Dancing on Ice 2013: Joe Pasquale

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Dancing on Ice 2013: Joe Pasquale

Age: 51
Skating with: Vicky Ogden

Number of times fell over on first day: 30 times – I was on the rink for 30 minutes and I fell over once every minute.
Number of bruises so far: Loads. I smell of Deep Heat every night.
Most embarrassing fear/dread for first live show: Nothing because I like doing things that scare me – and skating does.
Dream celebrity skating partner: Keith Chegwin. He would have to lift me up.

As a former King of the Jungle, Joe Pasquale may have jumped out of a plane and been buried alive with rats, but learning to skate is physically far harder, according to the TV entertainer.

And the 51-year-old – who won I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! in 2004 – also reveals he has got so many bruises, he has invested in a pair of padded shorts.

Readily admitting he is the worst celebrity in the competition at skating, Joe says: “Doing Dancing on Ice is physically harder. The jungle was tougher mentally but I could never skate before and I was scared of it.”

“I hated the first week of training because I couldn’t even stand up. I was like a giraffe on ice. I have got loads of bruises but since I bought a pair of goalkeeper’s shorts that have pads on the hips and bum, it doesn’t hurt there anymore.”

“I am rubbish. I had a training session with Karen Barber and she told me I was the worst one at the start. But she has seen me since and she is pleased with the way I have progressed. She told me not to worry about falling over because she said ‘if you are not falling over, you are not trying.”

Updated on Sunday 13 January 2013 by @TVNewsroom