Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Michael Vaughan (w/Natalie Lowe)

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Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Michael Vaughan (w/Natalie Lowe)

Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan was ranked one of the best cricket players in the world following the 2002/3 Ashes, in which he scored 633 runs. He was the captain of the England team when they regained the Ashes in 2005, 18 years after having last won the trophy and captained England in 51 Tests, winning 26 (a national record).

Now retired, Michael is a professional commentator for all of England’s major cricket games. But with cricketers Mark Ramprakash and Darren Gough both winning in previous years, will Michael make it past the first innings or be stumped from the start?

What are you most looking forward to about Strictly?

I’m looking forward to meeting new people, but mostly I am very nervous. It’s quite petrifying, in my profession I am used to playing cricket in front of thousands of people but I had done it since I was eight – this is something completely different.

Two cricketers have won the show in previous series, are you feeling any pressure?

I am here to prove that most cricketers are more like Phil Tufnell and can’t dance! Gough and Ramprakash were amazing, Ramprakash in particular was a natural, he should be on stage – maybe he could be my coach?!

How would you rate your dancing out of 10?

Around 3am I am alright – anything before that is not worth talking about, I’m rubbish.

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