Glee Season Four: Shooting Star (Sky1, 8pm)

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Glee Season Four: Shooting Star (Sky1, 8pm)

The fourth season of Glee continues on Sky1 this evening.

Tonight’s episode – entitled Shooting Star – is the eighteenth of a 22 episode season.

A seemingly regular day at McKinley High begins with the usual mix of fun songs and romantic mix-ups, while Brittany’s belief that a meteor is going to strike Lima prompts Will to give the kids a musical assignment on the theme of Last Chances.

However, things soon take an unexpected and terrifying turn for real when an unthinkable event occurs, leaving the teachers and students fearing for their lives.

Glee: Shooting Star is on Sky1 at 8pm this evening!

Updated on Sunday 12 May 2013 by @TVNewsroom