Harry Hill Quits TV Burp?

Updated on Thursday 29 September 2011 by @TVNewsroom

Harry Hill has quit ITV show TV Burp after nine years, according to reports.

The Sun newspaper says the comic turned down a £1,000,000 pay-rise, and now plans to focus on a new project with Simon Cowell — writing gags for X Factor The Musical.

An ITV source told the paper: “Harry kept telling people how much he hated doing it but they thought he was joking. He wasn’t.”

The show debut on ITV in late 2001 and won two BAFTA awards in 2008 for Best Entertainment Performance and Best Entertainment Programme. The programme won its third BAFTA in 2009.

A statement from the show’s production firm Avalon said: “Harry has a lot of commitments in the next year, but a final decision has not yet been reached.”

The next series starts next Saturday 8th October at 7pm on ITV1.

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