Big Brother 2013 Housemate: Gina Rio

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Big Brother 2013 Housemate: Gina Rio

Gina is a housemate on Big Brother 2013: Secret & Lies

Age 24; Star Sign Pisces; Home Town London

Socialite Gina recently lived in The Savoy for six months fully paid by her parents. She now lives in a house in Kings Cross. She once appeared in a tabloid newspaper as “the most spoilt girl in the country”. She dropped out of Hertfordshire University where she was studying Fashion and Marketing as “people didn’t party enough”.

Gina admits she spends money when she is angry. “If I’m angry, I feel I deserve certain things”. Gina has never had a real job where she has been employed by a company. She does wardrobe styling and personal shopping for her rapper boyfriend and her mum’s friends who admire her fashion sense.

She lives off a £10,000 per month allowance from her mum, which she spends on clothes, make-up, going out, petrol, haircuts, pedicures, manicures and other ways of treating herself. She has saved some money but has no idea how much. She does believe in God but is not religious and neither are her parents. Shopping makes her happy and she is passionate about handbags.

Gina’s saying is: “I’m rich, so I can be a bitch!” She does say that she is not bitchy for the sake of it, only if someone gives her a reason to be. She doesn’t have breakfast but always finds time for lunch.

She loves sushi and always meets friends for lunch. Her favourite restaurants are Banca and Nobu. Gina has dated up and coming rapper, Ecksell for over a year.

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