I’m A Celeb 2012: David Haye

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I’m A Celeb 2012: David Haye

Profession: Boxer

Best known for: Being former WBA heavyweight champion of the world

Phobias: Losing

Relationship status: Married

Despite being a former WBA heavyweight champion, David Haye admits that entering the jungle will see him punching above his weight: “It is going to be tough because it’s a situation I am not familiar with,” he says.

Lack of food is going to be especially tricky for the sportsman: “I do eat a lot, and I eat at set times. My diet is very regimented in the kinds of foods I eat and when I eat. This will be tough for me and it will be a challenge.

It remains to be seen how grumpy I do get!” The other Celebrities had better beware: our sources tell us that even as a nipper, Haye used to use his dad’s knees as punchbags. Yikes!

Updated on Sunday 11 November 2012 by @TVNewsroom