The Apprentice 2012: Azhar Siddique

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The Apprentice 2012: Azhar Siddique

Age: 33
Occupation: Founder and Managing Director of Catering and Refrigeration Company
Lives: Manchester, UK

Thrill seeker Azhar enjoys shark diving and has two pet sharks. He feels his biggest strengths are his professionalism and integrity but also admits that he gets very restless very quickly.

In his spare time Azhar enjoys strength training and Muay Thai and loves scuba diving due to his passion for marine life.

Azhar is inspired by the IKEA brand and admires its founder, Invgar Kamprad, for always sticking to his high self-imposed standards.

He says: “It’s not who shouts the loudest; it’s who has the ability to control the conversation.”

Updated on Wednesday 21 March 2012 by @TVNewsroom