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That Danish Cartoon!

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  • Dustymoo

    I want to start by saying, that as much as I don?t want to touch this subject with a bargepole, I feel someone on this forum should. Even if it has to come from a moron like me.

    I, like I hope most people do, have complete respect and sympathy with the Muslims. Not only in Britain, but with the rest of the Muslim world currently being oppressed by the fascist New World Order.

    This is what I don?t understand? Do Muslims have a sense of humor? And what is this massive overreaction to what is ultimately, just a bloody cartoon? If roles were reversed, what would happen? Maybe the Bible Belt Fundamentalist weirdo?s in the states may be offended. But apart from them, I doubt it would bring millions out onto the streets? Please forgive me if I?ve got this wrong? If I have, can someone fill me in, because to me, it?s starting to look like something from Monty Python played out for real before my very eyes?

    Dusty xx

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    Lee Smith
    Lee Smith

    I know why no-one will reply as they’re too politically correct and don’t have the balls to write anything incase they offend someone.

    Myself have been discussing this at another website, it’s mainly a tech site, other forums are added to suit all.

    I have written there all my views.

    I will add something here I did not write there as it just crossed my mind, well why were these protestors holding signs demanding murder on non-believers and whoever else, those wearing suicide bombing suits and also dispalying words praising al qaeda not arrested under our-so-called terrorists laws?

    Same reason why you got only me replying, PC, if a white, blonde haired blued eyed heterosexual male decided to hold signs up depicting Islam as the devils religion he would be eating porridge as we speak.

    Whats wrong with this country………….full of bovine faeces.

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    me thinks the muslims should get over it an move on.

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    skynews2003 wrote:me thinks the muslims should get over it an move on.

    Well, in many ways I agree – the response has been entirely out of proportion. The cartoons are offensive, and illegal under their religion. However, there seems to be an unwillingness to respect the Western values of freedom of expression, as well as an inability to recognise the concept of a free press. After all, in the West, what is printed in enwspaper is not the fault of the Government or the population.

    On the other hand, the cartoons continued to be printed after complaints had been made, for no reason other than to see how far they could push the controvery. Who had heard of Jyllands Posten outside Denmark before this? It seems to be a fairly cynical attempt to inflame public opinion on both sides, and to garner publicity, on the part of the paper. That said, I defend their right to do that, even if it makes them tw*ts.

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    Bob, I completely agree with you. The destruction of the foreign missions of some European countries and calling for the blood of some people is one inappropriate response to the cartoons. Can’t they accept a sincere apology?

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