Dancing on Ice 2013: Gareth Thomas

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Dancing on Ice 2013: Gareth Thomas

Age: 38
Skating with: Robin Johnstone

Number of times fell over on first day: I fall over at least once every day, if not two or three times.
Number of bruises so far: Loads! I have bruises all over.
Most embarrassing fear/dread for first live show: The pressure. I don’t want to let my skating partner down.
Dream celebrity skating partner: Louie Spence

As a former Welsh professional rugby footballer, Gareth Thomas may have plenty of competitive spirit to do well in the skating competition, but this has not stopped him from falling over constantly as he tries to get to grips with life on the ice rink.
Yet the 38-year-old – who played rugby league for the Crusaders RL in the Super League and rugby union for the Cardiff Blues and Wales – has been determined not to resort to wearing padded clothes because he wants to feel the pain of falling over.
“I fall over three times a day at least,” he admits. “The ice is so unforgiving and so when you do fall over, I am determined to get back on again as you don’t want to be timid. It really hurts and my hips, especially, are constantly swollen. I have got bruises all over me.”
“People have told me to wear padding but I want to feel the pain of falling. That way, I hopefully won’t fall again!”

Updated on Sunday 13 January 2013 by @TVNewsroom