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Glenmore Trenear-Harvey – SKYNEWS Intelligence Correspondent

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  • This guy appears a lot (because of so much terrorism and things about spooks, I ‘spose) He seems very good. Does anyone know about his background? Was he a spook himself? He certainly speaks with great authority and I suspect is often an ‘unofficial spokesman’ for the intelligence services.

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    My memory ain’t wot it woz (pass the zimmer frame) but I seem to recall reading on Monkey’s diary (BBC oops sorry , mediagraun website) that the ‘splendidly-named’ gent in question used to be a society correspondent!!

    Of course, this does not preclude him being of a spook inclination as well…

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    Was he SKY’s society corrsspondent? (I didn’t know they had one, though Geoff Meade does royalty) And what is monkeys’ diary and how can I get it please?

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    Member – Monkey link. Media gossip but the best bit of the site. The rest is unbelievably pro BBC; you’d think they’d subsidised it (maybe they have – if not, the graun online should at least ask for a large choccie Easter bunny, if not a monthly payment).

    ‘Monkey’ breaks lots of media stories; check for the one involving mixed loos and Gloria Hunniford of a few days ago; also he covered the one about Peter Sharp falling asleep at his desk and being filmed by some ‘kind’ colleagues (actually for Peter it’s been a great career move as he got to cover quite a few more interesting stories afterwards and even got sent to Baghdad!!).

    Monkey was also funny about Rupert Murdoch’s little get-together in Cancun recently. I believe my hero Littlejohn was invited. What a shame he didn’t like it so much that he stayed on…

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    He’s the associate editor of the intelligence magazine Eye spy.


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