I’m A Celeb 2012: Hugo Taylor

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I’m A Celeb 2012: Hugo Taylor

Profession: Entertainment PR

Best known for: Appearing in the series Made in Chelsea

Phobias: Small spaces, the underground and spiders

Relationship Status: Dating

Famous for living a lavish lifestyle in one of the most exclusive areas of London, Hugo Taylor hopes to show there’s more to him than just the high life.

“I think it’s going to be interesting to see me interact with people who aren’t from my life and not from London. I do have friends who aren’t from Chelsea. It’s going to be nice to show who I really am.”

Hugo insists it’s not his home comforts he will miss the most – but his family. “They have all been really supportive, and combating the homesickness is going to be a big ask for me. I am sure along the way I will break down,” admits Hugo. “Everyone who goes in the jungle is going to have one moment of ‘I can’t do this, I have had enough’ and have a good cry. You will get it out and then carry on.” Ahhhhhh!

Updated on Sunday 11 November 2012 by @TVNewsroom