Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 8 – Housemates nominate; five face the public vote!

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Day 8 – Housemates nominate; five face the public vote!

Recap of day 8 in the Celebrity Big Brother house; highlights show Thursday 23 August 2012.


Housemates awake after the exciting Trolley Dash events of last night.

Last night in the diary room, Jasmine claimed that Rhian told her that Julie was been playing both girls. In the kitchen, Jasmine approaches an unaware Julie and asks her: “Did you tell Rhian that you 100% had her back and the only reason you were supporting me was because you were the only one who could control me?” Taken back, Julie questions Jasmine about who has told her such things. Jasmine admits that Rhian is guilty of informing her about what Julie has supposedly said, to which Julie replies: “I’ll be having words with that one later.”

Sensing that Julie has become disheartened, Jasmine continues to assure her that despite such revelations, she “looks up to Julie” and will “love Julie forever” as she feels that Julie has “got her through” the experience. Julie asserts that she wants to “get to the bottom of it” after she has “come around.”


Samantha, Martin, Cheryl and Julian are congregating in the kitchen. Samantha informs fellow housemates that Rhian told Jasmine en route to Morrison’s about Julie backing Rhian. Martin begins to laugh and Samantha tells the group: “Well she’s been counselling both of them!” In disbelief, Julian then quips: “Can’t they both just go tonight – I don’t think one’s enough!” Cheryl is overwhelmed with laughter and becomes hysterical.

In the diary room, Julie declares: “Well what a start to the morning!” She goes on to assure Big Brother that she will “keep calm” as she doesn’t want to spoil either Rhian or Jasmine’s last day in the House.


Cheryl is in the bathroom talking to Coleen and she declares: “Some of them need to live in the real world. Some of them need to grow up and some of them need to get a life!” Pacing up and down the bathroom, she continues to speculate to Coleen that: “Reality will kick in when they wake up when they have kids!” Coleen remains silent.

Julie has taken Rhian to one side and is quizzing her about Jasmine’s revelations. Rhian informs Julie that it was in fact Jasmine who claimed that Julie did not have Rhian’s back. Julie replies: “Oh babe, these are two completely different stories!” Rhian reassures Julie that she “does not want a divide” and all that she is guilty of is telling Jasmine that Julie had told her: “I will not pick sides.”

Realising that she has been told two different stories, Julie reassures Rhian that all she had hoped to do was prevent a situation from happening. The two women part ways after sharing an embrace and peace is restored – for now.

Julian has come to the diary room. When asked by Big Brother about how well housemates are getting on, Julian claims that housemates are becoming tired of one another and that tensions are rising in the house. He continues to tell Big Brother that he is closest to Julie in the house and that they “prop each other up.” Dwelling on the morning’s revelations regarding the Rhian – Jasmine – Julie triangle, Julian brands Julie as “shaken” and asserts: “The niceness phase is probably running its course and there may be a few fireworks soon,” and continues to joke: “Or so I am hoping!”

In the kitchen, Julie is making light of her situation with Rhian and Jasmine to Martin. “Do you think the girls will get upset if I offer them the wishbone?” Julie asks Martin in jest and Martin quips: “You can try. Whoever gets the biggest one, is my best friend!” Julie voices her frustration with the occurrence and assures Martin that all she has tried to do in the House is: “Be nice!” and “Diffuse what could have been a worse situation.” Martin agrees that Julie has been fair and nice to both girls and he continues to mock both Rhian and Jasmine’s childishness.


In the garden, Julie and Julian are discussing preparations for the looming eviction. Julie is unsure about what time she needs to be ready for and Julian quips: “We need to put on our caring faces, our concerned faces and perhaps a little watery eye!” Unable to contain her amusement, Julie admits: “No it’s gone – I’ve lost mine.” Julian branding his proposed reaction as “appropriate”, whilst Julie jokes: “It might be a case of just oh f**k off!”

Big Brother has delivered Jasmine and Rhian’s suitcases to the house. Jasmine is seemingly anxious and The Situation comments: “This makes it feel real.” In the diary room Jasmine admits that she feels “sick” and “really scared.”

In the garden, Coleen is admitting to The Situation and Danica that she wished she had known prior to nominations that Rhian would be so easy to get along with. Danica tuts at Coleen in jest and continues to joke: “Yeah, you really f**k** it up didn’t you?!”

Back in the diary room, Rhian admits that she has “psyched herself up to leave” and that she will find it “strange” if she remains in the house. The Page 3 glamour girl adds that whilst she would “love to stay in the house” she does not expect to stay over Jasmine.

In the garden, Jasmine is confiding in Samantha and claims: “I’ve never wanted something so much before. I just really want this to be okay. I have no control over it. I can’t breath!” In the diary room she admits that she finds it hard to sum up her experience in the Big Brother House as she “has no idea what has been going on!” but that whilst it has been “really good” it has also been “really bad and really embarrassing!”

Martin is probing Ashley about who he thinks will be evicted, and Ashley replies: “My girl.” Ashley admits that he does not want it to be Rhian and that he will be “very sad” if she is evicted from the house.

In the garden, Rhian claims that Jasmine has not spoken to her since 4.00pm. Harvey turns the conversation to Ashley and tells Rhian that “his boy” has been “in bits” at the prospect of her departure from the house. Rhian is shocked by such revelations and Harvey continues to ask her whether she wants him to be “blunt”. Rhian nods her head and Harvey continues: “You are a part of his heart. He loves you to bits if I’m totally honest.”

Housemates are gathered on the sofas; Brian Dowling delivers the news that Jasmine has lost her place in the celebrity house. On Jasmine’s departure, Samantha tells Big Brother: “Every girl should have a friend like Jasmine. She’s fun and she does the things you’d never dare to do and she says the thing that you would never dare to say!” Prince Lorenzo brands Jasmine as the “most misunderstood character in the house” and claims that she had: “The ability to change the mood in the house.” Finally Julie tells Big Brother: “She kept me up a few nights but I would do it all again for her. I like Jasmine.”

As Jasmine exits the house, Rhian exclaims: “She ignored me! I said goodbye and she ignored me!” Samantha and Prince Lorenzo defend an absent Jasmine and declare: “She wasn’t thinking!” Housemates congratulate Rhian who appears shocked at the eviction result: “As if!” she shrieks.


Big Brother inflicts a bombshell upon the house and housemates are told that they will be nominating this evening. Julie quips: “Surely that’s enough for one bloody night!”

In the bedroom, Prince Lorenzo, Harvey, The Situation and Ashley are discussing the upcoming nominations. Prince Lorenzo informs the boys “It’s a game –f**k it,” and Harvey replies: “Love you all bros.” Prince Lorenzo continues to speculate that Big Brother can turn friends into foes and Harvey adds: “They make them play against each other!”

In the kitchen, Martin is telling housemates: “You have to laugh!” His fellow housemates speculate when the next eviction will be taking place and Coleen claims that it could be on Friday. In the bedroom, Ashley is talking to The Situation about how he hopes to be clear with his nominations and reasons in the diary room. Similarly to an actor learning his lines, Ashley paces up and down the bedroom presumably practising what he is going to say. The Situation remains silent and appears to be in deep thought as he on looks.


Julian nominates “The Occasional Table,” The Situation claiming that he has “had enough of him.” Julian dubs The Situation as “sexist” and “dense”. Julian continues to add: “I’m offended by his body that looks like a bag of spanners.” His second nomination is for Prince Lorenzo.

“I’ve got an awful feeling he’s got something contagious called dullness and I wouldn’t want anybody else catching it!” Persistent, Julian jokes: “He is charming but not charming enough to be a Prince. He’s just a bit dull!”

The second housemate to nominate is Julie whose first nomination is for Prince Lorenzo. She claims that the Prince does not fit in with the group and continues to add: “There’s just something that does not ring true”. Her second nomination is for Coleen. Julie mentions that during the pie throwing task Coleen said: “I bet everybody would like to pie Bet Lynch.” Julie continues to claim that Coleen gave her a very “hard pie in the face.”

Martin’s first nomination is for Coleen and cites that she has been “unfair to Sam” about the article the journalist is most renowned for. His second nomination is for Rhian as he doesn’t “know her that well.” He feels that Rhian avoids him and adds: “She may have a problem with talking to me!”

Cheryl nominates Samantha as she is not “sure about her.” She brands Samantha as “a little bit dodgy” and speculates that she has a game play because she flits from group to group. Her second nomination is for The Situation: “There’s something a little bit snidey about him” she asserts.


The fifth housemate to nominate is Prince Lorenzo whose first nomination is for Cheryl. “She called me a plant and it has upset me. It is worse than being called a liar” he declares. His second nomination is for Julian: “I don’t know who he is; he hasn’t made an effort to talk me.”

Coleen’s first nomination is for The Situation because they are not connecting and thinks they are on “different planets from each other”. Her second nomination is for Julie: “I feel uneasy in her company; I don’t know if she’s being real or fake yet.”

Julie and Julian are talking about the evening’s events. “Bloody hell, I’m no going to forget this!” Julie tells Julian sarcastically and continues to joke: “I will need therapy after this!” Claiming that Julian “doesn’t care”, Julie admits that she finds nominating hard. She brands Julian’s care-free attitude as “marvellous” and the stand-up comedian confesses: “I don’t really do – No!” Julian admits that his only concern in the house is “having a laugh” and Julie agrees.

Samantha is called to the diary room and nominates Julian. She says: “I don’t feel supported by him and he is emotionally like a cold fish. He doesn’t give me the support I need for that moment.” Her second nomination is for Rhian. “I don’t like how she’s playing and manipulating Ashley in the house. It’s not nice to watch.”

Harvey is the next housemate to be called to the diary room. His first nomination is for Danica as he’s still not clear on what she does.

“I don’t know if she just did a show that was known for rinsing men and I’m sorry I don’t represent that. I don’t think that is a talent!” His second nomination is for Julian because “he’s never involved and he is playing it safe. The Julian Clary I know on TV is a vibrant character but in here he is the total opposite!”

Next to nominate was Ashley whose first nomination was for Danica. He claimed she’s being fake. His second nomination was for Julian. “I don’t know much about him and he keeps himself to himself with ‘me Julie.”


Harvey and The Situation are making plans for their future. The Situation is telling Harvey that he is most looking forward to partying outside the Big Brother house. He says to Harvey: “I like you like a brother to the point that if there is any way I can like transfer my fans over to you!” and Harvey adds: “And me the same to you!”

In the bedroom, Julie admits to Julian that she has always had a lot more in common with “gay men”. Julian retorts: “Who are you calling gay?” and Julie replies: “You!” A playful Julian continues: “How very dare you!” and Julie exclaims: “Oh stop it! You are sending me bloody mental. Just tell me you are gay!” The stand-up comic quips: “Of course I bloody am!” and Julie exclaims: “Thank f**k for that!”


Danica and The Situation are eating sweets in bed. He is telling Danica about his plans after leaving the show and mentions that he will be attending the MTV Music Awards. Danica shrieks with excitement and asks him: “Oh can I come with you?” to which The Situation replies: “You can come as a friend.” He admits that he will only be allowed one ticket and Danica comments: “Hmm that might be a bit weird!” The Situation continues to tell her that he will buy her a dress and Danica admits that she has always wanted to attend.

Ashley is in the diary room and nominates Danica: “I wish her the best of luck but I think she is being a tiny bit fake. I don’t think that is cool!” His second nomination is for Julian and says: “He has kept himself to himself with me Julie, that’s Julie and to me, I don’t know much about Julian!”

Danica nominates Julian and says: “There’s a sense of awkwardness, I don’t understand him as a person.” Her second nomination is for Prince Lorenzo: “All of a sudden he stopped talking to me and he shouldn’t have judged me before he got to know me” she asserts.

Rhian is next into the diary room and nominates Samantha. “She took Jasmine’s side and has been a bit distant” Rhian says. She also nominates Cheryl and adds: “She has a defensive side which makes me feel uncomfortable.”

The final housemate to nominate is The Situation who nominates Coleen because they have differences in communication. Cheryl is his second nomination: “She didn’t get me straight away and she thought I wasn’t as nice as I am.”


Housemates are gathered on the sofas and are informed that Cheryl, Coleen, Prince Lorenzo, Julian and The Situation will face the public vote. Housemates are shocked by what Big Brother has told them and Cheryl asks: “Does that mean we have to wear frocks on Friday? Argh and we have to pack our f**k*** cases?!” Julian is more concerned with nominated housemates’ pictures turning blue as Cheryl asserts: “Thank you everybody. Thanks you very much!”


Prince Lorenzo is attempting to work out how many nominations each housemate that is facing the public vote received. He speculates who has nominated him and The Situation admits that he would like to know who nominated him.

In the garden, Cheryl is confiding in Julie about how she feels about being nominated. Julie admits that she is surprised that Cheryl is up for eviction as “she is the life and soul of the f**k*** party!” Disheartened, Cheryl disagrees and replies: “No it’s not that. Some people find it too loud. Some people don’t get you” Reassuring Cheryl, Julie tells her: “I get you!” and Cheryl claims that she knows who she is “grating on.” The conversation turns to tiredness in the house and Julie admits: “This is emotionally draining!”
Julian has come to the diary room and admits that he is “mortified” to be nominated for eviction. He claims that his next few days will be “agonising” in the house and he considers whether he should: “crank up the niceness.” He continues to assert that worry could become stress and that he may become “snappy” which will not be good in “a confined space.” Julian continues to quip: “I may have a Jasmine turn. I understand how she was feeling and continues: “At least she had the satisfaction of knowing who nominated her.” Big Brother asks Julian which housemate he hopes will be evicted and without hesitation, Julian replies: “The Situation. He already has a lot of money in the bank and he is on the hunt for a wife. So he really shouldn’t hang around here!” He continues to claim that Danica is leading him on a bit and he predicts that there will not be a relationship of any sorts in the house: “Heterosexuals are very unpredictable”

In the garden, Julie and The Situation are talking about the prospect of The Situation having a relationship with Danica. Julie admits that she thinks that there is a chance that it will work after the show finishes: “She doesn’t want to be doing what she’s doing for the rest of her life. You two are so right for each other!”

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