Keith Lemon to host new ITV1 primetime show

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Keith Lemon to host new ITV1 primetime show

ITV has commissioned a new family comedy entertainment series featuring the host of Celebrity Juice.

Lemonaid will see Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis) meet real people with real problems and – in his own inimitably mischievous and anarchic style – Keith will seek to tackle those problems and turn them on their head.

“I’m very excited to be in t’ living rooms of the lovely ITV1 viewers with me new telly show Lemonaid,” said Keith.

“Solving people’s problems and making dreams come true making me look nice like Cheryl Cole like when she went out to ‘t troops. She’s lovely in’it she not as fit as Kelly Brook though! If anyone has ever dreamed of meeting her let me know I can hook you up, I know her in real life. All’t best!”

Dan Baldwin, Head of Comedy Entertainment talkbackTHAMES, added: “Keith Lemon is about to demolish people’s problems and make their dreams come true…and we should all be immensely happy about this.

Keith Lemon’s Lemonaid will be a great opportunity for the British public to interact with Keith on a whole new level. We want to reflect the great ‘wish fulfillment’ shows from yesteryear but add a very special twist of Lemon to ITV1’s Saturday nights. We’re delighted with the commission.”

Keith will be joined by a different celebrity helper each week. The show airs for six, 45 minute episodes starting in early Spring 2012.

Updated on Friday 20 January 2012 by @TVNewsroom