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    I’m glad the BBC have been covering the landing of Norman Kember in Britain, which Sky haven’t been showing, but couldn’t they have done a better job with the pictures of the plane landing? They were jerky and kept freezing up and generally looked poor, slightly spoiling the exclusive. I would have thought that standard practice is to switch to a different shot if one feed is looking rubbish.
    Then there is the confusion about whether it was his plane or not, first it was, then it wasn’t, then it was again. At least they sent Phillipa Thomas, who is always excellent.

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    I think that the BBC did an excellent job of covering Norman Kembers safe return from Kuiwait. I’m glad to hear that he survived his ordeal along with our two Canadians. I’m from Canada, and I was so glad to hear that all three returned home safe. I wonder why they spared them, and killed Tom Fox?
    The BBC covered this really well. They always do a good job.
    I was watching when Peter was on, and they showed the plan landing. And Normans family came to greet him. Excellent coverage. I’ve noticed that the BBC is always on top of the stories, as they unfold.

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    bbc World Fan wrote:I wonder why they spared them, and killed Tom Fox?

    I read somewhere that Fox’s injuries were not consistent with an execution-style killing but seemed more as if he had been shot trying to escape.

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