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    Blair’s current trip to the Middle East seems rather odd. He would do better to stay at home and sort out his political problems here such as Nothern Ireland, or at least keep a closer handle on his Cabinet Ministers.

    Can’t he ever just get on with the job, and do it properly and fully and right to the end for once, instead of prancing off somewhere diverting attention from his real problems?

    Neil in Budapest


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    I’ll second that!!!!!!!!

    Blair is a total nutcase!!!!!!

    I call upon all British people to get Blair out of Number 10…..come on it CAN be done, then he can ponse around the world as much as he likes….BUT NOT ON THE BRITISH TAX PAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    When there is an issue outside of the country such as the FE Disaster which he should be having something to say on, where is he ? still enjoying his hols – or is he waiting for permission from George B to return.

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    To Neil in Budapest!

    Hello, you are right I think so about it.
    But I am not so good in politics.
    Blair and his trips…
    Now the news about him and Brown…

    So I just want to ask you, are you in Budapest?
    What are you doing there?

    Please reply to me.


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