The Apprentice 2012 on BBC One from 9pm

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The Apprentice 2012 on BBC One from 9pm

Sixteen candidates – Michael Copp, Azhar Siddique, Nick Hozherr, Tom Gearing, Duane Bryan, Adam Corbally,Ricky Martin, Stephen Brady, Laura Hogg, Maria O’Connor, Jenna Whittingham, Jane McEvoy, Bilyana Apostolova, Gabrielle Omar, Katie Wright and Jade Nash – will begin their fight for one-life changing opportunity – a quarter of a million pounds to start up a business with Lord Sugar as their partner.

Spoiler Alert: below is a synopsis of the what the candidates are tasked with in the first episode — doesn’t contain any results.

In the first task – The Blank Canvas – the boys compete against the girls. Each team must buy blank goods, add value by printing a design onto them and then sell them from stalls on the streets of London. It is a test of the candidates’ creativity, marketing and salesmanship.

First stop is a warehouse full of blank products, where the teams can purchase anything from tee-shirts and toys to bags and baby grows. Next, they must come up with money-spinning designs. One team gets creative with cute kids’ clothes, while the other plays it safe with Union Jacks on teddies for tourists.

Having to hand-print hundreds of products by midnight piles on the pressure, resulting in messed-up merchandise, and figuring out the financials is almost forgotten.

Both teams have one day to sell their stock, and the race is on to bring back the biggest profit to the boardroom. Punters are put off by poorly-printed products and overzealous selling, and the bitching, backbiting and blaming begins.

In the boardroom, one candidate’s dream of going into business with Lord Sugar comes to an abrupt end when they are the first to hear the words ‘You’re fired’.

The first of 12 episodes will air tonight on BBC One and BBC One HD from 9pm.

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