The Apprentice 2013: Tim Stillwell

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The Apprentice 2013: Tim Stillwell

Tim Stillwell is a candidate on the ninth series of The Apprentice.

Age: 23; Occupation: Mexican Food Entrepreneur; Lives: Birmingham, UK

Tim lists his passions in life as food, travel, business and money, and the achievement he is most proud of is launching a business while still studying in his final year at university.

He describes himself as happy-go-lucky, energetic and with a ‘never give up’ attitude, though admits he can lack focus.

Moving up from his first job on a paper round to starting a leaflet distribution service before founding his catering company, Tim now wants to use business as a vehicle to bring new culinary experiences to people.

He says: “I’m definitely a team player. I’m not a lone ranger in any sense of the word.”

Updated on Tuesday 7 May 2013 by @TVNewsroom