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  • Will Riker
    Will Riker

    When will we know the New Sky News Line Up. I think it may be the 18 July?

    I phoned Sky about the new look SKY NEWS they do not know about it???

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    Of course they know about it you bloody idiot. They not just going to tell a twat like you about it!

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    Back to the old insults again I see daved2424. I don’t see what it contributes, really I don’t. I wish you could find a more constructive way of expressing yourself.

    The only confirmed line-up as far as I know Will is Lorna Dunkley & Eamon Holmes presenting Sunrise which will be 1 hour shorter, i.e. 6 am – 9 am.

    I also hear that some slots may have 3 presenters, and some only 1. That way the new talent will be able to cut their teeth in the company of the more experienced, whilst heavyweight presenters like Julie Etchingham (the best on any channel in my opinion) will be able to showcase in a dedicated slot of their own.

    I think they hope to launch in the autumn, i.e. September.

    I’m not sure who you ‘phoned, but usually the Press & Publicity Office would be the first port of call, as I don’t imagine that the regular wo/man in the newsroom would know. Very often the ordinary worker is amongst the last to know about management plans.


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    I have heard that Mr. Thompson will be moving from Live at Five, to 7pm, as part of the new lineup, and Sky News Today, will be longer then before.

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    Yes that makes sense. If SUNRISE will finish at 9 am, then TODAY could well be on-air from 9 am – 1 pm. Maybe that will be one of the shows with 3 presenters.

    Mr.Thompson is very much the male on-screen identity of SKY News, and I reckon he would be a definite choice for his own show.

    That would free-up the Live at Five position for Steve Dixon, or Mark Longhurst, or Chris Roberts.

    Maybe Martin Stanford will stay on TODAY with 2 of the new female presenters? Ha Ha Ha, I’ll bet he’d love that.


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    ‘Today’ can only run until 12pm. Kay Burley is doing the 12 -2pm Shift, Mr. Thompson is doing 5 – 6:30pm and Julie is doing 7 – 8pm.

    I’m guessing that Mark and Anna may do 2-5pm and business or sports will be on between 6:30 – 7pm.

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    I can see what you are saying about the daytime line-up – but who will take over the late evening slot, after Julie’s show?

    What will become of Juliette, Viv, Paula, Anjali and Emma?

    Will there be a set pair for rolling news shows or will it be a orgy of presenters?

    I am also wondering if Colin Brazier will be a big name within the presenting squad – after his recent appearances on 8 to midnight shifts.

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    My ideal line up :

    6.00AM : Sunrise
    Joing Eamon Holmes and Lorna Dunkly for the all the developments overnight. Including Sport, Business, Entertainment and Weather.

    9.00AM – Sky News Today
    Joing Martin Stamford, Steve Dixon, Anna Jones, Ana Botting and Juliett Foster for the latest live from the news room. Big stories as they break and going indepth.

    12.00PM – Kay Burghly LIVE
    Kay rounds up all the news from UK and World and goes in-depth on stroies that matter to you.

    2.00PM – Sky News Today
    The second part of SNT, join the team for the latest

    5.00PM – Live at FIVE w/ Jeremy Thompson
    A round up of all the days news with live reports and analysis.

    6.00PM – Business Central w/ Michael Wilson
    Get all the latest on the markets, the movers and makers.

    6.30PM – Sportsline
    Live from Sky Sports Center with the days sports news

    7.00PM : The SEVEN w/ Julie Etchingham
    Analysing the days news stories and giving you the chance to tell us what you think.

    8.00PM – The Boulton Factor
    Join Sky’s Politcal Editor for the hard hitting politcal show live from Westminster

    8.30PM – Littlejohn
    The man with many views. Debating todays news. Get in touch and tell him what you think.

    9.00PM – Sky World Live
    Hosted by Colin Brazier, he takes a look at from around the world, linking up with the Sky News Australia and Sky News Ireland.

    10.00PM – Sky News At Ten
    With Chris Roberts and Vivan Cregor, join them as they round up the days news.

    10.30PM – Sportsline
    Live from Sky Sports Center with the days sports news

    11.00PM – Late Edition
    Join the team for rolling news and a look at the papers and bizzare stories from across the world

    12.30AM – CBS Evening News
    The main US news programme

    1.00AM – Sky News Australia – First Edition
    Repeat – A chance to see Sky News Australia breakfast programme – First Edition

    3.00AM – Sky News Ireland
    Repeat – A chance to see Sky News Ireland, broadcast earlier in Ireland

    3.30AM – Sky News On the Hour
    Sky News Live

    4.00AM – Sky World News
    The news of the world, the latest live.

    5.00AM – Fox News: The Fox Report
    The main newscast from Skys sister station Fox News . Anchor Shepard Smith giving you the news at the speed of light.

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    I like it slinden… B)

    … although Sky News First Edition in Australia/NZ is just a rolling bulletin of 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes is pretty much exactly the same repeated over and over again. :rolleyes:

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    Will Riker+Jul 15 2005, 12:23 AM–>(Will Riker @ Jul 15 2005, 12:23 AM)
    When will we know the New Sky News Line Up. I think it may be the 18 July?

    I phoned Sky about the new look SKY NEWS they do not know about it???

    You have to ask yourself why this pointless question requires a seperate thread, it has been covered extensively before. There is a dedicated thread for any Sky News relaunch developments.

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    Will Riker
    Will Riker

    What About this

    06.00 Sunrise
    09.00 Today
    12.00 The SKY Report with Kay Burghly
    14.00 SKY & Friends
    16.00 SKY World News
    17.00 Live @ 5 with Jeremy Thompson
    18.00 SKY Evening Report
    19.00 The Big Story With Julie Etchingham (Live)
    20.00 The Boulton Factor
    20.30 SKY Evening Report
    21.00 Nine O?clock News
    21.30 SKY Showbiz Tonight
    22.00 SKY News@Ten
    22.30 SKY News Tonight Edition
    00.30 CBS News
    01.00 SKY Newswatch
    02.00 The Boulton Factor
    02.30 SKY Newswatch
    03.30 SKY Showbiz Tonight
    04.00 SKY World News


    06.00 Sunrise
    09.00 SKY News This Week (Saturday)
    09.00 Sunday (Sunday)
    10.00 SKY News Live
    11.00 Best of Boulton Factor(Saturday)
    11.00 SKY Showbiz Week (Sunday)
    12.00 Weekend Live
    16.00 SKY World News
    17.00 Live@5
    18.00 SKY Evening Report
    19.00 SKY News This Week
    20.00 Littlejohn (Saturday)
    20.00 Fox Magazine: (Sunday)
    21.00 9 O?clock News
    21.30 Special Report (Saturday)
    21.30 Business Weekly (Sunday)
    22.00 SKY News @ Ten
    22.30 SKY News Tonight Edition
    23.00 Newsline(Saturday)
    23.00 SKY News Lookback(Sunday)
    looking back to news from the past
    00.00 SKY Newswatch
    00.30 CBS
    01.00 SKY Newswatch
    01.30 see 21.30
    02.00 SKY Newswatch
    02.30 see 20.00
    03.30 SKY Newswatch
    04.00 SKY Worldnews

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