Big Brother 2012 news: Housemates set ‘Turf War’ shopping task

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Big Brother 2012 news: Housemates set ‘Turf War’ shopping task

Big Brother 2012 housemates have been set their latest shopping task named ‘Turf War’.

Over the next week the housemates will be split into two teams: the green team and the blue team.

The teams will battle it out in an series of challenges to win ownership of different areas in the house. The winning team will win control of an area of the House; the losing team will no longer be permitted to enter that area of the House.


The first battle will be for the Kitchen. The team that wins this area will automatically be rewarded with a luxury shopping budget this week and will be the only housemates permitted to enter the Kitchen.

The losing team will be banned from the Kitchen and banned from eating any of the food that is currently in there, or delivered there later this week. They will be provided with their own small fridge in the living area and survival rations.

The Turf War will culminate in one team being awarded the diary room, housemates in this team will be the only one’s that will nominate on Monday.

Teams will be provided with blue and green outfits that they must wear for the duration of the week.



For the first task of Turf Wars, Housemates will be pitted against each other in a test of sheer brute strength, in the game ‘Trolley Dash’.

Trolley Dash will consist of four rounds. Each round will see one Housemate from each team being tethered together. On the sound of the klaxon Housemates will pull against each other to try and reach their granny shopping trolley and wheel it toward their shopping.

Housemates then need to get their trolley to the shelf of shopping and chuck in as much of it as they can, all the time pulling against their opponent, who is trying to do exactly the same thing, in the opposite direction. For every item of shopping Housemates get in their shopping trolley they will win one point for their team.

The team with the most points after four rounds will win the Kitchen and the luxury shopping budget. The losing team will be forbidden to enter the Kitchen, use anything in it and will be supplied with a box of Survival Rations – a bland assortment of uncooked grub.


For the next part of Turf Wars, Housemates will be battling for the Living Area in the game ‘Sofa Hoppers’. Most Housemates will be hopping around on sofas, in different orders, to rank themselves in various categories. Whilst other Housemates will be in the Diary Room, trying to guess how it’s all gone down in the Garden!

Big Brother will ask both teams to select one Housemate from each team to do the guess work. Both of these Housemates will go to the Diary Room, and the remaining Housemates will take their seats on sofas, in the Garden.

At either end of both sets of sofas are two signs reading ‘most’ and ‘least’, Big Brother will ask Housemates to sofa hop into new positions on their sofa, according to a particular category. For example, housemates may be asked to sofa hop into position from the most to the least talkative Housemate.

Once Housemates have settled into their positions, Big Brother will ask the Housemates doing the ‘guess work’ in the Diary Room to predict the order in which their teammates in the Garden, are sitting.

For every position Housemates get correct they will win one point for their team. The team with the most points at the end of the game will win control of the living area and the losing team will be banned from the sofa area and dining table from then on.

As there will be seven housemates in one team, for fairness, one Housemate from the team will not be playing and will just watch the game.

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