Big Brother 2013 Week 4: Who nominated who?..

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Big Brother 2013 Week 4: Who nominated who?..

Callum, Charlie, Hazel and Wolfy have received the most nominations after housemates nominated for the third time this series..

On Sunday, housemates were called to the diary room one-by-one and had to nominate two housemates to face this week’s eviction.

Wolfy received 8 nominations, Callum received 5 nominations and Hazel and Charlie received two nominations each.

However, only three of these four housemates will face the public vote because on Tuesday, Gina and Dexter – who are currently living in Big Brother’s safe house unaware to the other housemates – will be given the power to save one of the nominated housemates and replace them with another.

Channel 5 will announce who Dexter and Gina has saved and nominated on their website on Tuesday afternoon!

Who nominated who?
Jack & Joe = Charlie and Wolfy
Callum = Wolfy and Hazel
Dan = Wolfy and Callum
Sam = Wolfy and Sophie
Jackie = Wolfy and Callum
Hazel = Callum and Wolfy
Daley = Callum and Wolfy
Charlie = Wolfy and Callum
Wolfy = Charlie and Dan
Sophie = Sam and Hazel..

Updated on Monday 8 July 2013 by @TVNewsroom