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Crissy Rock

Age: 53
Date of Birth: 23rd September 1958
Phobias: Bungee jumping
Missing any special occasion? “Aside from Bingo, no!”
Relationship status: Single.

Benidorm star Crissy Rock reckons going in the celebrity jungle is the best diet you could ever hope to go on.

the TV actress – famous for her role as Janey York in the hit ITV1 comedy Benidorm and as Maggie Conlan in Ladybird, Ladybird – says she will be over the moon if she ends up losing a few pounds.
She says: “I can’t wait to lose weight. I might come out as a size 12. I don’t mind at all. It is the best diet ever! I don’t mind feeling hungry as I know what it is like. I was hungry when my kids were little. I used to give them food first rather than myself.

Crissy admits she has been so scared of anybody finding out she was one of the jungle celebrities, she only told her children at the very last minute.
“The only person I did tell was my best friend, Margi, who I have known for 28 years,” she adds. “I only told Margi because she is the only person I want to meet me at the other side of the bridge when I come out – win or lose.

Crissy has been incredibly open in the past about her difficult life that has seen her overcome an abusive marriage and bankruptcy. So she reckons her time in the jungle will be luxurious by comparison.
“They are not stripping me of anything,” she explains. “I don’t see myself as an A-list celebrity and so I will be interested to see how others respond to being stripped of things.

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Updated on Thursday 10 November 2011 by @TVNewsroom