Glee Season Four: Guilty Pleasures (Sky1, 8pm)

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Glee Season Four: Guilty Pleasures (Sky1, 8pm)

The fourth season of Glee continues on Sky1 this evening with episode seventeen – ‘Guilty Pleasures’.

With Finn now out of the picture and Mr Shue off sick, Blaine and Sam take charge of the glee club, encouraging everyone to reveal their musical guilty pleasures.

This leads to a few embarrassing confessions as they bond over the sounds of Phil Collins, Barry Manilow, the Spice Girls and Wham!

In New York, Rachel finally learns the truth about Brody and makes a decision about her future, while Kurt reveals how he gets to sleep every night.

Glee: Guilty Pleasures is on Sky1 and Sky1 HD at 8pm this evening, and repeated at 9pm on Wednesday.

Updated on Sunday 5 May 2013 by @TVNewsroom