‘The Village’ episode two on BBC One at 9pm tonight

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‘The Village’ episode two on BBC One at 9pm tonight

The second episode of BBC One’s new drama – The Village – airs this evening.

The Middleton farm has fallen on very hard times and John (John Simm) is drinking heavily as his desperation grows. The crop fails, baby Mary is born and there is a revelation about John’s past mistakes.

At the Big House in the village, the Allingham family are thrown into crisis when Caro Allingham’s (Emily Beecham) mental health takes a downturn. When John is seen chasing Caro out of the woods, outsider Detective Bairstow (Joe Armstrong) is called in to investigate and the dark secret in John’s past is revealed. John falls into despair.

Kind hearted school teacher Eyre (Matt Stokoe) is confronted by the authorities; why did he not complete his national registration form? Will his conscientious objection to the war be his undoing?

Young Bert (Bill Jones) assumes responsibility for his mother and the survival of his family.

The Village continues on BBC One and BBC One HD at 9pm tonight

Cast joining from Episode 2
Detective Bairstow – Joe Armstrong
PC Burgess – John Paul Hurley
Doctor Ramsey – Paul Warriner

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