Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Johnny Ball (w/Aliona Vilani)

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Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Johnny Ball (w/Aliona Vilani)

Johnny Ball is known to millions for popularising science and maths. With a career spanning over 40 years, he has written and presented 23 solo television series including Think Of A Number, Think Again, Johnny Ball Reveals All and presented Playschool for 17 years.

Today he spends his time travelling the country giving presentations on maths and science to schools and businesses, plus he is proud dad of It Takes Two presenter Zoe Ball.

As the oldest ever contestant on Strictly will Johnny?s old school charm and experience see him through to the final?

What are you most looking forward to about Strictly?

Meeting the other contestants and especially the dancers, who are all so fit and healthy. The way the group becomes one big self-supportive happy family is perhaps the greatest attraction in doing the show.

How would you rate your dancing skills out of 10?

It is not how I rate them. It is how Craig will rate them – I’d hate to be the first contestant to get a minus score from him.

How do you feel about being the oldest contestant ever to take part in Strictly?

Thank God they’ve asked me now. Imagine if they’d waited another 20 years.

What does your daughter think about you doing Strictly – has she given you any tips or advice?

I kept it secret from Zoe for over six weeks, which I hated doing, as we tell each other everything. She is over the moon with excitement. I know that on It Takes Two she will be as impartial as is possible for a girl who loves her dad. For me, the great worry is causing her embarrassment.

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