Images of Big Brother’s Secret Safe House!

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Images of Big Brother’s Secret Safe House!

Big Brother has released images of the Secret Safe House.

Tonight, either Dan & Wolfey or Dexter & Gina will leave the main house in a fake double eviction.

Upon leaving the house the duo will be moved into Big Brother’s secret safe house where they will live a life of luxury.

The pair will watch and listen to the other housemates via a TV screen and will be immune from next week’s eviction.

Phone lines are still open. To send Dan and Wolfey to the secret safe house call 09020 5058 15 or text 6505815 and for Dexter and Gina call 09020 5058 16 or text 6505816.

The fake evictions and transfer to the safe house will take place in tonight’s live show from 9pm on Channel 5.

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Updated on Friday 5 July 2013 by @TVNewsroom