Dancing on Ice 2013: Anthea Turner

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Dancing on Ice 2013: Anthea Turner

Age: 52
Skating with: Andrew Buchanan
Number of times fell over on first day: I haven’t fallen over too much – that’s probably because I skate on the safer side so to speak.
Number of bruises so far: I am not sure but I have got a massive one on my bum and some on my legs from the lifts!
Most embarrassing fear/dread for first live show: The fact that all of a sudden, you are in a competition.
Dream celebrity skating partner: Someone who can make sure I don’t fall and so it would have to be a strapping sportsman like Gareth Thomas!

For Anthea Turner, learning how to skate is so challenging as she sets out to show that 50 something women should stretch themselves and have fun.

And one of TV’s longest serving female presenters is the first to cheerfully admit that going on Dancing on Ice is the hardest project she has ever undertaken.

“On my first day I could barely put one foot in front of the other without feeling scared,” says the warm and bubbly TV star.

“I definitely have that older woman mentality. I am scared and you do have a fear chip. It’s like learning to dance on bread knives and without a shadow of doubt; this is the most difficult show I have ever gone on.”

“But I am pleased I am doing it. I am doing this for myself rather than for anyone else. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. As you get older you do get less adventurous and I know I will get frightened but I want to give it a go.”

Updated on Sunday 13 January 2013 by @TVNewsroom