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  • Stickypie69

    While I support the Live 8 concerts it is a total waste of time. I am from the UK now living in South Africa and these idiots are not even showing the concerts on Tv or Radio even though they have their own concert in Johannsburg. They do not care that the western world are devoting time and effort to raise awareness of their problems at all!!

    These people do not appreciate help from the rest of the world so rather concentrate on other countries instead!!!!

    I am speaking from first hand experience here, I am not someone who has something against the Live 8 thingy, please dont thing I am some arrogant person but I am speaking the truth – aim your efforts at other countries who appreciate the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    South Africa is not really a third world country though is it? I think the aim of Live 8 is focused more so (but not exclusively) at other sub-Saharan African countires. If South Africa can afford to put on a concert they aren’t as desperate as say, Somalia.

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    i’d have to agree with you daved2424. i know there is poverty in south africa i visited both south africa and zambia recently and zambia is alot poorer than south africa. the live 8 concerts are brilliant and a great success. great credit must go to both Bob Geldof & Bono. come on the IRISH!!!

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    I don’t think it could be classed as a waste of time, because it has brought to the attention of a lot of people the situation that is going on in a lot of African (and other) countries.

    Although, however, it could be premature to come to any conclusion, whether it be in favour or not. We will have to wit a while to see the true outcome of these Live 8 and G8 events.

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    The whole point of Live 8 is to create awareness from all areas of the world, and also those with power and wealth across the globe.

    I was amazed at Live Aid. Now Live 8 has excelled in capturing the world’s attention. I hope that the South African media concentrate on the fortunes of their neighbours a bit more though. Look at Zimbabwe!! While it is not related to poverty – insular media groups are a dangerous creed.

    Only time will tell, if Live 8 helps to erradicate poverty and does manage to persuade Mr Bush and his possey to do one almighty u-turn.

    Well done to Bob, Bono and MIDGE URE.

    Fingers crossed

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    Some points to ponder.

    I’m a UK citizen who has lived in South Africa for the last 31 years. I have observed
    in the last few years amazing dispays of waste and the accumulation of obsene amounts of wealth by the new elite.

    With regard to the waste there is for example the pointless renaming of towns and cities for various spurious reasons but mainly to gain perceived political support and/or favour.

    The renaming of Pretoria to Tshwane for example will cost the ratepayers and businesses in this city, about US$200 million which is enough money to build about 50000 low-cost starter homes for the people who are currently living in tin shacks, or to treat large numbers of the population (+/-10%) who are HIV infected. I could do with it but the newly created metropolitan area which includes Pretoria is already called Tshwane so we will have one Tshwane located within another.

    Believe it or not the ANC government is intent on changing 57000 names throughout South Africa. Just imagine what the total bill for this will add up to but Mr Mbeki is up there in Gleneagles with his begging bowl for Africa. Why does he not cough up some South Africa’s overflowing cup.

    President Mbeki in his extreme wisdom also recently pardoned Dr Alan Boesak who along with his accountant were convicted of defrauding a Danish charity organisation of about US$300000 and using this to finance their own extravagant lifestyles, instead of passing it on to the poor people for whom it was originally donated. What kind of message does this end the world??

    Most of the African leaders including Mbeki are of the opinion that President Mugabe is doing an excellent job for his country because he has taken away the commercial farms from the white farmers who were up until two years ago not only feeding the entire Zimbabwean population but exporting to the rest of Africa and other parts of the world as well.

    As for obscene displays of wealth, I think most people in the northern hemisphere would think twice about sanctioning the use of their hard earned taxes for African relief if they could see where it will end up. It will in one way or another be siphoned off into the pockets of well connected political cronies or inexperienced university graduates who expect a 3, 5, 6 or even 7 series BMWs as part of there very first salary package.

    They couldn’t give a damn about the poor people of South Africa let alone the rest of Africa. The western democracies are naive they have thrown away billions in the past and they are going to throw away billions more. I’m glad non of it will be my hard earned money.

    Sorry for not being terribly politically correct.

    I suppose I’ve seen quite a bit of life here in Africa and have learnt to understand the weird way the locals think. I’ve also outgrown the idealistic naivety of youth.


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    Mr Engineer Stop apologising.
    It is a fact of life here in the UK that people just will not listen to a white man who has lived in Africa.The Government spends millions on fact finding missions but will they listen to an ex-pat who has lived out there.Will they hell.So here is my 5 cents worth.The Problem in Africa is tribal.In South Africa you have the Zulu’s,Xhosa.Shangaan.Tswana.North Sotho.South Sotho and not least the poor Pondos and each tribe hates the other with a passion we can’t even imagine.Mandela is a Xhosa from the Transkei did he help the Zulus?they were promised electrification in the townships,new roads better education and health services did they get it not as yet.Would Gatsha Buthelzi if he ever got in power help the Pondo’s? don’t think so a Zulu will not even look a pondo in the face.In Zimbabwe in 81’Mugabe wiped out thousands of Matabele because he is a Shona and they are traditional enemies and we all know what happened in Rwanda between the Hutu’s and the Tutsi’s.I’m not sure what tribe Mbeki is but he’s such a pisshead he can’t even help himself.As for the G8 concert it was an amazing feat but wasted on Africa we will be having these kind of concerts for years to come unless the muppets we elect as leaders wake up and bring strong pressure on the regimes in Africa.The events in Zimbabwe never cease to amaze and disgust me and still nothing gets done and I’m going to say in public what everyone say’s in private and that is ‘Bring back Colonialism’

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    A trivial point perhaps, but I thought Kofi Annan’s “speech” – or should that be, ‘single sentence’ – to the crowd at Live8 (London) was appalling and pathetic, and showed him not to be up to the job – which has been raised elsewhere in the UN and the Courts, recently, I believe.

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    I think not responding to the genocide in Rwanda ten years ago more than showed he is not up to the job. To be honest, I think the whole UN hasn’t been up to the job for a long time and the charter needs to be re-written. Its about time there was a clean sheet that reflected reality, rather than pure idealism with 95% of the world living with its head in the sand. African countries being the worst culprits.

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    The concerts themselves will achieve nothing really, except drawing attention to the issue.
    At the end of the day, the countries will have to help themselves. The governments are so corrupt that all the aid the west does give, it never gets to the poor and starving. Look at Somalia or Zimbabwe. In Somalia the war lords take the money for themselves.
    Mugabe in Zimbabwe takes the aid he might get, and uses it to be a racist, tyranical thug.

    At the risk of quoting President Bush, there needs to be “regime change” as well, to give the people who are so horribly treated, a real chance at life.

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