Dancing On Ice 2013: Shayne Ward

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Dancing On Ice 2013: Shayne Ward

Age: 28
Skating with: Maria Filippov

Number of times fell over on first day: Amazingly, I didn’t fall over. I have since then though.
Number of bruises so far: I have got hairy legs and so they are quite well hidden. If I shaved them, I would probably have about 100.
Most embarrassing fear/dread for first live show: Making sure I can show I have progressed. I don’t want viewers to cringe when they watch me skate.
Dream celebrity skating partner: Tom Jones

Shayne Ward was crowned the X Factor winner in 2005 and he has gone on to enjoy a successful pop career, but he reckons Dancing on Ice is far tougher than performing on stage.

The popular pop star – who has sold more than three million records worldwide and has had number one albums and singles in nine countries – hopes, however, his experience standing up to The X Factor judges, including Simon Cowell, will put him in good stead when he faces Robin Cousins, Jason Gardiner and the rest of the judging panel.

“This is way harder than The X Factor,” says Shayne. “It’s not everyday you throw yourself around on blades and it’s really tough. But as much as it is a big challenge, it is fun and I am having a ball.”

“I do feel prepared for this because I have already been through a show like this on The X Factor. I know the pressures it can bring and how much I will be scrutinised. But I am really happy to listen and learn. I want to have banter with the judges and if they criticise me, I want to build on it and hopefully get better. If you can’t take criticism, you shouldn’t do a programme like this.”

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