Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 6 – Housemates set their first shopping task!

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 6 – Housemates set their first shopping task!

Recap of day 6 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Tuesday 21 August 2012.


Its time for the celebrities to earn their keep because today is day one of their very first shopping task.

In the bedroom, housemates are woken up by the song ‘Big Spenders’. Julie gets out of bed and starts dancing to her fellow housemates’ amusement. They all cheer her when the song comes to an end.

The garden which is filled with this week’s shopping task props is revealed to the housemates. They go and explore Coleen comments: “Oh god it looks like we’ll have to earn our breakfast!”

Coleen reads out Big Brother’s instructions: “You have won £1000! However, housemates must spend as much as this money as possible by the end of the day, and the amount of money they manage to they spend today will be returned to them tomorrow as their weekly shopping budget.” Sally quips: “No problem!”

For the first part of the shopping task, Big Brother has laid on a big breakfast. Each housemate must pay for what they eat with their individual cheque books; the more they eat the more they spend!

Last night, Jasmine had an altercation with Rhian. Harvey tells Jasmine: “I don’t like taking sides please don’t put me in that predicament. Just be calm and enjoy it. It’s draining, stop the arguing.” She listens on.

After breakfast, Danica and The Situation are paying for their meal. He asks her how to spell ‘pounds’.


Harvey and Danica are working out. He tells her whilst she’s on the adder: “That is sick, looks hot! When you’re doing it, it looks good!”

In the garden, Julian and The Situation are talking about Jasmine. The Situation says: “She’s good today; she just asked how I am.”
“You both live in LA, you could hook up and move in together!” quips Julian. The Situation frowns.

Samantha is talking to Rhian about Jasmine: “Just keep out of her way, until it’s someone else in her firing line.” Rhian replies: “She’s a very clever person.”

“She wants to win,” states Samantha.

In the gym, Harvey tells Martin: “The best thing you did yesterday was fall asleep!”

“I know! How did I miss that drama?” remarks Martin. Danica grins: “The same old Jas. It’s just ridiculous.”

Rhian goes the diary room to talk to Big Brother. “I feel horrific today because of what happened last night. I can’t help but feel bad on Jasmine. I’m too scared to get my underwear out of my drawer as she is sat next to it.” The model gets upset.

“Why should everyone have to tip toe around her? I don’t like confrontation. It’s draining for the rest of the house, unnecessary drama and it has to be me who has to deal with it. She’s this feisty Queen of the Damned.”


Julian is talking to Jasmine about last night. “You are quite up and down aren’t you?” She replies: “It’s like that it here…it will happen to you.”

“Maybe not on the scale that it happens to you,” remarks the comedian. “It hasn’t even begun yet!” jokes Jasmine.

In the smoking area, Cheryl is quizzing Julie about her husband. “He was a stalker. I couldn’t get rid of the f**ker! He asked me to marry him everyday for 11 years. He’s 27 years younger!” Cheryl listens on intently, Julie continues: “He’s an HGV driver, so down to earth and it works. To me it was emotional blackmail! He said ‘please please if you don’t marry me I will never be married so I will be alone for the rest of my life, please, just give me this one chance’ and I said, ‘f**king hell go on then!’ And that was it.”


The Situation and Danica are talking about life after the house. She tells him: “When we get out of here and I get your number I will call you and say hey! Guess who?!” He laughs.

For the next part of this week’s shopping task, Big Brother calls Harvey to the diary room and welcomes him to the Big Brother clothing emporium! He is offered an all in one red zentai suit for £5. “I’m going to get ripped by all my boys when they see this! My street cred has gone out the window! Not even a boy band would wear this! I’ll take one for the team.” Big Brother tells the rapper that it suits him.

Harvey leaves the diary room to show his fellow housemates. He is then called back to the diary room and offered to buy another coloured zentai suit. He agrees to buy and puts it on, as he wants to eat ‘apple crumble and spotted dick’.

Throughout the course of the afternoon, Harvey is called to the diary room a total of seven times, he buys and wears a total of six zentai suits. “You are actually trying to hustle me! Oh my gosh, do you know where I’m from? No, I can’t even breathe. No more.”


In the kitchen, some of the celebrities are talking about toilet paper. Martin says quilted is the way to go and Cheryl admits that she will only use white paper. The soap star asks: “Have you used the cardboard roll bit?”

Martin admits that he has used that bit, and also a 10 pound note when he was in a nightclub as that’s all he had.

In the smoking area, Julie tells Rhian: “I’m so knackered, I’ve had two nights with the loony (Jasmine).”
“What was she raging about?” asks Rhian. “Everything! Ranting!” reveals Julie.


As part of this week’s shopping task, Big Brother announces to the housemates that the Big Brother fun fare will soon open for business. For the next two hours, housemates must endeavour to spend as much money on the amusements and rides that have been set-up in the garden.

Big Brother assigns Samantha to the coin operated ice rider, Jasmine can spend some cash on the tuppence nudger, The Situation and Prince Lorenzo can enjoy rides on the spinning waltzer, and all other housemates can take part in the celebrity pie throwing stand. Each time a tune is played into the garden; two celebrities must get pied by their fellow celebrities! Julian and Julie take to the stand and are cream pied by some of their fellow celebrities.


Julie is talking to Samantha about today’s task. “I hope we’ve earned enough! That cream was vile, Coleen didn’t do it…I heard her say ‘everybody would love to smash a pie in Bet Lynch’s face!” This shocks Samantha: “That’s not true, not everybody.” Julie shrugs her shoulders.

Julian is in the diary room. “I spend time avoiding intense conversations where people want to get deep about things. If I want to look deep within myself I will use a mirror on a stick! I try to keep cheerful…I have to avoid Jasmine as you don’t know when there will be some volatile moment.”

He continues: “The Occasional Table is the name in my head for The Situation, its more appropriate. He’s so dense, he doesn’t understand jokes. His image of himself is a stud, but he’s more of an occasional table. He said today that he thought of Harvey as a bruv, he said I was a kindly professor…interesting how other people perceive you, I was hoping I would be another bruv!”


In the bedroom, Ashley jumps on Rhian’s bed and asks her: “Do you need bodyguarding again?” She jokes: “You’re more like a guard dog!”

Under her breath, Julie remarks: “It’s a mad house!”

In the smoking area, Coleen asks Samantha what would break her. Coleen says: “I think its people that could me.”

Cheryl adds: “I’m getting the hump with people leaving bottle tops off, simple silly little tings!” They all nod.

“I can’t stand lazy people!” quips Harvey. Coleen comments: “I don’t know whether it’s an age thing, I went to Ashley ‘clear that up’ and he said he’ll do it later and I thought he’s not my child, don’t nag him so I said OK.”

Rhian, The Situation and Danica are making dinner. Danica strokes his back, the pair smile.

Prince Lorenzo is in the diary room talking about relationships in the house. “The younger boys like the younger girls. I guess when you have beautiful women in the house; boys will be attracted to them. I think Danica is beautiful, I’m attracted to her. She’s sweet and fun to be around.”

He adds: “Could I see myself having a relationship with her on her looks? Yes absolutely. I don’t know if she’s playing all of us, it’s a game show. I’ll see what happens.”

In the garden, Big Brother offers Julie and Julian £30 for a one hour ride on the swan pedalo that’s in the pool. “F**king hell! I must have been a bad bastard in my other life!” quips Julie. “We can’t say no!” remarks Julian. “When have you ever said no?!” jokes Julie.

On the swan, Julie and Julian are talking about The Situation. “He’s made millions, he’s only 30, how?” she asks. “Who am I to say…I think he’s been lucky,” he replies. She adds: “He’s ready to settle down and get married now. He wants Danica; he’s made his mind up.”

Samantha, Coleen and Rhian are talking about The Situation. They agree that Danica doesn’t fancy him, and nothing will happen between them as she has recently moved in with her boyfriend on the outside world.


For this week’s shopping task, housemates have had to spend as much money as possible by buying items from Big Brother. So far they have spent £32 on breakfast, Harvey bought 6 zentai suits for £30, Jasmine played the tuppence nudger costing £65, Samantha rode the ice rider for another £60 and The Situation and Prince Lorenzo rode the waltzer spending £40. Also housemates spent £9 custard pieing, £7 on candy floss and Julie and Julian bagged £30 in the pedalo totaling £273.

Martin is called to the diary room for the next stage of the task. Big Brother asks him: “Do you think you’re pretty rock and roll?” He replies: “No! I used to be, not now!” Big Brother tells Martin that there’s a rock outfit next to him that will help him reach his inner rock star!

Big Brother offers the actor to spend some money at the exclusive Big Brother boutique hotel: “All you have to do is smash it up rock and roll style!” He agrees, dons the outfit and struts himself up and down the garden as his fellow housemates cheer.

Martin enters the hotel room and gets to work trashing the place. At the end of his challenge, he has caused a massive £212 worth of damage taking the housemates total spending to £485.


Julie is relaxing on her bed.

Harvey is telling Danica about his divorce. “There’s never been one cross word or beef, I got off lightly, she dealt with it graciously. I was that girl’s world.” He continues: “I regret the pain that I caused. I lied to god as we got married in a church. What makes it worse, every time I get serious with a girl they go back to that moment.”

Jasmine adds: “I don’t believe you would have done that if kids were involved.”

Ashley and Harvey are in the hot tub talking about Jasmine. “This girl is trying to use me, now she’s trying to fake me. I listen ‘cos I’m a nice guy but she’s trying to fake me.” Ashley listens on.

Jasmine is in the diary room. “If someone said to me this was a race and you got to get to the end first, I would run for my life! If it’s about behaving yourself to stay here, I’m f**ked!”

“These people have changed me for the better, its hardcore emotional boot camp sort of stuff, it’s hard. They are seeing my madness and my badness. I’m finding people are coming to me completing and encouraging me…there’s people that like me here and that’s really cool,” she grins.

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