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  • set this up so that Lorna Dunkley,fans can chat about all things Lorna.
    news,views and some times pics

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    What a good idea.

    Lorna is the most talented and beautiful presenter on Sky News. The decision to move her permanently to Sunrise was inspired.

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    Sir Drinks

    It would seem we have very similar tastes.

    Would like to sign up…I never miss her in the morning, lovely!!

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    yup she’s is evey beautiful young lady.i love to wake up in the morning to
    the sight of her smileing face.welcome to the club charliefhead,ST34. hay
    charliefhead come up with a cool nick name.like the cool one you did in
    the other thread

    here have a desktop wallpaper

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    anyone going to comment on her journalistic talent rather than looks?

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    where was she the morning ????

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    in bed?
    on hols?
    taking a break?
    unwell/sick tired?

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    Well hello fellow funkley dunkleys.

    I missed her this morning as well, I would like to be the first to comment on her journalistic style. Lorna has a warm, calm presence. She is knowledgeable about many of the issues, and I think sets up the rest of the day. She also strikes me as a very down to earth person, great at a dinner party or a rave up.

    Her looks are important as is any presenters, lets face it….sorry about the pun, but anybody who says that it isnt an important issue is frankly way off beat, it is. She always looks very stylish and fresh.

    I don’t think that she would be uncomfortable with any other presenter, her chemistry is such that she could work well with anybody.

    I am a fan….as you can tell!!

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    ok this is not funny anymore am geting Scared now!. i can just about manage
    one day with out her but 2. !!!! what in the name of the lord has happend to
    miss Dunkley ??? will she be returning tomorrow ?

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    I quite agree. It ruins my morning if Lorna isn’t on Sunrise. Takes me until 10am to get over it!!

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    oh i just hope she’s back this morning.am really starting to get worried
    about her now

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