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Refreshing the front page

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  • Samico

    In the front page there and under the title ” Sky News Coverage” , there are three events from the past : New Elections ( terminated 2 weeks ago ) , Royal Weeding ( 6 weeks ago ) and Pope John Paul II died ( also 6 weeks ago ).
    Isn’t time to refresh the front page with new topics ?

    In this regard, the fourth topic relates to Michael Jackson trial , which is a long story and stopped to be a head line topic for the time being ( until the final stage of his trial ).

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    Yes, well pointed out. “Sky News Coverage”. Let me re-phrase that for you. Coverage by Sky News. What does it matter if it’s current or not? And what big stories do you suppose they should be replaced with. The gory details an the attack of Abigail Witchel? Or perhaps the news Manchester United has been taken over? This is also a hobby website so give Johnnie a break.

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    More importantly, it would be better for Sky to update their Green Room site…oom/default.asp

    As this is an official site, they should keep it up to date or get rid of it!

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    samico who are you to say this site has to be updated. do you pay any money to NO! This site is funded by Johnnie not Sky News and he has to deal with the site aswell as having a life so give him a break.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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