Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 14 – Housemates pass the shopping task

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 14 – Housemates pass the shopping task

Recap of day 14 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Wednesday 29 August 2012.

It’s the final day of this week’s shopping task. Martin, Julie, Ashley and Harvey have become Gods while the rest of the housemates are mere Mortals. All of the Gods except Martin are talking about the Mortals. Julie quips: “Danica deserves to be handcuffed.” Harvey brands Samantha as “lovely but weak in the mind” and speculates that Coleen has “got to Samantha” then brands her as “a disgrace.”

In the garden, Martin tells Harvey and Ashley that he is unhappy about some of the things that Julie has said. “I love Julie as much as you guys” Martin claims then advises the pair: “But she will push you to the edge. If you take it on a step from Julie it will start to become vicious. Julie has already taken it to the f****** edge, so one step further it won’t look good on you and it doesn’t look good on the person that’s being attacked. I feel like she is winding you guys up and she is getting you to the edge. But just don’t bite on it because it will bite you back.”

In the bedroom, Samantha informs Danica that she should not be leading Prince Lorenzo around as it was her who sacrificed her independence in the task. On exiting the bedroom, Prince Lorenzo notices that The Situation is alone in the kitchen, resting his head on the counter. The Situation doesn’t respond and Prince Lorenzo and Danica enter the diary room. “Ladies first,” Prince Lorenzo remarks: “I can’t go first, I’m the skivvy,” replies Danica.

Danica and Prince Lorenzo are in the Diary Room discussing last night’s argument between Danica and The Situation.

Samantha is in the kitchen and tells The Situation that she told Prince Lorenzo that Danica should not be taking the lead while they are tethered together. “He looks ridiculous. He’s a thirty-two year old man for goodness sake. It is like, take a look in the mirror mate,” Samantha exclaims: “It’s apparent what’s going on. She does it well.” The Situation retorts.

In the diary room Danica starts: “All I have to apologise for is raising my voice and telling him that I never wanted to speak to him again,” referring to her argument last night with The Situation. Prince Lorenzo quips: “I didn’t really hear you raise your voice. You obviously haven’t been to an Italian house. That was whispering.”

Big Brother informs the Gods that they will be granted complete control over the house and the Mortals. They are granted with the ‘Voice of the Gods’, so the Mortals are able to hear and must obey whatever they command from Mount Olympus.

The Gods conspire about how best to utilize their power and decide to place Danica and Prince Lorenzo in the store room together. With little to do in such a confined space, Danica begins to play with the tether rope which pulls Lorenzo’s legs closer to her. Julie watches via the screen on Mount Olympus and jokes: “F****** hell the bondage has started already!” In the bedroom, Coleen mutters sarcastically: “Well this is fun isn’t it?” Julie responds: “Oh, not a happy bunny.” Martin speculates: “We all know what the bishop’s move is right?” while Julie adds: “I would love to see The Sitch (The Situation) in the store room.” Martin sniggers, “This is such a bad game.” Over the loud speaker Julie instructs The Situation to enter the store room where Danica and Prince Lorenzo are holed up.

The Gods laugh hysterically as Julie declares: “Get it, got it, good.” The housemates in the store room share an uncomfortable silence.

God Ashley calls Rhian to the diary room. He asks her several questions about “leading Ashley on.” God Harvey takes over and asks Rhian how she would react if her boyfriend were in the house “cuddling other girls.” “I don’t wish to discuss that subject with you. This subject is boring now,” Rhian snaps. “I wouldn’t care if he were friends with a girl. I wouldn’t have an issue. It’s not like I’m having a grope.”


Big Brother tells the Gods that they must choose a final mortal to join them on ‘Mount Olympus.’ Harvey tells them: “The only person we could have in this room is Samantha.”

Danica is foraging for sweets in the bedroom. The Gods watch through the ‘all seeing eye’ and see Danica search through all of the housemates draws. “That is disgusting,” Julie scoffs as Ashley warns: “Don’t get involved Prince.” Seemingly annoyed by Danica’s actions, Samantha declares: “She is ruthless. That girl is poison!”

It is time for the final challenge of this week’s shopping task and housemates have been gathered in the garden. Big Brother informs the Gods that they must slay Medusa’s golden snakes in order to receive a luxury shopping budget. Julie and Martin have become the eyes of Ashley, Samantha and Harvey who are wearing blindfolds.

The Gods triumphantly slay Medusa’s golden snakes and will therefore receive a luxury shopping budget.


In the garden, Martin beams as he tells his fellow housemates about the “amazing” task. Martin claims that he found the task “tough” and confesses to the housemates that were Mortals, that they were being watched via the all seeing eye. “You think you’re whispering but you’re really not,” Martin tells his fellow housemates who now look anxious. On hearing this, Harvey exclaims: “We basically watched the show.”


In the garden Ashley tells Rhian what the Gods viewed and confesses: “Everybody was talking about everyone.” Rhian quizzes him about who has been talking about her but Ashley refuses to divulge adding: “I’m not mixing,” but informs her that some of the housemates claim that she is “playing” him. “Oh my God, get me out of here tomorrow!” Rhian rants and says that she has seen “a different side to some people” in the house. She continues: “I kept telling Danica that I keep seeing her a***h*** but she just thought I was going on at her. I was just trying to be nice,” she affirms.

Julie has come to the diary room and reveals that she will no longer find it “difficult” to nominate. She claims that the All Seeing Eye made for “interesting viewing,” adding: “To watch Coleen mixing, to see the Prince as a sheep and to see Mike (The Situation), who needs to man up.”

In the living area, Coleen confesses to Julian that she is upset that the Gods were watching them. Julian tells her: “It’s hard to be amused by it when we weren’t a part of it,” and Coleen remarks: “There’s a bit of gang culture going on in here, it’s getting on my t**s.”


Coleen is already making plans for the next shopping list before she gets up and leaves Julie and Julian in the smoking area to return to the house. At the smoking area, Julie tells Julian about some of the things she learnt about Coleen while watching the mortals during the task. Julian is surprised.

In the diary room, Coleen talks about the weird atmosphere in the house and her problem with Julie. She says she can’t look her in the eye at the moment.


In the bedroom, a queue has formed for the toilet. Danica and The Situation await their turn in awkward silence. Danica leans against the headboard and loses her balance and The Situation swiftly steadies her. He smiles and whispers: “I’m sorry,” and Danica hugs him. She questions why he called her fake during their argument and he shrugs. Julie comes out of the bathroom and catches them mid embrace then asks Danica: “Are you going in there?” Danica is out of earshot as Julie warns: “Michael, be careful.”

In the diary doom, Rhian admits that she is at “breaking point” and doesn’t know whether she would prefer to stay in the house or leave. She confesses that compared to her other housemates, she has “no chance of making the final.”

In the living area, The Situation and Danica continue to make-up. He tells her: “Friend or foe I am always going to like you. Whether you hate me or think I’m a jerk I’m always going to like you. There is something about you. You are the first British girl I have ever liked and that is special to me.” Danica smiles and replies: “Deep down you no I’m not fake and to say that, it did upset me because you’re the closest person to me in this house.” The Situation adds: “So what are we going to do? It could possibly be our last night,” Danica replies: “F*** knows.”

She assures him that he will not be leaving the house tomorrow. “I am glad we had this talk,” he says adding: “People in this house, no matter what they think, we definitely had something in here for sure. You’ll look back and be like wow. Every time we look at each other we smile, and that is rare. I’ve been around the block and that is rare, you can’t fake that. We all want to believe in love, people want to put their hands up and put up their guard. People don’t give love a chance and when you put your guard down sometimes you get hurt. But there is that one time that you put it down and the other person is like this (he holds out his arms), and guess what, happy ever after.” Listening intently, Danica agrees, and the pair embrace once more.


Samantha is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about what she has learnt in the house: “I’ve learnt that the game playing and manipulation hasn’t left the playground and it has followed us through life.” She continues: “I’ve learnt a lot about young women and their popular culture. To me it’s mad. Expect an article on that that Big Brother.”

In the garden, Danica and Prince Lorenzo are sharing a quiet moment. Prince Lorenzo muses: “I bet you’re gonna miss nights like this when it’s peaceful and you’re hanging out with the best of the best”: “Will you miss me?” Danica asks and he tells her that he will miss “hanging out” together. Danica tells him that she will miss him too adding: “As soon as you get out and depending on if you stay, we’ll go for dinner when we leave here. How surreal will that be? We’d be like can we say this? And it would be complete freedom.” Prince Lorenzo tells her to take in her surroundings: “The steam coming off the Jacuzzi, the moon and the temperature of the night,” adding: “If it is your last night then I’ve enjoyed spending these last moments with you.” Danica smiles before bidding “goodbye” to the Big Brother house. “Don’t say goodbye yet,” Prince Lorenzo tells her and the pair walk into the bedroom.

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