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  • Yiannis

    Yeias sas!

    I have never posted here before nor have I ever been inclined to watch much of Sky, opting usually for the BBC during my four-year stay in Britain for academic studies.
    However today I saw footage (rebroadcast by most Greek newscasts) of a Sky News anchor ridiculing the Greek national anthem and deliberately mistranslating it, while also providing a ridiculously doctored video of the Greek football team mouthing the words to the sound of the Irish national anthem.
    When I saw Sky news’ tonight I really was shocked. :blink:

    I can’t understand the reason for this and I refuse to believe that this sort of drivel is characteristic of one of Britain’s best-watched information channels. The whole thing was puerile, purely intent on ridiculing Greeks. That is another reason why I can’t understand this.
    I mean it’s not like we don’t do a good job of ridiculing ourselves.
    But this wasn’t simply another piece about the delays in construction and us not being ready for the games on time. BTW we will be ready for the games, since they start in the afternoon!

    This was a sinister piece designed to attack our essence, the core of our values. No constructive criticism this. Nor even nasty and ironic but justifiable in the face of security concerns; as others were that were made by the Times and her sister publications.
    No. This was designed to denigrate and ridicule the Greek people. If I were cynical I could claim that its purpose was to harm the image of the Greeks in Britain and elsewhere abroad and damage relationships between our countries by provoking inflammatory comments in response.

    Since, however, I am a kind and trusting soul, and since I owe a debt to Britain and the British for educating me in a university the likes of which Greece can never hope to acquire, I have decided to give Sky the benefit of the doubt and sent them a letter, which I include in my post.

    If anyone has any idea as to the motives and reasons behind this I would greatly appreciate any comments. Anything else you wish to pick on in my post I would, of course be glad to clarify.

    I was appalled to witness your station?s recent commends on the subject of the Greek national anthem. Upon hearing your presenter?s comments I was horrified and aghast at the vulgarity and premeditated cruelty of his remarks, as well as those of the other panelists. The whole affair looked like a circus orchestrated with the sole purpose of offending the Greek people and demeaning their culture.
    This rings all the more sinister in light of the traditionally excellent relations between Britons and Greeks and the support the United Kingdom has always been ready to offer the Greek people, some four hundred thousand of whom are proud to consider themselves her loyal citizens.
    The freedom, that the state of Greece?s national anthem celebrates, and which your station has seen fit to vilify, was paid for with the blood of not only Greeks but also of their British allies, forming the beginnings of a historical friendship that saw not only tiny Greece but Greeks all over the world, standing by Britain in all her hours of need, irrespective of the consequences.
    I cannot comprehend what reasons lie behind the News Corporation?s recent spate of anti-Hellenic articles but I have to doubt they have the interests of the British people at heart. A people who have produced the most tolerant and democratic civilization of the world are certainly not well served by incitements to racism and ridicule of freedom.
    Furthermore they could be (mis?)construed to induce racial hatred against the many Greeks that reside peacefully in Great Britain and are a useful and vibrant part of her society.
    In closing I hope that whatever Mr. Murdoch?s political motivations and goals are, he will come to realize how racist and intolerant he comes across by espousing or promoting such a treatment of the Greek people. Perhaps their vilification would remind him something of his own peoples plight, dehumanization and eventual death at the hands of those who would hate them for no other reason, than the nation into which they were born.

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    What are you on about?

    When did this happen? Who was the presenter?

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    I am surprised that you are surprised – after all this is the station that brought you Richard Littlejohn – sometimes i think that sky news -its writers and presenters forget they are broadcasting outside of the UK. I have been made angry many times at some of the “little englander” comments coming from some of the presenters. But then again it could be that sky news is just representing the racism currently present in english culture. Certainly seems to be the feeling i get when i occasionally return to the country where I was born – it is not the place i left a long time ago.

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    No, sorry, let us just clarify this.

    If the report in question was the Sky News Today interview with a man talking about the national anthems (can’t remember who it was now) you, and the entire Greek nation it would seem, have entirely misrepresented what happened.

    Sky were talking about the Greek national anthem being the longest in the world – something like 42 verses – the presenters joked about how hopefully they would not be playing the whole thing whenever a Greek athlete won gold.

    They then cut to a VT of the Greek football team, who were supposed to be singing the Greek national anthem, but a technical error meant that the sound on the tape was out of sync and the Irish national anthem was played over it instead. The presenters apologised, made a joke about how the Greeks hopefully wouldn’t be singing that, and carried on with the interview.

    A complete load of sensitive, misunderstood tripe to suggest that it equates to racism. Quite frankly, I’d be happy to be racist towards the Greek nation as a whole if that sort of thing garners national news coverage and public outrage.

    To suggest that Sky News would go out of their way to purposefully alter footage of the Greek national team singing their anthem, in order to make racist comments about that country is absolutely pathetic.

    If you’re so amazing, what on earth have you got to be so thin skinned about.

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    It was Henry Kelly who is Irish and was singing the Irish national anthem, he could not see the wrong picture was being played which was explained at the time.

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    Well there you go Yiannis. A perfectly reasonable explanation. Now get your facts straight before playing the race card, you muppet!

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