the house will be cleanliness, “I’m very very tidy, so can’t stand it when people are not.” She is very clear why she wants to win Big Brother “I want the money, I want to start a vegan handbag and shoe company.”

Updated on Tuesday 5 June 2012 by @TVNewsroom